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YouTube To WAV :How To Convert “YouTube To Wav” File?

YouTube to Wav converter software is generally used to convert a video to a raw, uncompressed audio format which is then used for editing or mixing purposes.

What Is YouTube?

Who doesn’t know about YouTube? One of the most famous names out there available as a website and an App with excellent reviews from users all over the world. 

YouTube, which was created in 2006, is a free online video-sharing platform that allows users to watch, share and upload content onto it in return for earning money based upon the number of views, popularity and other attributes relating to their content. 

Absolutely anyone of any age group can use YouTube, from toddlers using kids YouTube to adults and teenagers using YouTube Movies, YouTube TV, YouTube Shorts, and YouTube Stories for information and entertainment’s sake, YouTube has achieved immense success and social impact all over the world making it one of the if not the most used online streaming website.

On YouTube, one can explore various content in the form of videos. While YouTube offers a way for people to download videos using YouTube premium, it still doesn’t allow all the videos to be downloaded.

What Is The Wav Format?

Whenever one wants to download a YouTube video for the audio, they generally either download it as a Wav file or an mp3 file. Wav stands for Waveform Audio File Format, i.e. WAVE or WAV due to its extension. 

Wav is a raw audio format standard developed by Microsoft and IBM. What does this mean? A Wav format stores information about the audio file, including the bit rate, sample rack, track numbers and audio data.

Why Choose A Wav Converter?

The Wav format is generally used to extract speech or music from the video files available on YouTube. One good reason for using the Wav format is that in using this format, the quality of the sound is not compromised at all, which is generally not the case when it comes to mp3 files.

Another difference is that when it comes to a wav file, the audio loop is very seamless, which enhances the hearing experience. At the same time, Wav files take up a lot of storage and have more data, mainly because they have better sound quality and provide more options for editing. 

They can be easily edited and changed without restrictions using any suitable software. The Wav format supports compressed audio as well.

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How To Convert “YouTube To Wav” File?

There could be a varied number of reasons why one would want to convert a YouTube video to a Wav file; it could be to listen to the audio, save the audio, or want to edit it for a personal project. 

This is Where a Wav converter comes in. A YouTube to Wav converter essentially converts a YouTube video to a Wav audio format file, similar to how an Mp3 file would be made from a video.

The steps will be followed to convert a video file from YouTube to a Wav file.

  1. The first step is to open YouTube, the web application and login to an existing Google account.
  2. After this, one must browse through YouTube and find the video they wish to convert into a Wav file.
  3. After deciding on the video, copy the Url of the video and paste it onto the online website. 
  4. Once this is done, click the convert button to convert your file to a Wav file. This can then be downloaded and used as one wishes.

Top 9 Free YouTube to Wav Converter Online

There are many free online YouTube to Wav file converters; a few of them are:

  • Savethevideo.com

Savethevideo.com can be used for converting audio files from many social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for free. It can also convert videos to many formats, including Wav.


YTBTO is very user-friendly and can convert YouTube videos to Wav and Mp3 and a few other formats. It can be accessed through mobile and desktop.

  • Filmora

Filmora is a free and easy-to-use YouTube to WAV converter for novice editors looking for an easy-to-use / beginner-friendly tool. It also supports a split-screen function making it much more convenient.

  • iTubeGo

 iTubeGo is not free but paid, but it has some fantastic features and can extract just the audio from the file. It is compatible with multiple devices.

  • VideoProc Converter

This is also a paid option, but it provides downloading and converting editing features in one go. Another feature is that it is swift at converting videos, which helps save time.

  • Any Video Converter

It is another paid option, but a few of its notable features are that it allows you to change codecs, audio bitrate, sample rate, audio channel, audio track, audio volume, and audio quality, as well as set the time points where the conversion should start and end.

  • YouTube2Video

YouTube2Video, one of the best free tools available, allows its users to convert videos to various formats, and you can also do this with a mobile device.

  • YouTube-Wav

YouTube to Wav” is another free online converter that excels at the single task of converting videos to Wav formatted videos.

  • VidJuice

VidJuice allows you to convert videos from various social media sites, including Netflix, Vimeo and YouTube. It’s a perfect option for music lovers who want to download playlists.


Hence, I conclude that if one wants to convert videos to Wav format, then using these YouTube to WAV converters would be helpful, and one can definitely explore the free options. 

Both Mp3 and Wav formats have their perks, and it’s really up to the user and what they desire through the final product; if they prefer the sound quality to be top-notch, then going for the Wav format would be great, but if they prefer to download them to either listen to them, or they prefer them to be less storage heavy then Mp3 is their go-to audio format.

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