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Benefits And Risks Of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of social media marketing

Social media marketing has many benefits.

as the main advantage

  • Increase recognition
  • Improving the speed of information transmission
  • branding effect
  • Build loyalty
  • Improvement of customer acquisition unit price and cost-effectiveness

There are advantages such as

Let’s introduce it in an easy-to-understand manner below.

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Increase recognition

By conducting SNS marketing, there is an effect of improving the recognition of the target product/service.

For example, on Twitter, it is possible to get many likes and retweets by having influencers with many followers introduce their products and services.

As a result, you can increase the awareness of your company’s products and services among many Twitter users.

Using the diffusive power of SNS can acquire a powerful route to increase recognition and encourage consumer purchasing behavior.

Improving the speed of information transmission

SNS marketing is overwhelmingly effective in disseminating information quickly.

Unlike conventional information transmission, SNS can transmit information in real-time. Not only is the speed of information transmission fast, but you can also quickly check the reaction of the information you sent.

SNS marketing allows companies to freely express the information they want to send anytime, 365 days a year, so that it can convey information to consumers quickly.

Branding effect

SNS marketing can enhance the branding effect of not only companies but also company products and services.

  • Get influencers who are famous and have many followers to introduce your products and services
  • Gain empathy with lots of likes, retweets, etc.

Doing so will be known to many people, and the company’s value will increase.

In addition, there are many cases where companies create their accounts on SNS and manage them well to become famous.

Establishing a company’s SNS account as a trusted account that continues to transmit useful information to users also contributes to the branding of the company.

Build customer loyalty

Another notable advantage of SNS marketing is that it fosters customer loyalty as a result of companies actively interacting with users through SNS.

Loyalty, which is used in the business scene, refers to the attachment and trust that a user has for a specific company, product, or service.

Increasing customer loyalty through SNS also leads to users themselves sending and spreading information sent by companies.

In addition, increasing the number of users with high customer loyalty, that is, the number of fans of the company will lead to an increase in LTV (lifetime value) and will continue to contribute to sales.

Improvement of customer acquisition unit price and cost effectiveness

SNS marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods for companies.

for example,

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • LINE

All famous SNS with a large number of active users can be started for free.

In addition, SNS advertising has the advantage of being able to distribute advertisements at a lower cost than mass advertising, making it possible to operate with agility.

Since the initial cost is low, you can expect to develop highly cost-effective measures.

Disadvantages of social media marketing

While social media marketing has many advantages, there are also disadvantages that you should be aware of.

After understanding the disadvantages of SNS marketing, let’s implement more effective SNS marketing.

SNS operation is burdensome

You have to understand that SNS operation is burdensome.

Most SNS can be started for free, but it takes a considerable amount of time to operate for a long time.

Furthermore, SNS analysis is essential to growing into a popular corporate account with tens of thousands of followers.

Communication with users, such as responding to comments sent to posts on your account, is essential in growing into a popular account.

When a company starts operating SNS in earnest, it is recommended to pre-determine a person in charge of SNS who can spend time on SNS on business.

There is a risk of burning

SNS also has the risk of going up in flames.

Information sent on SNS spreads quickly and quickly, but it is also possible to receive criticism because the information is widely known to many people.

It is necessary to be careful about sending content that may be offensive to some people, such as extreme expressions.

To prevent flames, the entire company must prepare for risks, such as thorough SNS education and establishing a check system before posting.

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