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How To Open BIN File On IOS, Android, Windows, MacOS?

What is a Bin file, and how does it work? A Bin file is also known as a binary file. These bin files are compressed binary files that carry information such as videos and images from a CD or DVD. This article tries to help you understand what it means and answer your queries regarding BIN files. Are you facing difficulties while opening the “.bin” files? Follow the given instructions to open bin files. This tutorial gives simple steps to open. So, let’s start.

Operate with a text editor to open the ‘.bin’ files. Still, we cannot directly open these bin files because they are saved in binary format, 0s and 1s. In recent years, the usage of this format has become completely lower. These files are very secure. We can’t read these files directly, but we can execute them. Disc image, binary executable file, binary data, and Unix/Linux executable file are dissimilar data types that can be stored in a “.bin” file.

Examples Of Binary Files

  • Executable Files
  • Spreadsheets
  • Compressed Files
  • Graphic Files
  • And Compiled Programs

If you need, you can convert this file into an ISO file. You can open bin files, burn them to a disc, or mount them to a viral drive. To open a bin file, these are only the ways you have.

With a content manager, you can open some bin files; to open other bin files made by some PC applications, you need some programming to open such files.

How To Open Bin File?

We can open bin files using a program and open bin files without using a program. Without any usage of a program, you can open the bin files, which are listed below in three ways.

  • Burning the BIN file
  • Mounting the image
  • Converting bin files to ISO format

Burning The BIN File

Spot your files: A CUE file is necessary to burn the bin file to a DVD or CD. If you don’t have a CUE file and if you have only the bin file, don’t worry. You can create a CUE file very easily.

How to generate a CUE file: If you lack a CUE file, follow these steps to generate one. If you don’t have a CUE file, follow these steps to create a CUE file. Open the Notepad and type the lines as directed.

FILE “.my baby.bin” BINARY 


INDEX 01 mm:ss:ff

Within the Quotation marks, change the filename .bin and set the name of the Bin file to be burned.

You should save the file in the same folder as the bin file. The CUE and bin file names should be the same, except with the ‘.CUE’ extension.

Now Unlock Your Burning Program:

Successfully, after completing the few files, you must select a program to burn the file. As the bin is an outdated bin file, it supports only folder programs, especially the multitrack bin files. These will support older programs like Nero, Alcohol 120%, and CDRWIN.

Fill Up The File Image:

Here, you will need to load the CUE or bin file based on the program. It shows a display popup about how much disc space it will need once the image file is loaded.

Begin Burning:

After verifying that the image has loaded correctly, insert a blank disc and start the burning process. Based on the size of the image, the burning time will also depend on a computer’s performance.

Analyze The Disc:

When the burn is complete, you should test the disc you bonded to by inserting it into the device. Validate whether everything loads correctly and check that all tracks are in a suitable place.

Mounting The Image

Set up virtual device software: To mount the image, you must install virtual device software to imitate a physical optical drive in your computing device. Here, a variety of virtual drive options are available; WinCDEmu is one of the popular ones available for free. Sometimes, unwanted stuff may get installed, so while installing it, be careful.

Mount the image: WinCDEmu will set an Ikon. Now right-click on this icon and then select the mounted image. From your hard drive, browse the CUE file, and don’t forget to remember that the BIN file and CUE files both must be in the same folder. Load it to Mount the image when you find the CUE file.

Unlock the disc: When the image gets mounted, the system will act as if a physical disc has been inserted, which means autoplay might open. With this, you can use the image file.

Converting BIN File To ISO Format

Initialize conversion software: For switching or converting the bin file to an iso file, we require conversion software where mounting or burning the file is possible through the conversion.

Unlock the converter tool: Start MagicISO and first press the tools menu, and then you can select “BIN to ISO.”

Start browsing for your bin file.

For the new ISO file, you need to select the name.

Convert the bin file to an ISO file: click on convert to convert the bin file to an ISO file. This process may take a brief moment.

Mount the ISO file OR Burn the ISO file: After the completion of the file, which was converted successfully, with the help of a virtual drive, you can mount it. To mount the ISO file on Windows 8 or OS X, select “Mount” by right-clicking on the ISO file.

Look into the ISO file: MagicISO programs assist in discovering the details of the ISO file.

Guidelines For How To Open A Folder “. Bin” File In Windows?

Alcohol 120% is a software intended to operate Windows. Alcohol 120% is a dominant burning software for Windows. Following are the guidelines for opening .bin files in Windows

  1. Visit http://www.filefacts.com/alcohol-120-infWindows. Select the “Download” button.

Note: You will have the trial version for 15 days.

  1. To set up the software on your system, you need to execute the downloaded installer program. 
  2. Turn on the option “Image Burning Wizard “.
  3. Pick out the “. Bin” files you want to open.
  4. Select the “Next” option and hold for the procedure to close.
  5. Select “OK” after the end of the write-down procedure.

Guidelines For How To Open A Folder “.Bin” File In macOS?

Roxio Toast, which is the disc management and burning program for MacOS, is obtainable in two types: one is ‘Titanium’ and the other is ‘Pro.’

Following are the guidelines for opening .bin files in macOS.

  1. Visit https://www.roxio.com/en/products/toast/.

Single out the “BUY NOW” button and obey the given instructions. 

  1. Foremost, you need to choose the plan first here.
  2. Now begin the program, select “Burn,” and select a suitable project type. Later, drag the “.bin” file into the window.
  3. Construct Output Settings. Here, you need to give the title, select the format, fill in the destination, and select the number of required copies.
  4. Begin to burn the image and hold for the writing process to finish.

Guidelines For How To Open Bin File On Either iOS Or Android?

In iOS, you can utilize the “Archives” app. This app is very light in weight and free of cost, and this helps to run many older versions.

Following are the steps for opening .bin files in iOS.

  1. Visit https://theunarchiver.com/archives.

With the help of the App Store link, download the app and also install the app.

  1. Unlock the app.

Here it will ask you. 


  • From Safari 
  • From Mail 
  • From your computer

Choose the most suitable option and follow the instructions which are provided.

You need an MD.emu app for Android. In the MD.emu app, MD means MegaDrive.

Following are the steps for opening .bin files in Android:

  1. Visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.explusalpha.MdEmu.

Here, you must buy the app. To buy the app, select the “Buy” button.

  1. You should unlock the app when the installation is done. The majority of people use this app to play old games.
  2. Select “Open Content” and choose the. “Bin” file which you are interested in opening. Now, you can be entertained by your game on Android.


In this tutorial, we have discussed “What is a Bin file. and how to open Bin file. So far in this article, the lion’s share of the content was talked over. Opening the “.bin” files is not difficult. By following the given instructions you can easily open the BIN files.

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