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What Does ‘ISTG’ Meaning In Text [Everything You Should Know]

You can tell if someone is upset when you look at the capital letters “ISTG!” in your text messages, yet what precisely does “ISTG” mean in text? You’ve come to the proper place if you’re trying to examine your texting slang. We’ll cover the ISTG abbreviation meaning and usage in this blog post, and beyond that, how to answer such acronym messages and spice up your conversation with identical slang. So, let’s investigate the meaning of ISTG in the text.

Did somebody message you an acronym, and you are clueless and also have no idea what people are trying to convey? Don’t get worried. We got your back. We are trying to reveal some very common but unknown urban texting slang. ISGT is the abbreviation for ‘I Swear To Go.’

The United States is eroding usual acronyms and slang phrases, and we won’t let you drop down out of fashion. Here’s the complete meaning and origin of “ISTG” and how you can utilize this in your text message gossip.

“ISTG” is a frequently well-used internet slang of the rising generation on social media platforms, in their gossip, or in the time of day-to-day talks. The acronym ISGT is not pronounced in the same way another common acronym, such as ASAP (As Soon As Possible), is pronounced just as it is. Yet, while engaging in conversation, humans utilize the ISGT acronym in their text messages.

Therefore, you might be surprised. What does the “ISTG” acronym mean? This short form might stand for dissimilar expressions or definitions; nevertheless, let’s find out the ISTG acronym. 

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Meaning Of “ISTG”

The abbreviation “ISTG” originally stood for “I swear to God,” this acronym is usually utilized to convey the severity of a situation or assure you’re not joking when sharing the truth.

It’s not naturally utilized in a holy context, notwithstanding the truth-based connotation. The group of words is also utilized offhandedly with alternatives such as “I swear on my fate.” At the same time, if somebody uses an “I swear” term, they wish you to catch their term truthful.

I surmise you have listened to this phrase more than you recollect. “I Swear to God” is a habitual phrase that folks of dissimilar ages and businesses utilize in their day-to-day conversations. This ISTG internet slang is near relative to OMG, which signifies “Oh My God.” These 2 acronyms have been vastly used on social media platforms and our day-to-day talks for over a year.

It is hard to browse social media sites for half an hour and not come across either of these 2 abbreviations. Despite the fact that OMG exists more often on social media sites than ISTG, it is still one of the most commonly used abbreviations.

ISTG can also mean “I Still Think Guys.” It’s a saying that’s repeatedly used on the internet to convey doubtfulness or unhappiness. It isn’t generally used, still, since the ISTG definition is earlier taken by “I Swear To God.” And that is why the greatest number of people can straight away assume “I Swear To God,” not “I Still Think Guys” for ISGT.

Things You Should Know About ISGT

  1. ISTG signifies “I swear to God” in text, MMS, and on social networking websites, namely Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Linkedin, and more. 
  2. Utilize ISTG to exhibit you’re not being sarcastic regarding something or to convey irritation or exasperation with something or someone. 
  3. Some common replacement slang phrases for ISGT are “OMG,” Oh my God, “ONG” on God, or “FR” for real.

How To Use ‘ISTG’?

The internet slang acronym ISTG is routinely used as an emphatic exclamation to convey a feeling or as a witness of truthfulness. 

  • “He questioned her out later in practice, ISTG I’m not dishonest.” 
  • I place your gadget in your backpack, ISTG. 
  • “ISTG if they wipe out my beloved character this spring….” 
  • ISTG was the supreme dish at all times! 
  • “Jacob and Linus are adorable jointly, my soul is going to collapse, ISGT.”
  • “Eve sings the entire route to the tournament around the clock. ISTG believe me.”
  • “Hey, you are extremely frustrating ISTG.” 
  • “ISTG I just passed over five vehicles filled up with comics on the expressway a moment ago, lol.” 
  • ISTG, that pop song is lit!
  • “It is awful sweltering conditions, ISGT!”
  • “Each item at Starbucks is half-price before tomorrow, ISGT!”
  • “Why do I have to get unwell on every single trip!? ISTG!”

ISTG Meaning On Social Media & Over Messages

The ISTG acronym signifies “I swear to God” in messages and on social media applications. 

This is a friendly expression that numerous people utilize both on the internet and in the real world (visualize somebody coming out with “I swear to God!” when they’re disappointed or highlighting a point). Despite the fact that the expression involves “God,” its definition and utilization aren’t thinking about religion. ISTG is occasionally written down as “Is2g” or simply “s2g.” 

  • “If she doesn’t respond to my next message then we’re getting separated, Is2g!” 
  • “s2g, Ms. Bernice gives additional assignments than any other lecturer.”

Send ISTG To Highlight A Point Or Give An Assurance To Somebody Louder

When you require somebody to be convinced by what you’re trying to convey or that you’ll stick to through an oath, utilize ISTG to make your point. Utilize it when you’re ensuring you’ll execute something beneficial (“We’ll be there at your soiree, ISGT!”) as a choice; at the same time, you possibly have to carry out an outer limit or pessimistic consequence (“ISGT you’ll be rooted if you aren’t office by the deadline”). 

  • “I swear I’ll land there ahead of time to support the construction, ISTG!” 
  • “ISGT if every single one of them doesn’t consider this trip planning gravely, I’m leaving!”

Answering To ISTG

Trust somebody when they message something unexpected after ISTG. Assuming they consist of ISTG in their text message, it is permitted to convey their belief you wouldn’t trust their report without it (mainly if they’re depending on something foolish or out of the usual). Thus, clutch them at their term and answer with something that admits the beyond belief or amazing character of their narrative, such as “Wow, That’s fantastic!” or “Wow, no way!” 

  • They: “I just realized I’m the best student in my group, ISGT!” 
  • You: “No way, God! Way to go!” 
  • They: “ISTG I spotted my first love alike 2 distinct times this day, it was unnatural.”
  • You: “Ugh genuinely? That’s fantastic; I’m unhappy you had to bang into them deeply!”

Single Out Somebody Who’s Utilizing ISTG In Anger

If a buddy or cousin is chatting with you, worried and nervous, send them a cheering reply or an encouraging compliment to boost their inner self and support them to overcome their problem. On the one hand, attempt to crack jokes or send a hilarious meme or GIF (or gif) to make them giggle and recover (if a funny story is suitable for the environment).  

  • They: “ISGT I have enormous to come out before the near future! 😞”
  • You: “You’re such a ball of fire, I sense you’ll grasp everything easily!”
  • They: “It takes an added hour to get on the modern rollercoaster ride, ugh! ISTG!
  • You: “Deep inhalations! Set free that Epinephrine for the drive!”


A lot of folks are commonly acquainted with the definition of ISTG, yet if you weren’t, you are now. As distinguished, ISTG can indicate specific feelings in numerous methods. Despite that, utilizing this phrase in each official communication isn’t preferable. By using this blog post, you can easily understand What Does ‘ISTG’ Meaning In Text.

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