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123Movies Proxy List Verified & Working In 2024

123Movies proxy sites are one of the best movie streaming sites for years. It is the most popular and widely used website. You can watch any HD-quality movie here. If you need any film, download it from 123Movies.

The internet is growing very fast. More and more people are getting the internet. Numerous websites have grown into large forums due to the availability of better internet speeds. People from all over the world use services like YouTube and Netflix.

123Movies was a notorious website that allowed users to watch pirated movies and TV shows for free. It was shut down in 2018 by the Vietnamese authorities, but copycat websites continue to pop up under different domain names. These websites are often riddled with malware and viruses.

Are you looking for ways to bypass 123Movies and watch movies online? 123Movies is a popular file-streaming website that permits users to watch free movies, Television shows, and documentaries. Unfortunately, copyright concerns make the website unavailable in each country.

If you’re locked out of 123Movies or looking for a reliable alternative, this tutorial is for you. We’ve compiled a list of 123 movie proxy sites and mirror sites that will be up and running in 2023 to give users access to streaming content for gratis(free of cost).

List Of 30+ 123Movies Proxy Working In Sites In 2024

When certain websites are blocked, people often use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or proxy sites to access them. VPNs are a commonly used technique, but another effective way to get around blocked websites is to use proxy sites.

If you cannot access the site or your ISP has been blocked, don’t worry; you can still use the 123Movies proxies. These sites act as intermediaries between the user and the blocked website, providing users access to otherwise unavailable content.

Here’s a list of working 123movies proxy lists:

  • Ww11.0123movie.net
  • Ww1.123moviesfree.net
  • www.123-movies.gdn
  • 123movies.sc
  • www.123movies.work
  • 123moviesfun.is
  • 123movie.date
  • 123moviesjr.cc/123movies
  • w-123movies.com
  • Www9.0123movies.com
  • 123movies4u.vip
  • Www2.123moviesfreeonline.com
  • to123movies.me
  • Www1.123movies.domains
  • 0123movies.mov

Is 123Movies A Legitimate Streaming Platform?

123movie does not allow downloading movies but offers a legal movie streaming service for users in America. And in some European countries. However, the legality of using 123Movies mainly depends on various factors in the user’s control.

Generally, downloading pirated movies from movie websites is illegal in most Western countries, but only because 123movie does not permit downloading; therefore, it is legal to utilize.

However, authorities rarely go after end users of streaming sites, leaving 123Movies’ legitimacy for end users particularly irrelevant.

Tracking individuals to watch movies isn’t worth their time, as the authorities can focus on going after website owners.

What Is 123movies Proxy?

Sometimes, you can’t open 123movies on your system due to an ISP block.

You can bypass browser and system limitations using the 123 Movie Proxy website to view the original content.

Suppose you find it difficult to watch 123movies due to the censorship restrictions of your internet service provider. In that case, you can use a proxy site instead which is 100% free and user-friendly to use.

How To Unblock 123movies Proxy Sites?

  • Using VPN
  • Use Proxy Websites

In some countries, it is illegal to provide access to 123Movies in the way that they do so that people can watch movies and television series online for free. As a result, numerous nations’ governments, internet regulating bodies, or internet service providers have restricted access to the site.

However, there are still many ways to watch 123Movies from your home network, even if you can’t go to the main website directly, and how 123Movies unblocked options can help.

For those who are blocked from accessing 123movies, two options exist, through a Virtual Private Network and a 123movies proxy service.

Using VPN To Unblock 123movies Proxy

123movies unblocked sites with VPN is tried and true. VPNs were developed specifically to bypass censorship and privacy restrictions while online. When you connect to a VPN server, your real IP address is replaced with a new, anonymous one.

With a new IP address, your virtual location will be in a different country, allowing you to access 123movies without restrictions. The Google Play Store and App Store have VPN apps galore.

Use Proxy Websites

These proxies are designed specifically to access 123movies. 123movies.is is accessible through these proxy sites since they operate on a different server. You can use a verified proxy site for 123movies and access them without hassle. This is how you can easily go for 123movies unblock.

What Is The Best 123Movies proxy?

123movies’ content is only available through mirror sites, commonly known as proxy sites. These are hosted and managed by an unaffiliated third party, which may or may not have had any connection to the original 123Movies.com. Thus, the best 123Movies proxy is the one that is verified and listed and does not redirect the user to a new site.

Is 123movies Proxy Website Worth It?

The 123Movies Proxy website has been operating for quite some time. It’s among the most visited and frequently used video-streaming websites since the original 123movies shut down. Any type of movie is available to watch in HD quality over here. So yes, the 123movies Proxy Website is worth it and best for unblocked 123movies.

Alternative Sites Like 123movies In 2024

123movies was a popular movie streaming site, but this site does not work at present, and it has been shut down. But you don’t need to worry because I have found more websites like 123movies for you and have also tested them. Many of these sites work better than 123movies.

The official website of 123movies has been shut down and does not work right now. Many sites of 123movies have come and gone on the internet with different domain extensions. Some sites are still live on the internet, but they contain too many ads that spoil the entire user experience. Many of these sites also contain viruses that can prove dangerous for your device.

I’ve compiled this list of the best 123movies alternatives with your best streaming experience in mind, ensuring a hassle-free, ad-free journey.

You may see many ads and popups on free movie streaming websites. Many websites also contain viruses and malicious code that spoil your user experience. You have to face a lot of trouble finding your favorite movie because of popup ads.

Yes, free movie streaming sites are not safe at all. Still, you can use them safely and ads-free using the best VPN service like NordVPN (Recommended) or legal movie streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

I use NordVPN to access free streaming websites because it blocks ads and increases security. Using it means no unwanted tabs open in the browser, and it protects from viruses.

Best Alternative Sites To 123movies Proxy

Create A Secure, Ad-free Setup! 

  • Open NordVPN and enable the CyberSec feature in the settings option. This feature helps you to block all spammy ads and popups.
  • For a better streaming experience, use a secure browser like Brave Browser (It’s Optional).
  • Install a Good Ad Blocker Extension in your browser.

Best Movie Streaming Sites Like 123movies

Now, look at the Best Sites Like 123movies You Can Use as an Alternative for 123movies.

  • Amazon Prime – Best legal alternative to 123movies
  • Vumoo – Best site like 123movies
  • Gomovies – Best alternative site to 123movies
  • Solar Movie – Best 123movies alternative for new users
  • YesMovies – Best User-friendly alternative to 123movies
  • LookMovie – Fastest alternative to 123movies
  • Showbox – Excellent site like 123Movies
  • Zmovies – Best suitable site like 123Movies
  • Soap2day – Helpful site like 123Movies
  • MoviesJoy – The best straightforward site like 123Movies
  • UpMovies – A great site like 123Movies

Pros Of 123Movies Website 

  1. The latest film delivers at a high level.
  2. The interface is very easy to use.
  3. Little and family-safe Advertisements(ads).
  4. Data is fetched from the fastest server.
  5. The latest movies are updated daily.

Therefore, to watch movies with your family and buddies, visit the official site at https://123movies.re/ and go to 123Movies.

Watching movies online on streaming sites is great, but now many users are having trouble accessing 123Movies. One of the main reasons for being unable to access such websites, the likely cause, could be your ISP. Now, some things are happening in the governments of many big countries.

When they saw an enormous growth in piracy online, they introduced a few anti-piracy laws to fight piracy. Now, all ISPs have blocked access to all torrent sites. If you are still trying to download movies from 123Movies, we must find a different solution to the problem.


Due to copyright issues, the original 123Movies website is no longer available in some countries. But with a little clicking and patience, you can still access the site through one of the 123Movies proxy sites and mirror sites listed in this Article. We hope you follow these sites and start watching your favorite movies immediately.

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