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How To Enable The Chrome //flags Parallel On Google Chrome?

Chrome //flags parallel: Numerous internet browsers are available to download different files and other software tools. Among them, Google Chrome is the most outstanding browser with exceptional features. It has a unique and easy interface so that any user can smoothly handle it without much hassle. 

It has the highest level of security and privacy with high speed and many extreme attributes, thus making it the top searched browsing site on the internet with almost 3 billion users worldwide. 

Google Chrome is used on almost all android gadgets, smartphones, IOS, and regular PCs. It always plays a significant role in initiating countless latest traits regularly to give a satisfying browsing experience to users all over the world.

Those who use Google chrome regularly might have come across the word “chrome //flags parallel,” which we will explain in the following discussion. 

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What Are Chrome Flags?

Chrome Flags are the exceptional attributes investigated in the beta configuration and are unavailable by default in the Google Chrome browser. 

To utilize these chrome flags, we must authorize or enable them correctly. However, some trending chrome flags like dark mode and parallel downloading are not default factors of Google Chrome. 

These Chrome flags are most commonly used on chrome build software apps like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Fuchsia, Chrome OS, and Android.

How To Legalize Or Enable The Chrome //flags Parallel On Google Chrome?

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser on any of your android devices.
  • Next, type the word “Chrome flags” on the address bar and click the enter button.
  • After clicking the enter button, you can see Chrome flags or a list of exceptional features.
  • Each chrome flag is imparted with a brief synopsis, a title, and an option for the drop-down menu.
  • Now scrutinize the list of features so you can either disable or enable the toggle options.
  • For example, if you want to try a specific feature, click on the drop-down menu and select “enable” to check the quality.
  • At last, click on the relaunch option to turn on that specific feature on chrome.
  • By following these steps, you can have new Google chrome with the latest features.

How To Deactivate Or Disable chrome //flags parallel On Google Chrome?

Following the steps below, you can easily disable or deactivate the Chrome Flags on Google chrome.

  • Open Google Chrome on your android devices.
  • Next, type the word “Chrome flags” on the address bar and click the enter button.
  • After clicking the enter button, you can see Chrome flags or a list of exceptional features.
  • Here you can get the parts disabled or deactivated at the top of the list you have already enabled.
  • Finally, to try a specific feature, click on the drop-down menu and select “Disable” to check the quality.


We suggest to our users one thing: if you cannot get the required features you want to disable in the list, then find them by hand and disable them. It is a time taking procedure, but at the same time, the intention is completed. We also suggest our viewers be cautious while browsing the features like chrome //flags parallel as they cause some litigations. 

If you still find any issues, click on the “reset all” option on the Chrome flags homepage. In this further discussion, we will explain some of the topmost chrome flags that guide you in having a fantastic browsing experience.

Some Of The Most Commonly Used Chrome Flags Are Listed Below:

A few Chrome //flags parallel give you exceptional browsing on Google Chrome. They are listed as follows.

  • Force Dark Mode Parallel Downloading
  • Autofill Predictions
  • QUIC Protocol
  • Enable Reader Mode
  • Touch UI Layout
  • Smooth Scrolling

Force Dark Mode

Most users choose a dark mode on their android devices like smartphones, as it reduces the excess amount of light and enhances a calming effect on the eyes. Force dark method is significantly applicable to those users who spend most of their time on the screen. 

Those users can enable the dark mode chrome flag on their devices to feel a fantastic browsing experience. In the forthcoming generations, it can be made a default feature by Google, which enhances a cooling effect and activates dark mode while browsing the content. 

We use the link, chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark, to enable the dark mode feature.

Parallel Downloading

Parallel Downloading is one of the most commonly used Chrome Flags. It generates the speed of the downloading files when the users enable it. Arbitrators use multi-threading methods to create the number of downloads. 

The parallel downloading feature also allows the same technique in Google Chrome, which enhances the downloading speed. This feature also assists in downloading the larger files into smaller ones on behalf of heavy blocks.

chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading URL is used to enable this feature.

Autofill Predictions

Autofill Prediction is a time-saving feature of chrome flags as it reduces the time of filling files automatically rather than manually by the user. Users who work continuously on the screen can choose this feature to do their work fast and save energy.

chrome://flags/#show-autofill-type-predictions URL is used to enable this feature.

QUIC Protocol

QUIC is a general-purpose transfer layer network protocol. This feature generates the browsing experience of the user. By enabling this feature on the device, the users can get many advanced websites for browsing with the increased speed limit.

URL used to enable the feature: chrome://flags/#enable-quic

Enable Reader Mode

Enable Reader Mode is mainly used to read content on the internet. Users interested in reading many eBooks, blogs, websites, etc., face many intrusions such as advertisements, riotous videos, etc. So, ‘Enable reader mode’ helps the users have a hassle-free browsing experience from being interrupted by pop-ups

URL used to enable the feature: chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode

Touch UI Layout

Touch UI Layout is often used by users who have touchscreen devices. Users can use this Chrome flag feature even on Chrome books and tablets. It enhances a great browsing experience for users across the globe and gives them a unique touch screen-style user interface layout for Chrome books and Laptops.

URL used to enable the feature: chrome://flags/#top-chrome-touch-ui

Smooth Scrolling

With the help of this Chrome flag, users get a better scrolling experience than the original default feature provided by the device. Users worldwide use this chrome flag to get a smooth scrolling experience, and this feature also gained a huge appreciation from its users worldwide.

URL used to enable the feature: chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling

Chrome //flags parallel – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Safe To Enable The Chrome //flags parallel On The Google Chrome Browser?

Yes, enabling the Chrome flags on Google is safe and secure, but the users must be cautious as they are still in the experimental stage. Therefore, the users may face technical problems like crashing down the apps, lagging, disappearing the web content, etc.

  • Can We Disable A Chrome Flag When It’s Enabled Once?

As mentioned in the above discussion, you can easily disable the chrome flag when it’s already enabled. 

  • What Are Chrome //flags parallel?

Chrome //flags parallel or the Parallel downloading Chrome flag feature accelerated to download speed of big files on MAC, Android, Linux, Windows, and Chrome OS when enabled.


This article gave clear information about the chrome flags and the applications used daily by Google Chrome users. For the sake of the users, we have also provided some tips and safety measures to claim alerts before enhancing them. We hope you will enjoy these chrome flags while using them daily for downloading purposes. 

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