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Methods To Eject Water From A Smartphone Using Fix My Speakers

Fix My Speaker is a web browser software that is useful to fix your smartphone by playing ultra-low 165 Hz high-frequency water removal sound when it accidentally falls into the water. An intelligent solution to spew water and dust particles from your iPhone or Android speakers.

Our valuable smartphone falling into water is heartbreaking as we could have lost useful information like photos, videos, and other important files. Many may not know how to react or set it right when a smartphone falls into the water. 

That is why we have come up with a clever method. Fix My Speaker fixes the complicated issue with the click of a button. When a phone falls into the water or any other liquid, the external openings like the port, jack, and speaker get filled up with water or juice. 

It is a big mess. The problem doubles if your phone is non-water resistant. When unattended the liquid that enters damages the circuits, coils, and resistors. Thus, the device becomes useless. However, if your phone is water-resistant, the deterioration might not be rapid as it takes time to break essential parts.

The Method To Eject Water From A Smartphone Using Fix My Speakers

  • Take it out immediately when your smartphone falls into water or a liquid substance.
  • Make sure you have the “Fix My Speaker” online app installed on your device, which is available on the Play store and Apple store. It is free software.
  • After removing the device from the water, tap on the Eject Water Button.
  • Then Fix My Speakers online software immediately plays ultra-low and high-frequency sound to expel the water from the phone port and jacks.
  • Thus, rescuing your phone from damage and letting you use it as usual.
  • You can also use the same method to eject water on an Apple watch.
  • The characteristic of the feature is to produce high-frequency sound waves that spew water from the device.

How Do You Determine Whether Your Smartphone Is Water- And Dust-Resistant?

Every smartphone has a designation to indicate whether it is waterproof or dustproof. Read carefully to know which smartphones offer complete resistance to water and dust.

  • The indicator to measure water and dust resistance is the Ingress Protection Code or the IP rating. It represents intelligent devices’ water and dust resistance and indicates how far a device can protect its inner components from damage caused due to dust and water.
  • IP rating has two digits. The first digit specifies the dust and mud resistance, whereas the second denotes resistance to liquid substances like water.
  • An IP rating of IP68 indicates that the smart device has complete protection against dust, sand, mud, dust particles, and water or other liquids when immersed up to a meter.
  • The devices with an IP68 rating are Samsung Galaxy S21, iPhone 13, and later versions. So they are entirely resistant to dust and water.
  • However, most smartphones are not water resistant and get damaged when they fall into the water or other liquids. The water enters the device through ports and jacks, causing damage and short circuit sometimes. The life of expensive gadgets is at risk when something like this happens.

What Precautions Should You Take When Your Smartphone Falls Into The Water? 

We must be cautious with our expensive gadgets near water bodies. However, if your smartphone falls into the water accidentally, you should follow the steps below immediately.

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  • Do not try to switch on your device if it is turned off after taking it out of the water. Doing so causes more harm than good, damaging the central processing unit and other phone components. So, avoid switching on your phone.
  • Use a dry microfiber cloth or cotton swabs to wipe away the remains of water on the device. Clean the input units like Jack, port, and speaker neatly.
  • Do not connect your smartphone to the charger, as it may cause a short circuit, ultimately damaging the phone.
  • Please do not use a blow dryer or any other method like it, as it may further damage the device. A hair dryer causes heat on the phone.
  • Do not try to press any keys on your smartphone as it may trap water droplets causing even more damage.
  • Do not blow off the water with your mouth or shake your phone violently, as it may further push the water inside.
  • Take your smartphone to our service center and get the repair done properly using the proper tools.

Use The Software Fix My Speaker To Expel Water And Dust From The Phone Speaker And Ports

The newly launched smartphones come with features like water dust and splash resistance, and they are tested in vitro. However, you cannot rely on the protection they assure the users. The defence might not last long due to regular wear and tear. So do not do anything risky like charging your damp phone.

So, at this stage, you need a browser software trick, Fix My Speaker, which helps you to remove the water from your phone by playing a water removal sound at a specific frequency. When you tap on the button, the phone plays a series of tones that generate sound waves, letting the water and dust out of the ports and phone speaker.

Simple steps to eject water from your phone using Fix My Speaker.

  • First, visit https://fixmyspeaker.pro/. Fix My Speaker is a free software trick.
  • Click on the Eject Water button.
  • The phone plays a water removal sound at 165Hz frequency.
  • Wait and watch for 60 seconds.
  • After some time, you will observe that the speakers are working as the sound gradually improves.
  • Repeat the process five to six times to completely expel the water.
  • Now you are good to go.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Fix My Speaker?

Fix My Speaker is a software trick used to eject water from a wet smartphone by playing a water removal sound at 165 Hz.

  • How To Download The Fix My Speaker Software?

Fix My Speaker software is accessible on the Play store or Apple store. Visit the link https://fixmyspeaker.pro/ to get the software.

  • How much do the services of Fix My Speaker cost?

Fix My Speaker software trick is free to use.

  • Where did the idea of Fix My Speaker come from?

You will find this trick on the Apple watch. So, the makers used the same feature to clean smartphones.

Final Verdict

This post explains everything about the Fix My Speaker trick and the steps to remove water and dust particles from your smartphone. We have also mentioned the safety precautions you should follow when your phone accidentally slips into the water. Please leave us your valuable comments in the comment section and encourage us.

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