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Gramhir Instagram Analyzer Tool: 10 Best Alternatives In 2024

Gramhir is the best tool that provides access to analyse different accounts such as businesses, magazines, influencers, celebrities, and public figures.

Instagram is the most popular app in the world of social media. It has attracted billions of users within a short period. Instagram is an excellent platform to share your personal as well as professional experiences. It is a beautiful platform to make new friends.

Many of us want to view our favourite and most popular celebrities’ profiles anonymously; there are some Instagram tools to view and analyse Instagram profiles anonymously. Gramhir is one among them.

We would like to share some information about the Gramhir tool in this article.

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What  Is Gramhir?

Gramhir, formerly Gramho, is an Instagram tool for analysing and viewing Instagram Accounts, posts, and statuses without registration. It is a web-based application built with a simple interface. 

This fantastic tool also helps to analyse the statistics of one’s profile and even other profiles. It is also used to view the genuine popularity of an account. 

The statistics and account rates of the popular profiles on Instagram are immediately displayed. Gramhir is a good fit for those who want to evaluate different Instagram profiles.

Key Features Of  Gramhir Instagram Viewer

Let’s discuss some key features of Gramhir

  • Profile Search 

One can easily search the profile just by entering the username of the profile; then, the Gramhir tool gives you the list of possible profiles you are searching for, along with the number of posts, followers, and following.

  • Post Or Hashtag Search

We can search a post directly by entering a keyword or hashtag related to the post, then the Gramhir tool gives the list of posts as a result, along with likes and comments on the post.

  • Viewing  Instagram Profiles

The Gramhir tool provides access to view all public profiles anonymously. You can view popular public profiles such as celebrities, magazines, companies, sports, influencers, etc. You can also view your competitor profiles, obtain information, and adjust your strategy.

  • Instagram Account Analysis

The popular tool helps to analyse the statistics of Instagram accounts and is also used to view the account rate, which is the popularity of a particular profile. One can explore his/her account and also other Instagram accounts. Mostly public profile account rate and analysis are displayed immediately.

  • Download Photos, Videos And Stories

This fantastic tool allows you to download unlimited Instagram photos, videos, and stories without registration.

What Are The characteristics Of Gramhir

Here are some characteristics of Gramhir

  • It allows you to view Instagram profiles without following them.
  • It lets you view photos, stories and videos of Instagram profiles.
  • It provides access to view posts and hashtags of other profiles.
  • It allows you to visit other Instagram profiles and check out their bio, personal details(if provided), activities, hobbies, etc.
  • It lets you know the followers, following of one’s profile, likes, and comments of their posts.
  • It allows you to access and explore Instagram profiles without any registration.

How To Use Gramhir Application?

As we already discussed, Gramhir is used to analyse and view Instagram profiles without any registration. It is an user-friendly application that is easy and free to use. It is the best choice to explore one’s profile anonymously. 

  1. Open the www.Gramhir.com website either on your mobile or desktop.
  2. Enter the username, keyword, or hashtag required in the search bar.
  3. Then, Gramhir will provide all the possible outputs as per your search input.
  4. Click on the profile, post, or hashtag you choose to view
  5. If you want to download any particular post, then click on the post.
  6. then opens a new dialogue box with download option in the right-base corner.
  7. Click on the download option, and your post will be downloaded.

Some Benefits And Drawbacks Of Gramhir

Though Gramhir is a fantastic tool for viewing and analysing one’s Instagram profile, it has some benefits and drawbacks, like any other application. Let’s dive in.

Benefits Of Gramhir

  • No Registration Required

The best feature of Gramhir tool is no login required. You can easily view one’s Instagram profile without logging in to your profile. One can analyse and view any public profile and acquire the data anonymously.

  • Simple To Use

As we already know, Gramhir is built with a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy to use. Its simple features allow the user to understand quickly and use it without any effort.

  • Complete Analysis

This popular tool gives a complete analysis of any particular Instagram profile. It analyses the statistics and account rate of a profile and It gives you the entire profile information, i.e., posts, likes, comments, stories, following, followers, and other personal details mentioned in the profile.

  • No Payment Required

Gramhir is free of cost application. The user does not need to pay any amount while using or after using the Gramhir application.

  • Data Download

It lets you download the data from the Instagram profile. The user does not always need to look up the data online. Instead, they can download the information and can view it offline.

Drawbacks Of Gramhir

  • Web Based Application

The Gramhir tool is a web-based application, which is a website. So far no mobile app is available for this tool. The user must download the web-based application on his/her smartphone to use the tool.

  • Security Concerns

Gramhir may be the perfect tool to view Instagram profiles anonymously, but it is a third-party website. It is not always safe to use a third-party website, sometimes, there is a chance of exposing your personal information, and also, there is a chance of inviting viruses into your device.

  • May Violated The Instagram Rule

Using third-party websites like Gramhir to view Instagram profiles is not always safe. Viewing a private profile sometimes leads to violating the terms of Instagram. As a result, your account may be terminated. It is always better to view popular public profiles, such as celebrities, magazines, sports, etc, than a private profile.

10 Best Gramhir Alternatives

Here are few alternatives of Gramhir

1. Picuki

Picuki is similar to the Gramhir tool, which lets you view Instagram profiles, posts, stories, followers, and following without any sign-in process. It also provides additional features, such as a photo editor, collage maker, and creating Instagram highlight covers that are not present in Gramhirtool.

2. InstaSpy

insta spy is also a web-based application that helps you analyse and view your Instagram profile without registration. It also offers similar features to Gramhirlike, viewing the stories, posts, likes, etc.

3. InstaXyz

Instaxyz is an online Instagram viewer that helps view Instagram profiles, posts, and stories without payment. It works similarly to Gramhir; you can search the profiles by username, hashtags, and keywords.

4. Sweetagram

Sweetagram is a similar tool to Gramhir, which helps to view Instagram profiles. The unique feature that attracts you to Sweetagram is an editor’s collection on the homepage with different categories such as brands, wildlife, technology, kids, pets, celebrities, etc.

5. inBeat

Inbeat is an amazing Instagram tool that lets you browse your Instagram profile. It is similar to Gramhir but also has some additional features, such as detecting fake followers, and provides an average likes rate and likes vs comment ratio. The unique part of this platform is that it gives you an approximate percentage of the original and fake followers out of the total followers of the profile.

6. Imgnin

Imgnin is a free online Instagram viewer that helps download posts, stories, and videos and lets you view Instagram profiles, hashtags, followers, and following without logging in to your Instagram account.

7. Affect

Affect is an Instagram tool known for downloading content. You can download high-quality content from your Instagram profile compared to Gramhir. It is the perfect choice for downloading Instagram content without the signup process.     

8. Fullinsta

Fullinsta is another Instagram viewer which allows you to explore Instagram profiles in an accessible format. It also provides profile analysis and the account rate of an Instagram profile. It is also one of the best options for exploring one’s Instagram profile without registration.

9. Analisa

Analisa is also an Instagram analysis and viewer tool that gives more information than the Gramhir tool. It gives you in-depth information such as like rate, comment rate, engagement rate, average likes per post, total number of posts, most used words, and so on. It is the best choice for those who want in-depth information on an Instagram profile.

10. Inflact

Inflact is an amazing alternative to the Gramhir tool, built with a user-friendly interface and easy to use. This application provides us with account statistic analysis and navigating the user. It is a great tool to export the data and view offline.

Safety Precautions While Using Gramhir Instagram Viewer

As we already discussed above, Gramhir is a third-party tool that is unsafe to use. There is no complete safety assured while using third-party tools. It is always good to follow the steps below while browsing third-party tools such as Gramhir.

  • Always have a thorough verification of the tool before using it.
  • Always be attentive while you grant permissions when connecting with Instagram tools.
  • Ensure you are not sharing your personal information, such as login credentials or passwords, with any third-party tools.
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