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Tech Nukti.com – Latest Guide To Technology News & Tips

Tech Nukti.com announced the Info about Gold Screen, which is quickly becoming popular online. 

Everyone who utilizes a PC now wants to download and use the on-screen app. Follow the guidelines in the blog post below to download the Tech Nukti Mobile Application. 

Now, you can read the blog post to learn more about features, Whats Tracker, the pros and cons, the Tech Nukti App download process, and other info.

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What Is Tech Nukti.com?

Tech Nukti.com was developed as an Android app and made available to Android users. It is adaptable to most mobile phones and might be a customized tool. With software like the Technukti App, smartphones may be modified with effortless steps.

The Tech Nukti.com site assesses the most recent Tech Mukti app and its usual technological advancements. Technukti recently published a post regarding the Gold screen lock, and has since acquired popularity. Nearly all smartphone users are waiting with bated breath to download and start utilizing the lock screen app immediately.

Using this Whats Tracker, you can rapidly and effortlessly check the number of visitors to your WhatsApp profile. With the app’s help, you can check the position of contact with no trouble. 

If you’ve been interested in who has been visiting your profile, then this is a magical tool. You should be aware that this app’s features are not free of charge and that you must buy a subscription immediately after you install it.

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What Are The Features Of The Tech Nukti.com Application?

  • A smooth to Use Control Panel
  • skillful Membership Choices
  • Trouble-free to Navigate
  • Quick Loading
  • The Info on The App Is error-free and Contains a Wealth of Added Data
  • Downloading Apps Is Secure and Harmless

Following Are The Features Of The Tech Nukti.com

  • The pinnacle selection of films and television series
  • The user interface(UI) of this program is user-friendly
  • An easy link that cannot be broken
  • In performance, we can give Higher-ranking 
  • Free of cost to download
  • No ads
  • You can traverse it effortlessly
  • Speedy loading times
  • There are excellent membership choices available
  • The process of downloading an app is entirely secure and harmless
  • No need for any register
  • The app info is error-free, and the website provides a thorough database of data about them.
  • It is authenticated software from the Google Play Store
  • Free streaming
  • It can also be modified and configured from here

Pros And Cons Of The Technukti APP


  • You can download any software version from a 3rd-party site directly.
  • Downloading this Tech Nukti.com permits you to skip the approval process.
  • A web series or film you download utilizing an Apk is saved to the storage memory of your smartphone.
  • Your data is stored in your file, so even if you install and reinstall it countless times, you will never lose it.


  • Google frequently doesn’t evaluate software obtained from exterior sources
  • Apk files may contain deceitful viruses or steal data from your mobile phone.
  • Your applications won’t automatically update since they regularly lack access to the Google Play Store.

List Of Few Similar Latest Apps Like Technukti

  • Nothing Chats
  • CCL 24 Cricket 
  • Indus Appstore
  • MediConnect 
  • Techgues.com
  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • Video Editor Maker
  • my Cards
  • ChatPlanet

Tech Nukti.com – Gain An Understanding Of Guides Related To Technology

Tech Nukti.com is an official technology site that produces information like News, tech support, how-tos, applications, reviews, buying guides, smartwatches, and a few more. Technukti is the name of a YouTube channel. It is also essential for you to be aware that Tech Nukti has a YouTube Shorts channel. Vicky Sharma is the owner and founder of TechNukti.

The Tech Nukti website provides the Time Lock Android application for download. Who is searching for the Tech Nukti Time Lock App download on Google?

How To Download The Technukti Application

 1: Pick Security from the drop-down menu under menu>settings.

 2: You can download the applications from 3rd-party sources after Picking out the option to permit downloads from unspecified sources.

 3: As they do not support modified or 3rd-party software, please utilize the Uniform Resource Locators(URLs) provided to download, install, and launch the apps from the Google Play store.

How Is Tech Nukti.com Golden Lock Screen Application Configured?

 1: Download the Gold Lock Screen application from the Uniform Resource Locator.

 2: When the auto-installation has been done successfully, open it.

 3: Now be ready to Activate the screen lock setting.

 4: Permit the app all of the authorizations that it requests. The app must operate.

 5: Select your best-loved design from the options displayed.

 6: To lock the screen, Tap the lock screen option.

 7: You are all set to go forward.

How To Install and Download Technukti App On My Android Phone?

 1: Open the Menu on your smartphone, then the Settings, as compulsory.

 2: You should then select Security and look for anonymous sources.

 3: Sources other than the Google Play Store may permit your phone to install apps.

 4: Once you have completed the previously mentioned procedure, you can click the file once it has finished downloading by going to “Download” in your web browser.

 5: Once the installation screen asks for authorization, you can proceed with the further step.

 6: You can utilize the app after the installation is Done.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed the Tech Nukti.com – What is the Technukti App, and how can you download it? You can get trusted info by downloading this app, and it also introduced a gold screen lock app that offers your mobile prominent security safekeeping.

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