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Top 8 Trending BFF Video Ideas In 2024 

Have you thought of creating some exciting and fun-filled videos with your BFFs? Then, you have landed in the right place. We want to share some amazing and interesting ideas on BFF videos in this article. Let’s dive in. 

In this digitalized era, social media is ruling the world. It is playing a very prominent role in everyone’s life. Most youngsters use different social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, ticktock, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

Some use these social media platforms as a break from their stressful day, while others use them as a medium to expose their talent to the world. However, we come across a lot of amazing content through social media, and BFF videos are one among them.

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What Does BFF Mean?

BFF means Best Friends Forever, a terminology youngsters use to describe their close friends. The videos made with your best friends are known as BFF videos.

What Are BFF Videos?

BFF videos are short, enjoyable, fun-filled videos made by two or more friends. These videos generally have different categories, such as challenges, pranks, dance, music, science, etc. These videos also help to bring out the talent and uniqueness of each group member. Though these videos are fun-filled, they also exhibit the vital essence of friendship. The identity of BFF videos is that they are fun to the video creators and spread joy to the viewers. These videos spread positivity to society and teach the beauty of having someone in our lives.

Popular BFF Video Ideas

When making BFF videos, content/topic selection plays a vital role. Selecting a topic or content regarding these videos is not always easy. The topic or content must be creative, exciting, and fun to attract the audience. If you plan to make some amazing BFF videos, here are a few ideas to help you.

  • Pranks 

Pranks are one of the most entertaining and interesting videos. These are not only fun to watch but also fun to create. Pranks are the most popular video on YouTube and can easily attract an audience irrespective of age. These are more fun and healthy to try with friends and family.

There are different types of pranks; most are healthy and entertaining, but some are extreme. Extreme pranks are always dangerous and tend to hurt the feelings of the opposite person. So, the pranks, which are simple, fresh, and entertaining, always grab the attention of the audience.

Pranks are hilarious and can quickly go viral. It would help if you came up with fresh and exciting ideas to make the best prank video. These videos require good camera and editing skills. Proper timing is also crucial regarding prank videos. Recording the priceless reaction of the pranked person is crucial. Pranks are the best way to attract viewers and create memories with your loved ones.

  • Comedy Videos 

Comedy videos are the best way to connect with people. Almost everyone likes to watch funny videos. These videos not only entertain people but also help them to heal from a stressful day. They can attract viewers and can quickly go viral. Making comedy videos may be difficult; you and your friends should have a good sense of humor and comedy timing. If you and your BFFs have a good sense of humor, you can go for these videos.

  • Challenges 

Challenges are the perfect choice if you want to try something new and exciting with your friends. Challenge videos are interesting and fun and don’t make viewers bored. These videos automatically generate fun while making them. There are a lot of challenges, like ice buckets, trying not to laugh, blindfolded makeup, water balloon fights, egg drops, and so on. These challenges are hilarious, safe,non-offensive, and apt for all kinds of audiences. If you have a group/gang, you can play challenges like hide and seek, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, puzzles, etc. 

  • Food Videos

If you are a food lover and want to make awesome videos with your BFFs, food videos are your best fit. Food is something that everyone can relate to; there are a lot of cuisines and several varieties of food. You can make videos like trying different types of food, food challenges, exploring food in restaurants, and cooking videos.

Cooking with your best friend is the new trend that has taken over social media. You must cook a recipe with your best friend and post the video on social media. You can also make these videos with family members. These videos are fun, safe, and can have less criticism than other videos.

  • Review Videos

Reviews on new products and gadgets are also some great videos to do with your BFF. Nowadays, most people check reviews before purchasing products. These videos are a great source of information and facts. These videos also help you to be updated about trending gadgets and products in the market.

To make review videos, you need to know the following details

  • Complete details of the product
  • How it works
  • Use of the product
  • Price details
  • How it differs from others
  • Is it worth buying?
  • Travel Videos

If you and your BFFs love to travel and explore new places, then travel videos are great for you. These videos are one of the most profitable videos on social media. You can educate your audience with the information and importance of the place and can also share the experience of visiting the place. Though travelling may cost a lot, splitting the bills with your BFFs costs you less. Travel videos are great for creating memories with your BFFs while making money.

  • Music And Dance Videos

Music and dance videos are most viewed on social media platforms, especially YouTube. You can go for these videos if you and your BFFs are good at music or dance. There are different types of music and dance videos, like singing trending songs, composing music, dancing to famous songs, and releasing your original music. These videos help to exhibit your talent and may also bring you opportunities.

  • Reaction Videos 

Two or more people sit together and capture their reaction to a video called a reaction video. These videos are effortless, cost-effective, and also take less time. You don’t need exclusive content to make these videos; you can make these videos with every type of viral content. Generally, these videos are made for movie trailers, songs, dance videos, and scenes. To make a reaction video, you only need your BFFs and a video to react.

Other Unique BFF Video Ideas

As we already discussed some popular BFF video ideas, apart from them, there are also some unique ideas to try with your BFFs. Let’s have a look

  1. Experimental videos
  2. Workout videos
  3. Beauty tips
  4. Surprise visit 
  5. DIY videos
  6. Sports reviews
  7. Funny games
  8. Makeover videos
  9. Fashion vlogs
  10. Science facts
  11. Gaming
  12. Recreating videos

Some Cost Effective BFF Video Ideas 

If you have a low budget but want to make some fabulous videos with your friends, then You can create some pranks, music, dance, and reaction videos, which do not require much budget compared to other videos. These videos can be recorded anywhere and can use your mobile as your camera.

You can also create some challenges and experimental videos such as lemon without expression, blindfolded eating, makeover in minutes, balloon in the air, Coca-Cola with mentos, etc. These do not need much funding and can go viral within no time.

Pros And Cons Of BFF Videos

Pros of BFF videos: 

Here are some pros of BFF videos

  • These are short, fun-filled videos that can easily be created.
  • BFF videos can easily attract viewers irrespective of age and gender.
  • It helps to exhibit one’s talent and uniqueness.
  • It can spread a positive message to society.

Cons of BFF videos:

  • You may need to face some criticism.
  • One alone cannot create the video; you need people(friends)or a group to make these videos
  • BFF videos are some trending content on social media platforms, so there will be a lot of competition for these videos.
  • You need to have unique and proper content to be popular.

Final Say

BFF videos are some trending content you can find on youtube. These videos can easily attract the audience and quickly go viral. If you have an idea to make some BFF video ideas with your friends, I hope the above mentioned ideas will help you.


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