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Best Cracked Apks Websites Details & Features In 2024

If you are searching for the best websites to download cracked Apks or MOD apps, you have come to the right platform. We have thoroughly researched genuine cracked APKs websites that provide premium apps for free. 

These cracked apps or MOD Apks have all the source assets and certificates required to run them without buying them. You can download the cracked Apks for free and avail yourself of the premium features from the websites mentioned in this article.

Google Play Store has more than 2.7 million apps. Some of them are free to download, and some of the premium apps are paid apps. Many people want to download premium apps but need more money. To such people, there are many free cracked Apk websites available on the internet. However, not all websites are trustworthy. 

You must be careful when choosing them as they might breach your security. Plenty of websites claim they are genuine, but instead of downloading MOD Apks, you might install malware and viruses. Viruses damage your valuable devices and damage software. So it is always safe and proper to download premium applications from official App stores.

That being said, in this article, we will let you know the safe cracked Apk websites useful for downloading premium apps for free. We have mentioned the best and most secured cracked Apk websites. If you cannot purchase premium Android apps, use these 12 best Cracked Apk websites to download the desired Apks.

Best Cracked APK Websites

  1. Aptoide – cracked app site Apkpure – cracked Apk site
  2. ApkMB
  3. Blackmart Alpha – cracked Apk site
  4. Apk4Free – cracked Apk site
  5. ACMarket Apk
  6. OnHAX – free popular paid apps
  7. RevDL – best known for the latest games
  8. ReXdl 
  9. iHackedit – cracked Apk site for direct download of games
  10. ModApkDown – best for premium apps
  11. Android Hackers

Best Cracked Apk Websites – Details And Complete Features Explained

1. Aptoide – Cracked App Site

Aptoide is one of the best and most secure sources for downloading free cracked Apks and MOD apps. It is one of the best substitutes for the Google Play Store, as you can find a massive collection of free and premium apps. Users can download their favorite paid apps for free on Aptoide.

You can access the app site on smartphones, tablets, laptops, Android TVs, etc. It is one of the earliest cracked app stores. The download process is simple and quick. Users can easily install Apk files on their devices.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • In-built Apk scanner.
  • Numerous cracked Apks.

2. Apk Pure – Cracked Apk Site

Apk Pure is a secure cracked Apk website that has premium applications in its store. The Apk site is virus-free and safe to access. Apk Pure is an excellent alternative to Google Play Store. Older and new versions of Apk Pure are available. Users can choose any one of them. Apk Pure hosts files of many games and apps for free. Users can find their favorite premium apps easily on Apk Pure cracked site.


  • Simple and attractive interface.
  • QR code is available for every file download.
  • Malware and virus free.
  • Old and new Apk files.
  • The site is simple and perfect.


ApkMB is created to provide android applications and games free of cost. Users can easily download many popular games, premium apps, and android applications on their smartphones. ApkMB site is ad-free.


  • Share android apps and games for free.
  • No pop ups and no subscription fee.
  • Safe and Secure 

4. Blackmart Alpha – Cracked Apk Site

Blackmart Alpha is a leading cracked Apk site and is one of the best alternatives to the Google Play Store. Users can find all the premium android apps on Blackmart Alpha. 

The users can directly download applications from the site without creating an account. You can download any type of application at no cost. The downloaded applications are installed quickly. Users can find paid apps on the Blackmart Alpha Apk site.


  • The interface is attractive and lets you find apps and games easily.
  • Fast download feature.
  • Multiple language options.
  • Free of cost.

5. Apk4Free – Cracked Apk Site

Users can download the latest versions of android apps on the Apk4Free cracked Apk site. This site is secure and is apt to download premium applications and games. Apps are regularly updated on the site. It is one of the oldest cracked Apk sites. Users can find premium android apps easily on Apk4Free for free.


  • Games and applications are classified.
  • Simple and straightforward user interface.
  • Paid android applications are also available.
  • The help section on the site helps to locate the desired apps easily.

6. ACMarket Apk

ACMarket Apk is an android marketplace where you can find hundreds of cracked Apks and MOD apps. You may only purchase some premium apps on Google Play Store. But you can download them for free on ACMarket Apk. This is a trustworthy site that provides updated versions of Apks for free. ACMarket Apk is an asset to users not privileged to buy paid apps on Google Play Store. The download process is very simple.  


  • Clean and smooth UI design.
  • Free from ads and popups.
  • High downloading speed.
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Free download of the latest MOD apps.
  • Latest modified patched applications and games for free download.
  • Customize an application as per your preference.

7. OnHAX – Free Popular Paid Apps

OnHAX is another best source to download cracked android apks. You can download paid premium apps as well as free apps on the OnHAX Apk site at zero cost. The site consists of both the latest and the older versions of Apks. The site is secure and prevents viruses and malware that damage your devices. Visit the site to learn more about its features.


  • The website is trustworthy.
  • Simple and smooth interface.
  • Hundreds of premium apps and games.
  • Combination games are available.

8. RevDL – Best Known For The Latest Games

RevDL is among the top-rated cracked Apk sites, allowing users to download premium apps for free. The UI interface is hassle-free, and the download speed is very high. The site admins have hosted it with Blogspot and a complete data server. So you can download the apps directly from the site.

You can access the site using a VPN server for safe and secure browsing. Most cracked Apk sites are blocked and might not open as they are blocked. So use a reliable VPN server to unblock them.


  • Download premium android apps for free.
  • Best for Minecraft games.
  • RevDL provides direct links to download the Apks.


ReXdl is on the top list of genuine cracked Apk sites. The users can download the premium android applications easily on ReXdl. You can download paid apps for free. ReXdl has improvised android applications on its database.


  • Easily download premium android apps.
  • Safe site for cracked apps and modded Apks.
  • Obtain paid Apks for free.

10. iHackedit – Cracked Apk Site For Direct Download Of Games

iHackedit is the best Apk for gaming lovers. It has an extensive collection of games and mod apps. Users can find the most trending Apks files and download them easily without paying a penny. This is the most relevant site to find premium Apk android apps. iHackedit is very popular worldwide as it is well-known for different android games such as Xbox games, PS3, PS4, etc.


  • Download games and apps for free.
  • Well-known for various android Apk game apps.

11. ModApkDown – Best For Premium Apps

ModApkDown is a trustworthy cracked Apk site that is best for premium android apps. Users can download the desired content safely and securely, free of cost. iHackedit uploaded the latest android MOD apps and cracked Apks on its website. You can browse both the latest and older versions of iHackedit. You will find original, modded, and paid applications on the site.


  • Original and modified apps are available.
  • Download cracked android games easily.
  • One-click OBB installer is available.
  • Older and latest versions of the apps are available.

12. Android Hackers

The website’s name might sound dubious, but it is a beneficial site for downloading reliable cracked Apks and MOD apps on its database. The site has a massive collection of popular android games. Users can find various MOD Apks and cracked apps on Android Hackers regardless of genre. You will also find reliable VPN apps on Android Hackers.


  • Download free android Apk premium apps.
  • Genuine VPN apps are also available.

In this article, we have mentioned a few best, and the most reliable cracked Apk sites among the numerous available online. Please read the article and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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