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Instagram: A Real Estate Agency 2.0?

With the various updates of the platform and the arrival of new features, Instagram has become an exploitable potential for all possible businesses. For example, with the arrival of Instagram Shopping and the possibility for the Internet user to buy a product directly on Instagram, e-merchants have found their account there and take advantage of this feature to carry out their activity on social networks.

For some time now, a phenomenon has emerged from this social network. Thus, we notice that real estate agencies are starting to use Instagram as a promotional platform for their properties, and they are right! We explain why in this article.

The Photo Becomes The Most Meaningful Tool For Consumers

Gone are when consumers could buy a product using just one photo or none. Today, consumers need to be reassured and to be sure of the product they are about to buy. Then, at this precise moment, Instagram comes into play.

Indeed, the social network is known for distributing photos according to different themes. Some businesses are already on Instagram and taking advantage of the possibilities available to them. Because of this, Instagram is a social platform that tends to have professional use.

We notice this tendency through commercial companies. For example, ready-to-wear businesses and restaurant chains are the types of businesses with the most presence on Instagram. These companies understand it well; if they succeed in highlighting their products thanks to attractive photos, the consumer will buy the product more easily. It’s all about photography, but don’t worry; you don’t need to own the latest fashionable DSLR; a smartphone is more than enough!

Instagram: The New Tool For Real Estate Agencies

The advantage of social networks is that information does not stop at borders but circulates worldwide. Let’s be more reasonable and stop at the national level. As long as people follow your Instagram account, regardless of their location, they will be affected by your post. So after  Facebook, would Instagram be the ideal place to sell or rent real estate?

Some real estate agencies have already understood what Instagram could offer their agency, so they quickly created their account and started posting their properties. Let’s take the example of this Rouen real estate agency that opted for Instagram to promote its properties to a specific target.

The 20-40-year-olds are the main target of these real estate agencies, increasingly using Instagram. Indeed, whether it is to find student accommodation in September or simply to change apartments, Instagram becomes the solution for those who do not find their ideal property.

On this Instagram account, you can see that the real estate agency posts pretty attractive photos of its properties to arouse the curiosity of the Internet user so that he looks at the other photos. Because of this, the agency also uses the slideshow, a feature that allows up to 10 photos and videos to be combined into a single publication. In this way, the Internet user gradually discovers the different parts of the property that interests him and becomes more able to project himself into it.

Case Study: Instagram Found My New Place!

Jeanne, 38, is a young woman who has lived for four years in a 39m 2 apartment in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. After doing a lot of research on the websites of real estate developers, it was while strolling on Instagram that Jeanne came across the publication of a young girl who offered her apartment for rent using the #rent! 

This publication triggered Jeanne, who decided to look for her new cozy nest on Instagram. With the help of Édouard Niepce, a real estate agent in the NIEPCE firm in Levallois-Perret, Jeanne set out to conquer Parisian apartments for her new life. Édouard Niepce has understood the advantage of Instagram on his business; you can discover his interview in Le Figaro Immobilier’s article.

What To Remember?

Real estate agency Instagram represents an opportunity for your business. So, opt for this social network to give a modern side to your business, but above all, to offer your goods to a target keen on this social network.

Also, the trend reveals that more and more individuals act like Jeanne and search for their real estate on social networks like Facebook, but especially Instagram!

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