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How To Translate Japanese Text From Image [7 Best Translation Apps]

Do you worry about how to communicate in a non speaking English country like Japan? Use a translation app to make your trip to Japan easy. With this article, learn about the translation apps we have tried. 

Suppose you are travelling to a country like Japan. In that case, expressing your needs to others or even understanding what they are saying to you becomes difficult. It is one of the awkward aspects of visiting a foreign country like Japan, which is a non speaking nation of English.

When you travel to Japan, you may find Japanese-language billboards on the streets of Japan that you do not understand. However, you don’t need to worry anymore because this article will show you some helpful image translator applications that help you understand and survive in a country like Japan.

You can speak with locals using a mobile phone translation app.

This article presents some of the top translation tools available for touring Japan. Although translation apps can never be entirely definite, the results shown by the translator apps help tour the country where you can easily understand with these tools.

There are plenty of different translation apps available. The main objective of these translation apps is to be understandable apps that non-Japanese speakers could use to interact with local people, navigate, and get around the country. 

We have investigated and tested a few translation applications in the surroundings of Tokyo. Although some will also be available on Android, these were downloaded from the App Store on an iPhone. 

Check out the translator applications listed below, in no particular order, as some are the best, and some are pretty useful.

 7 Best Translation Apps To Translate Japanese Text From Image

1. Google Translate 

This App covers three aspects: speech, text, and print translation. This software’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology” reads” the text as you point your phone camera at the text you want to read, replacing the original text on your phone screen with the translation. Text will be translated from English to Japanese as well. Speaking into the phone’s built-in microphone is one more option. 

Google Translate app will record your speech, convert it into text, and generate the exact translation. The desired language of this is also shown to you. Google Translate is also available offline. Google Translate is free to use and accessible on iOS and Android.

 How To Translate Using Google Translate

  • Open your smartphone.
  • Install the Google Translate app on your smartphone if you have an Android device. Google provides an Inbuilt App. Make your Google app updated 
  • Open Google Translate on your Android device.
  • After opening the App, there are two choices in choosing the language: Choose your language 
  • You can select any picture or take an instant picture 
  • Use the lens to take a picture of any scene.
  • In the desired translate area, select your preferred language or the English default. 
  • Click the image to reveal the words in the picture. 

2. Waygo

Using this App, it’s possible to ‘write’ or ‘draw’ kanji characters on the screen. This requires some previous experience with Korean, Chinese, or Japanese characters. You may also use Waygo to translate a text or group of words by holding your phone.

You are only allowed ten free daily translations with this App. Any additional translations need a subscription. It is accessible on iOS. There is an official website as well.

3. Papago

This translation app is handy, and you can use the App to chat in two languages simultaneously. Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and other Asian languages are all translated by PapaGo. You might want to look into this if you plan a trip to Asia. Although using this software requires an internet connection, the good news is that it is free. It works on both Android and iOS.

4. Yandex

The most well-known tool for online picture extraction is Yandex. With the aid of this technology, a Japanese image can be accurately translated into English.

  • How to use Yandex to search for and translate images 
  • Open the webpage http://translate.yandex.com//ocr for this.
  • Yandex is an application that translates image files from the Japanese language into English, and it offers an exemplary user interface. 
  • Now, choose the image from your device or print it online.
  • After successfully uploading, you can add any shots you took in this part and the images. 
  • Press the Yandex Translation button now.
  • Your request will be handled by the Yandex tool in seconds. It will display the outcome in the language of your choice.

5. Japanese Translator Online

Japanese Translator Online is an app where you need to enter the sentence to know the result, and it creates a Japanese translation for you. This unique translation app allows you to speak into the App as well. You can use this without Wi-Fi. 

It’s a free app. It only requires a proper internet connection. This App is compatible only with iOS devices.

6. Photo Interpreter + +

Photo Interpreter++ is another Japanese Translation app. It will provide you with a translation on top of the original text if you upload a photo containing Japanese text from your camera collection or take a picture of what you’re looking at. 

This App contains ads, but it has not been essential; it’s a free App, so you don’t need to pay or take a subscription. Photo interpreter++ is accessible on Android and iOS.

7. Easyscreen OCR

Easyscreen OCR is a free program that can translate the meanings of any visual text. Users deem this program the most straightforward and efficient, and it can quickly convert screenshots and photographs.

How Do You Utilise This Simple OCR Screen?

  • You must go to the EasyscreenOCR website to utilise this.
  • Once you’ve visited the website, you’ll understand how to use this translator tool. 
  • The images can be immediately translated.
  • You can upload JPG, PNG, and files in the upload section, which is translated into the language of your choice.
  • You can even download the translated output.
  • You can copy and paste Japanese words to convert them to English and utilize the pictures up top.

Why Is A Japanese Translation Travel App Helpful?

Japanese translation apps are beneficial for communication with people from other countries; with these apps, people are very comfortable in any country. These apps have benefited tourists depending on which country they visit. It can be translated into different languages.

Advantages Of Translator Apps:

  • Image translation apps can be helpful to communicate with all sections of the people.
  • These apps save you time and energy.
  • Apps results are very speedy.
  • Texts from various languages can be understood easily by these translation apps
  • These apps are extremely helpful in translating pictures, printed materials, restaurant menus, posters, and everything 
  • You don’t need another scanner to translate printed documents and business cards.
  • For people with visual problems who cannot read text directly, image translation apps can be helpful. These translator apps may read the translated content to the people.
  • These apps can be convenient to assist you in understanding a new language.

Wrapping Up

When you visit countries that don’t speak English, like Japan, it may be difficult for tourists to read the signs posted at hotels, restaurants, and transportation facilities. Picture translation apps are quite helpful in these circumstances. They not only take little time to use, but they also save time.

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