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VTOP Login – Complete Guide To Login At vtop.vit.ac.in

VTOP Login: VTOP is an online portal designed for VIT to direct students’ data (Vellore Institute of Technology). VTOP is usually known as Virtual Top-up. It also provides us with data concerning the results and exams for the students. 

This platform keeps everyone’s data regarding parents, students, and teachers. Therefore it is a virtual online platform, without visiting it physically, where we can complete every work concerning the university.

Today, let’s see about the VTOP Login and other processes in this blog post, such as what to do when we forget the password to the portal and How to access the data from the VIT Online Platform.

What Is VTOP?

The VIT University Designed the VIT Online Platform (VTOP) online portal to provide its staff members, students, and teachers with abundant academic and campus-related resources. The portal’s function is to supply a one-stop shop for all things academic and campus-related at the university. 

Users can access their grades, personal data, class schedules, and other academic-associated information on this protected portal, which is a special gratitude to the VTOP login portal’s universal accessibility. Users can access the data that they need from any device easily.

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Step By Step Process To VTOP Registration

We have to go to the principal and get your procedure done for admission and registration to the Institute. After completing your admission, you will receive an application number that you must utilize to acquire your VTOP login registration process. 

1: First, visit the direct website page https://vtop.vit.ac.in/studentprofile/ to generate your student profile.

2: You must issue the application number you received from your Institute after the admission procedure is finalized.

3: Next, Give your DOB (date of birth) and the verification code to sign in, and attentively fill up your personal information.

4: Later, go to the direct page where you can come by your fresher’s login registration at https://vtop.vit.ac.in/fresherslogin/.

5: Here, one more time, you have to give your DOB (date of birth) and submit your application number.

6: Later, give the cell number you submitted to the student profile.

7: To acquire your login details. Enter the given code and now submit the details.

You can start logging in to your profile at VTOP effortlessly after completing the registration process.

Step By Step Process To VTOP Login 

After you have completed the registration on VTOP, to access the portal, currently you must have to do VTOP Sign In. 

  • Visit the website, vtop.vit.ac.in
  • Next, give your login details(username and password)
  • Later, complete the “captcha” that appears.
  • That concludes the VTOP authentication and authorization. 

You can start generating it again if you forget your username or password. Select “forgot login ID” or “forgot password” on the Sign-in page. Give your registration number. That’s it! You receive a one-time password (OTP) to your email address or cell number that you have provided during the registration. With the assistance of OTP, you can now utilize it to reset your password.


How To Reset a Forgotten VTOP Login Password?

Follow the series of steps below to reset a user’s VTOP password if they forget it:

1: Select the “Forget Password” icon below the login details.

2: Next, give the email address you have registered with and click on the “Submit” symbol.

3: Now, you will get a verification URL to your registered email address.

4: Pick out the link for verification and generate a new password.

5: To log in, give the new password.

Pros Of VTOP Login

The VTOP portal gives its users a wealth of benefits. A couple of the Pros are as follows: Academic information is available through the portal, such as test schedules, attendance records, grades, and course schedules.

Online resources: e-journals, e-books, and other academic publications are among the effortlessly accessible online resources the portal offers.

Activities related to campuses: Users have access to info about seminars, events, and workshops, as well as cultural events that are conducted on campuses.

Updates on time: The portal provides well-ordered updates on news from academic-related info, the university, and campus events.

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How To Utilize VTOP Login Portal?

VTOP is an empirical platform that authorizes users to gain remote access to a wide range of campus-related activities and academic resources. The platform is comfortable for users because it is designed to be user-friendly and accessible from any device. It provides a one-stop shop for all of the university’s academic-related activities. Furthermore, the portal ensures user data security and privacy.


Today, in this blog post, we discussed the VTOP login procedure. Not just pupils, parents, alumni, and employees can utilize the VTOP login. Additionally, they can register for accounts on VTOP and receive daily updates about VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology). It played a vital role in student and management communication during the pandemic. In addition to uploading academic classes for the students who are unable to attend because of the lockdown, they utilized it as a communication medium.

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