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Winning Shots For Successful Sales: The Importance Of Professional Shooting

When designing a website, be it a corporate portal or an ecommerce, you always reach a point where you have to make a choice: use archive images or organize a professional shoot.

Depending on the answer you give, we will know which category of customer to place you in: those who think of images as a decorative element only or those who have understood that the right photo can be the key factor for the success of their website.

But It’s Easy To Say Shooting!

Still Life? Flat? Worn? Ghost? Set? Social? Don’t worry, you don’t have to do all of them, but you certainly need to be clear about which is more useful for sales on your website based on the sector, product, and reference social network.

A professional will be able to advise you first on choosing the most targeted service based on the use you want to make of the shot. Even before deciding what kind of photo to take, he will surely present you with a mood board, i.e., a collection of images, textures, colors, and patterns that are in harmony with each other or in any case, linked by a common thread with the main focus on the product. 

The mood board will help you understand what you want to get from the project you’re about to tackle, what emotions you want to arouse, and what stylistic choices to make. Once the mood board has been approved, we move on to organizing the Shooting to be carried out. There are many elements to manage, from the choice of the photographer to having to move the goods to a studio or the location in the case of outdoor shots, choosing a model in the case of shots for the product being worn, then contacting a make-up artist, and then wait for the finished work, which will probably go through a final post-production phase. 

This is why many decide to shoot independently, inside their physical store, with lights that are not always suitable, and with a mobile phone instead of a professional camera utilized by a skillful individual who understands what to do. It is often thought that hiring a professional could be a waste of time and money, but the main objective of quality photos is to reduce the distance between the product and the user, and the support of industry experts can make a difference in the final result.

The online user must be able to imagine the object. He must almost be able to touch it! Today it is not uncommon to find 3D images inserted in product sheets that give the customer a 360° view. If you can make the item feel like it’s already in his hands, 90% of the job is done. Just check it out!


So if it is easier and more practical for many to try to take their product photos independently, this is not always a trump card if you want your shop to have a real and progressive increase in the conversion rate.

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