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What Does Four Fingers Up Mean? (7 Possible Explanations In 2024)

Have you ever thought about what holding up four fingers means? Many of them are wondering what it means. Holding up four fingers became trending on Tik Tok and Instagram. You can see users posting videos and pictures with this hand gesture. For this hand gesture, there are some common meanings. 

I think you are not the only person; most people are confused with this posture of holding four fingers up. They had a lot of different definitions regarding this posture. So here we are for you to help to define it and help to understand why people hold up their fingers.

  • TikTok 
  • Football
  • As A Gang Sign
  • A Sign When Someone Is In Danger 
  • TikTok Meme
  • Rapper Hand Signal
  • Other Reasons for Holding Up Four Fingers
  • On A Final Note

What Do Four Fingers Up Mean In Tiktok?

A hand gesture is a movement to express or give some information to others, also known as ‘four fingers up’ or ‘4’s up’, created by holding the fingers in front of your body and your thumb tucked into your palm. 

Here we will give you some standard uses of this sign, a ‘gesture of the fourth quarter used by football players’,’ a gang sign’ and a ‘silent signal to alert someone ‘when you are in danger. 

In 2021 one of the users of the urban dictionary identified it as a secret way to tell people that you are homosexual. This answer went viral on Tik Tok in 2022.

Where Did It Originate?

It is undetermined where the four fingers up gesture started. It came into use in September 2013 to support Egypt and condemn the Arab Spring. In 2017 tons of celebrities and social media users began using this sign to support people with mental health issues. 

The fourth quarter was proclaimed with this sign, in football. In August 2019, an urban dictionary user used this word in Florida to tell your ‘hood’ or ‘block’, and in November 2019, rapper DaBaby appeared on social media and talked about this hand gesture known as 4’s up.

Finding the Origins of how this gesture got popular. There are lots of hand gestures and signs that execute the use of four fingers holding up. TikTokers had a question: why are many people holding up their fingers? They wanted to know about people. 

Why did this trend start? And how did this trend start? In 2019, the show “Hot Ones” interviewed DaBaby. DaBaby, an American rapper, explains the context behind a photo he took of a middle-aged white fan, where DaBaby requests the middle-aged white fan to “put the fingers up”.

A 2019 post in “urban dictionary” declares that the practices are rising in Florida, where singles use this signal to indicate that they are representing their block, probably from “North Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Oakland Park, or Broward County.”

In the interview with DaBaby in a “Reddit post” one of the users wrote: “It is a gang sign; accordingly, it is funny, so DeBaby comes by a middle-aged White Lady to do that. Despite that fact, it is said to be Florida based “gang” gesture, it is not hard to think that when some big shots and famous people start tossing up the fours that others could begin to imitate in their photos and videos.

What Do Four Fingers Up Mean In Football?

It simply resembles the 4th quarter of football. As mentioned by “dictionary.txt”, When the clock runs out at the end of the third quarter, you will frequently notice Football players and fans similarly holding up four fingers, which means the last crucial part of the game starts.

This indicates that the primary quarter is to take place. The fourth quarter will determine the result. This fourth quarter is crucial to the team. They may either win or lose the football match. Showing the hand gesture ‘four fingers up’ indicates a touchdown count to tie up.

In American football, this gesture is familiar. Usually, this symbolizes the star of the fourth quarter. The most important part of the game is going to start, and the players will show holding up four fingers, that is, to tell the last 15 minutes of the game. 

This hand gesture is a small reminder to the football players to keep on pushing, no matter what happens in the 1st three-quarters of the game.

Using Four Fingers As A Gang Sign

Nowadays, this trending pose is a gang icon. If somebody is from Florida, they are doing this to represent North Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Oakland Park, or Broward County. This is to symbolize the people where they grow up occasionally. It is also called 4s up.

Four Fingers As A Sign When Anyone Is In Danger

In 2021, showing a 4-finger hand gesture went viral on TikTok. That is to convey when anyone is at risk and requires help. If you find anyone using this hand gesture, immediately ask them if they need help or call the cops. 

When a person is in danger, he indirectly shows this secret signal by asking for help, tucking his thumb into his palm and folding his fingers down to form a fist. The Canadian Women’s Foundation introduced this hand gesture in 2020 to help reach the rise in domestic violence cases.

Four Fingers As A TikTok Meme

In view, Urban Dictionary 2021 says that showing up four fingers as a secret icon to tell others that you are lesbian or gay and frightened to face everyone. Urban Dictionary entries encourage a trend on TikTok where users observe pictures of people holding up four fingers to conclude that they are gay funnily. 

Around March and April 2022, an enormous influx of spam definitions on “four fingers up” began flooding Urban Dictionary. Most of the Definitions say that the hand gesture refers to being homosexual or in love with someone.

Rapper Hand Signal wondered by seeing your favourite artist holding this hand signal. Do you want to know why Rappers hold up four fingers? Here this sign is used by rappers from the West Coast To show unity and Esteem. Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Da Baby, and Tupac Shakur used this hand signal.

Other Reasons For Holding Up Four Fingers

  • Awareness To Mental Health Issues
  • Supporting Egypt

Four Fingers As Awareness To Mental Health Issues

Around 2017, a massive movement started to bring awareness to mental health issues. Many celebrities held up four fingers in the pictures, mostly on Instagram. This trend started from BCC, representing that 1 in 4 people are fighting this mental illness. Anyone with a mental disorder is very dangerous, so the 1 in 4 campaign’s central theme is to break the stigma. 

Four Fingers As Supporting Egypt

In September 2013, protests in Egypt used this hand gesture holding fingers up as support for Egypt.

Let’s Conclude

This article answered all your queries about holding up four fingers. There are many individual meanings behind this famous hand gesture. By April 2022, more than 30 pages of definitions are expressed, but ‘keeping up four fingers’ is commonly used in football, by gangs, or by somebody at risk.

Urban dictionary users have been making funny definitions of this hand posture for several months. In March and April, people began to junk e-mail urban dictionaries with explanations for ‘four fingers up’.

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