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SmiHub Review 2024: Best Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader App

The latest hot topic is anyone can see others’ Instagram stories without getting identified. Of course, what you read is really true. Straight away, the initial thought that comes to your brain is to create a duplicate Instagram account. Do you think that generating dummy accounts is the only solution? Be smart, and use time wisely. Now, let me introduce the magic tool “SmiHub.” 

There is no need to generate fake Instagram accounts; you need not follow them on Instagram, and you need not worry when you get blocked by your friends, Crush, EX, or anybody. All you need to do is utilize this SmiHub App.

What Is SmiHub?

SmiHub is an Instagram story viewer app that assists you in checking out the Instagram content on others’ profiles anonymously, which means without the account holder’s knowledge. 

Users of SmiHub can watch other users’ profiles, stories, posts, and reels and even download them to their device storage. Please don’t get confused with SmiHub and Dumpoir because both are the same. SmiHub.com right now is redirecting to Dumpoir.com.

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How To Download Instagram Stories Or Videos From SmiHub?

You need to follow the guidelines for downloading Instagram stories, videos, reels, etc.

Step 1: Visit the site Dumpor.com on any web browser.

Step 2: In the search field, type the account holder’s username on the SmiHub homepage’s search space. Go through their stories and start downloading your favorite Instagram stories.

Step 3: Explore each profile by hitting the “Enter” button or selecting the search symbol.

Step 4: You can check out the content, such as tags, comments, and followers of the Instagram account holder.

Last Step: To download a particular video story from Instagram, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the site Dumpor.com.
  2. Select the option “Download from Instagram,” which is in the top right corner.
  3. Copy the URL link of the story on Instagram that you wish for.
  4. Finally, save the photo or video you wish for by following the commands.

Is SmiHub A Free App?

Let me tell you the appealing facts about SmiHub. SmiHub is available for everyone free of cost. Anyone can utilize SmiHub without paying a single rupee. There are no pricing charges for SmiHub, so explore it joyfully.

Best Features Of SmiHub

  • SmiHub has a “save it” option, download from Instagram.
  • This tool permits you to view stories without creating an Instagram account.
  • It allows you to see IG stories of all public accounts free of cost.
  • This app assists in using Instagram anonymously. You can view the others’ stories unknowingly. Nobody will know that you are watching their stories.
  • This tool never asks for any registrations.
  • You can zoom in on anyone’s profile pictures and download them as well.
  • You can download videos and profiles using this tool.
  • You can view/watch other users’ stories, reels, profiles, and posts.
  • With the help of the SmiHub tool, you can know the number of followers on Instagram, the comments on posts, the tagged posts, and many more.

Pros & Cons Of SmiHub

Let me tell you about the benefits and drawbacks of the SmiHub Instagram story viewer app.


  • No downloads or installations are necessary to operate the SmiHub Instagram tool because this is an entirely free tool.
  • It will never ask you to sign up, so you can access it immediately.
  • It is free to access.
  • It is compatible with many search engines like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. You can check out the other users’ IG stories anonymously on any of the mentioned web browsers.
  • You use either a smartphone or a PC to watch the stories.


  • SmiHub is available only in English, which is a drawback for non-English speakers.
  • No Vigorous blog section is available on the site at present.
  • This tool has fewer features on its site than other Ig story viewing tools.
  • You can only see and save content available only on public profiles. You cannot access content like images, reels, and stories on private IG accounts.
  • This site contains many annoying Ads. You will frequently encounter troublesome Ads.
  • This site does not respond appropriately often. Periodically, this tool fails to work.
  • Live chat is not possible with this Instagram viewer tool. You can only contact them directly regarding any queries.

Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps 

Aside from This tool, a lengthy list of the most popular story viewer and stalker apps is available below. In the given list, some apps are free, and others are paid. The paid apps may provide free basic versions. The apps which are listed below allow you to view IG content anonymously.

  • IGStories
  • DPStories IG
  • Qoob Stories 
  • Glassagram 
  • mSpy
  • Instalkr
  • IngramerInsta 
  • StoriesDown
  • 4k Stogram
  • Inflact 
  • Anon IG Viewer

Using AiSchedul To View Instagram Stories & Remain Anonymous 

The finest method for secretly observing Instagram stories is AiSchedul. It is an Instagram business tool that permits users to observe and download stories, IGs, and reels for free of cost. It also allows you to control multiple registrations from an individual dashboard. 

AiSchedul To View Instagram Stories – Remain Anonymous 

It’s easier than you could ever imagine. To access Instagram pictures on a desktop, smartphone, Android device, or iPhone, follow the below steps.

  • Unlock the free AiSchedul Instagram story installer link.
  • Now, type the Instagram user’s account and tap the search option.
  • You can now see the swapping stories and their announcement date.
  • By hitting the links, you can install and repost the article from this page.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is using SmiHub harmless?

Of course, Using my SmiHub is 100% safe because to operate the SmiHub tool, we are not giving our data to sign up for access. This is a completely free tool. As I already mentioned before, it is cost-free and unnamed. So there will be no chance of misleading your data.

2. What distinguishes SmiHub.com from SmiHub.io?

The same business owns the two websites and performs the same functions. Both are the same. SmiHub right now is redirecting to Dumpor, an Instagram viewer App.

3. Is SmiHub anonymous?

Yes, this tool is anonymous. The main goal in creating this tool is to maintain user anonymity. Anyone can openly view others’ reels, photos, posts, and stories of other profiles with this SmiHub Instagram tool.

4. How does a SmiHub story viewer work?

  • Open the IG account and locate the story you want.
  • On the screen, you will find three dots. Click on the three dots and choose the video of your choice for downloading.
  • Next, select the Copy link.
  • Later, visit SmiHub.io and select the Instagram reels icon.
  • Here, “Paste URL Reels,” you need to copy the link you copied earlier.
  • Now select the “SEARCH” button icon and wait a few minutes. Lastly, select the download icon.


In this tutorial today, we have discussed the magic tool SmiHub and also presented AiSchedul as the top substitute. The SmiHub Instagram story viewer tool is freely accessible. You will not face any trouble while using this tool. One can access the content on Instagram anonymously, as we discussed above. 

It might be entertaining to sneakily inspect friends’ Instagram, ex-lover’s Instagram, or any other crush’s Instagram profiles. In summary, AiSchedul is an easy, superior substitute for SmiHub because it offers extra useful services and characteristics. SmiHub is a favorable Instagram tool, and we think AiSchedul is a better option.

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