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Story Behind The Smartphone Trick- ‘Ok Google Lumos’ Maxima

The virtual assistant of the iPhone, known as Siri, has many excellent features which most people are unaware of. Likewise, Google Assistant, the virtual assistant of Android smartphones, acts similarly to Siri. There are a lot of similarities between their functionalities. 

Recently in January 2022, people surprisingly tweeted about a Harry Potter trick that worked on Android phones and iPhones. The news of the magic spell ‘Ok Google Lumos Maxima’ has circulated across the Internet in the form of tweets.

Every Harry Potter series fan knows of the magic spell, ‘Lumos Maxima,’ when said by a witch or magician, lightens their wands. In simple words, the Magic spell ‘Lumos Maxima‘ is used to light up the wand as a torchlight to see in the dark. 

So, the same trick is used on iPhones and Android phones to put on the flashlight. The counter spell to put off the wand is ‘Nox’. The same spell is used to turn off the flashlight of Android and iOS smartphones. To know in detail about the tricks, read further about how to use them.

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The Story Behind The Smartphone Trick – ‘OK Google Lumos Maxima’

The cast of Harry Potter recently featured in the reunion of Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. To reckon with the reunion, Warner Bros and Google designed a new feature that lights up the smartphone’s flashlight when the users speak the magic spell, ‘Lumos maxima,’ the same is used in the Harry Potter movies and novels to light up the magician’s wand. 

The counter spell to put off the light is ‘Nox‘. Apply this trick to turn off the smartphone’s flashlight. The trick works for both Android and iPhone users. The users were excited and found the trick very interesting, and they tweeted about the launch of the new trick on their smartphones.

Ask Siri To Turn On Your iPhone’s Flashlight Using The Magic trick, ‘Lumos Maxima.’

iPhone users have Siri, their virtual assistant that activates the casting spell Lumos maxima. It is a simple yet thrilling trick to try. The admirers of Harry Potter novels and movies have searched the Internet to know how to activate or use the Lumos trick on their iPhones. 

The Lumos spell gives the feeling of real magic happening in your hands. It is undoubtedly a peculiar experience. Artificial intelligence has made dreamy things real. So why wait? Try the trick yourself and experience the thrill of magic through your iPhone. Follow the steps one after the other as instructed.

  • First, unlock your iPhone and tap on Siri.
  • Speak the magic spell, ‘Lumos Maxima‘, or say, ‘Hey Siri, Lumos Maxima.’
  • That’s all. You will witness the phone’s flashlight being switched on.  
  • To switch it off, give the counter command, ‘Nox’. Immediately the flashlight turns off.
  • Isn’t it amazing to experience!

‘Ok Google Lumos Maxima’ And ‘Nox’ – Android Phones

The magic wand-lighting-up trick functions the same on Android phones too. Siri is the virtual assistant for the iPhone. Likewise, Google assistant is for Android phones. 

So Android users can also experience the magic spell on their smartphones. Android users can identify themselves as wizards when they cast the magic spell, ‘Lumos Maxima,‘ on their smartphones to turn on the flashlight. Here are the steps to activate it.

  • To start with, open Google Assistant on your Android phone.
  • Then say any of the magic words, Hey Google Lumos or Lumos maxima or Lumos are OK Google Lumos to turn on the flashlight.
  • The Google Assistant immediately turns on your flashlight.
  • To turn off the flashlight, tap on the speaker and say the word ‘Nox’.
  • The flashlight is switched off.
  • ‘Nox’ is the counter-magic spell used in Harry Potter movies and novels to put off the light of the wand.

You can use other interesting magical features on your smart devices – ‘Alohomora’ and ‘Accio.’

The magic spells ‘Lumos Maxima‘ and ‘Nox’ are the trending flashlight tricks on Android phones and iPhones. A few more exciting tricks or magic spells from Hogwarts make you feel like a real wizard. ‘Alohomora’ and ‘Accio’ are the two magic tricks from the Harry Potter series that users can use on smart devices. We will explain them in detail.

Alohomora – Magical Way To Unlock Smart Homes

This Alohomora is a magical spell from Harry Potter novels and movies used to unlock doors. Alohomora is known as the Unlocking charm or the Unlocking spell that wizards use. The same magic spell is applied to unlock the smart doors of smart homes. 

Smart home assistants like Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Google Smart Home have an Unlocking charm, Alohomora, that lets you open the door without the key. You can say, ‘Alexa, lock Alohomora’ to open the door. Isn’t it a wonderful experience?

Not only that, but you can also program your smart home assistants to turn on the smart lights of your home by using the magic spell ‘Lumos’ and ‘Nox’ to turn them off.

Accio – Summon Any App On Your Smartphone

Accio is a spell cast by Harry Potter to summon an object toward the caster. You can program the same spell on your iPhone to summon any app of your choice available on your smartphone. 

All you need to do is, tap on Siri and say ‘Accio’ followed by the name of the application you want to open. The application opens before you without searching for it. The virtual assistants and the Hogwarts magic spells not only make your life easier but also thrilling.

Wrapping Up

Ok Google Lumos and Nox are one of the many tricks that light up the flashlight and turn it off, respectively, when the users speak the magic words to their virtual assistants. There are many other magic spells that you should program into Siri using the shortcuts app, such as ‘Silencio‘, ‘Sonorus’, ‘Quietus’, ‘Point Me’, ‘Sternius‘, etc. So why wait? Try the exciting magic tricks and get the feel of a wizard.

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