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How To Reply When Someone Says “Wassup?” Or “What’s up?”

“Wassup?”, or “Wazzup?”, “What’s Up?”, “What’s going on?” etc. are common ways to greet someone. Generally, we ask a question like “Wassup?” to converse with people. Now how to answer the most common question, Wassup? Here we will tell you how to reply to the common question, “Wassup?” creatively and funnily. 

While answering this question, use phrases like “Nothing Much” instead of adjectives like Fine, Good, Great, and Okay. For suppose if someone says, “Wassup?” you reply to them, “Nothing Much,” instead of saying, “I am fine.” Don’t get worried. Many will make mistakes while answering this question, so here we will teach you how to answer it.

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How To Reply To The Question When Your Friend, Coworker, Crush, Or A Stranger Asks You?

  • “Nothing Much!”

“Wassup?” It is an informal greeting like saying Hi. The meaning of this question ‘Wassup?’ is, how are you? And What’s going on? These questions will have the same meaning. The answer to “How are you?” is “Good.” 

Here this answer is acceptable, but the “Not Much” answer is not fitting when someone asks, “How are you?”. In the same way, the answer to the question “Wassup?” is “Nothing Much”; here, this answer is acceptable, but answering “Good” to this question is not permitted. 

Even though the meaning is the same, answer the question accordingly. These two are common questions, but please don’t make mistakes while answering these questions. Anyone like your friends, crush, coworkers, or strangers might ask you this question. “Nothing much” is the most common answer that everyone will use. You can answer this question however you want to answer.

  • “All good here! What about you?”
  • “I am doing well. Thanks for asking!”
  • “Same old, same old,” or “as usual.”

How To React When Your Close Friend Asks You “Wassup?”

  • “I Have No Objections.”

You are informing your friend that everything is alright.

  • “Everything Is okay.”

Conveying to your friend that everything is okay right now.

  • “I am Screwed.”

When you are in bad trouble, you can tell this to your friend. When you are worried about something, you can use this phrase.

  • “Having A Great Day!”

This is a positive way of responding to a friend or any stranger with a simple conversation.

“It Is an Amazing Day!”

  • “Nothing Noteworthy.”

 This is a good to reply to someone politely when you are not in the mood to start a conversation with them.

  • “After Seeing You? My Mood!”

It is a good compliment you can give to someone. Answering in this way helps grab other people’s attention towards you.  

  • “I am A happy Camper!”

This answer is impressive. You could start a conversation with a great attitude if you just met someone for the first time.

“Nothing but good news on my end!”

  • “In A Perfect World? My Salary!”

This response makes your best friend laugh. With this answer, you can share your funny moments. You just throw a funny facial expression like a wink to get extra flavour for this reply.

How Do You Respond To A Stranger When They Say “Wassup?”

  • “Gas Prices.”

To chit-chat with a stranger, you can start a good conversation by answering this way. To make time pass, this is the best unique answer. This answer is mainly used in gas stations because prices differ.

  • “Opposite Of Down.”

This is another style of responding funnily. After hearing this reply, the person is shocked, but ultimately, after getting it, they can’t stop laughing.

  • “I am So Sorry This Is Confidential Information. If I tell you, I Don’t Want To Kill You.”

To flirt with a stranger, you can give this type of response. This is a joke; play with words in this way. Answering this way shows the stranger that you have a good sense of humour.

  • “The Ceiling.”

This may be a nasty reply to the question, “Wassup?” However, it is a good way of responding to begin a conversation with cute people in the checkout line. Say these exact words and have fun.

If You Are in A Bad Mood Or Not Interested In Talking To The Person Who Asked The Question, Then Try This Type Of Answer To Quit The Conversation With Them

  • “A Bit Busy, Man. Catch You Later. Sorry For The Inconvenience”

This way, honestly speaking, you won’t hurt others’ feelings. A short reply can easily cut the conversation if you are not interested. Your answer should not be heard and should be simple.

  • “Been Busy Time. I am Hanging In Some Work” 

For example, if you are asked, “Wassup?” When your mood is not good, just reply to them that you are busy with work and you will catch up with them later. Convey them with a formal answer in a good way of saying that you are busy.

Funny Responses for Answering “Wassup?” 

  • “Nowadays It’s Tomatoes Price That Has Been Up”

As we know, the price of Tomatoes rose rapidly; this reply shows that you are making fun of the fact that Wassup means the cost of Tomatoes went up.

  • “The Sky!”

This is a simple joke; everyone laughs when you give this reply because no one may not have heard of it. Similarly, you may also use the following replies.  

  • “My rent!”
  • “The UFOs!”
  • “I Have Been Up Since 5:00 a.m.”

This response shows that you’re making fun of the person who asked you the question. This reply says that you have always been busy running around since dawn. You are expressing yourself that you’re a busy person.

  • “Who Paid You To Ask Me That Question, My darling?”

You’re making fun that you are important, and somebody is trying to find you. Also, include that the secret agents got the information they want from me and act like someone will watch you and finally give a smile with a drop in your voice saying it’s a joke. 

  • “After Asking This Question, My Anxiety Levels!”

Make a joke about how hard you will feel with someone you trust. Throw a brief and funny answer to ignore a tight spot.

  • “My blood pressure (BP)! What a complex question! Move up”
  • “My nerves are twitching. Let us change this topic!”
  • Responding In A Flirty Way

Here comes an exciting way of responding. This may attract the other person to interact with you, and you can grasp their attention easily.

  • “Sitting And Thinking About You”

By this reply, just flirt with your crush or partner, mention that you’re sitting and always thinking about them, and mention that they are on your mind and you’re counting down to see them.

  • “Since You Texted Me, My Pie, Rock Attention Has Raised”

This is also a sarcastic way to express them indirectly. You need the attention you pay in response to an effective answer for a special one.

If you are busy doing some work and want to talk later, use the following phrases as responses.

“Things are great. Thanks, but I am just doing something, but I will message you in a bit when I am free.” You can also include, “I am in the middle of something, but I will catch you soon.”

“Just finishing some work. I’ll be back in a while.”

How To Respond To “Wassup?” If You Want To Know About Anyone, Much Better

When anybody asks you, “Wassup?” It is an excellent welcome if you need to know them much better. Following the responses to move the conversation. 

  • “I am okay, thank you. What about you?”
  • “A lot of things! What is in your brain?”
  • “Enjoying my day. What’s up?”
  • “Hey, after seeing you, it makes me feel much better.”


The replies in this article to the question, “Wassup?” will help you. When somebody asks this question, you can respond to them using the above phrases. Don’t get worried. It is your choice of answers. To make your English better, use the words listed above. You can use these responses as most people don’t know how to reply to this question.

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