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Why Should Artificial Intelligence Be Used In Care?

Customer service is one of the most critical processes for any business. After all, it’s no use having an exceptional product if the consumer’s experience during service is not favorable. In this way, sales opportunities are lost, and customers end up advertising your brand negatively, which results in more losses.

With the use of AI, it is possible, in addition to collecting data, to put into action techniques that optimize the waiting time for service. So, there are many benefits to customer service. Check out the main ones!

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Optimize Your Customer Experience

Did you know that 8 out of 10 customers are willing to pay more for a better experience? Customers are increasingly demanding and value their money more. Furthermore, we are in the Age of Assistance. This means consumers are looking for help, even often, for a problem they don’t know they have.

According to Google, searches for service grow 3x more than purchase intentions, reinforcing how a good service experience can boost sales. 

With Artificial Intelligence, you can implement omnichannel technology in customer service through software that integrates all your communication channels.

Contributes To Cost Reduction

Artificial Intelligence software generates reports with accurate and personalized data about your customer service. This way, it is possible to identify operational gaps, validating opportunities to reduce costs with your operation. For example, by installing people management software, you can engage your team more, reducing turnover costs.

With data collection done through Artificial Intelligence, your agents can be trained to act in a personalized way for each customer profile. Thus, it is possible to increase the LTV (Lifetime Value) and the average ticket of consumers when counting on a prepared team.

Strengthens Brand Reputation

If your business improves the customer experience, what happens? It automatically advertises the brand for free. This means that your positive reputation is optimized, which generates more sales leads. With social networks, brand care must be prioritized; after all, a slip can be exposed by a dissatisfied consumer and reach thousands of potential customers.

Boosts Business Performance

Artificial Intelligence is capable of enhancing the performance of your business. Which investor doesn’t want to see their venture reduce costs and increase sales? AI must be used in the immediate fulfillment process and in all interfaces that impact the customer experience. After all, your brand’s purpose should be customer-centric.

In addition, today, Artificial Intelligence helps marketers a lot: through the analysis of website data, for example, it is possible to identify the customer profiles of a business.

How To Apply AI In Customer Service?

Know Your Operation

It may seem clich√©, but it is necessary to reinforce that knowing how your customer service operation works is essential. To work with Artificial Intelligence, it is required to invest money, human resources, time, etc. If you don’t know your operation well, you risk purchasing a product that is not ideal for your flow or customer profile.

Secure An Annual Budget

It is essential always to have a budget focused on the digital transformation of your business. Today, it is impossible not to invest in technological solutions. Therefore, make a detailed control of your processes to map the company’s expected growth and how much budget each department will have available.

Map The Customer Journey

Knowing the customer journey is essential to understand their pain in the relationship with the brand and which solutions developed with Artificial Intelligence can help enhance the quality of your customer service. The most exciting thing here is identifying the right moment when each answer comes into contact with the consumer.

For example, chatbots are very useful in self-service as they help to reduce service time. However, it should be used for initial calls that will help filter the customer’s needs and direct them to a service agent who can act directly at the root of the problem. The fulfillment process can never be centered on robots.

Prepare Your Team

It’s no use investing in technology if your team isn’t ready to work with it. Therefore, look for suppliers that focus on the customer’s success, that is, of your business. Companies with this view apply training, so their team learns to work with the tool.

Invest In Feedback

Many companies are afraid of feedback, but the truth is that it is a powerful tool for optimizing all their processes and getting to know their customer relationships better. The practice must be used both in customer service and with its employees. It is common to forget to collect your team’s impressions when using software, but that cannot happen.

Get A Virtual Assistant

Remember we said that we are in the Age of Assistance? A virtual assistant will help a lot to improve your customer’s experience. You can adopt a chatbot, a voice assistant, or both. The important thing is to map your customer’s journey to identify which model is the most adherent.

Adopt Omnichannel

We can say that adopting omnichannel in customer service is practically mandatory. It allows you to integrate your brand’s communication channels, facilitating the attendant’s assistance, as the history of all customer calls is recorded in the same place. In this way, your operation gains productivity and service personalization.

Automate Processes

Omnichannel is a form of automation. However, with Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to automate a series of operational routines, such as collecting customer data. At first, it may seem that there is no gain in automating a task that is initially simple but thinks about it on a large scale. Indeed, your management saves time and can focus efforts on more strategic activities.

Bet On Data Analysis

To improve the quality of your service, you need to invest heavily in data analysis. In the past, companies missed great opportunities because the work was too operational: data collection and analysis were expensive, and often there was information that was impossible to have.

With Artificial Intelligence, you can collect information about your customers through your website, evaluating how long they stay online, which pages they visit the most, etc. 

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