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Why Is Google And Search Engine Optimization Important For B2B Companies?

The great need of B2B companies is to increase sales. For this, its main focus is directed at the best customer prospecting strategies for generating qualified leads on an ongoing basis. In this scenario, more importance should be given to Google and optimizing websites for search engines.

However, neither Google nor website optimization should be overlooked, as they can make a difference in your business’s digital marketing strategies to bring the expected benefits and support sales processes.

How Does Google Help Businesses Sell More?

Despite my explanation above, it may seem like it could be clearer how Google helps companies sell. So, I will bring more data to help you understand how this process works:

  • 68% of online experiences start with a search engine.
  • 39% of shoppers are influenced by relevant research.

The surveys are from Social Media Today and show that a customer’s buying journey begins in the digital environment and with the help of surveys. 

Through these searches, users get to know the brands, relate to them, look for more information and details of the services or products, their benefits, the problems that are solved, the differentials… and, if they are convinced during this relationship built, they can close a purchase.

Managers may consider this to be a slow and time-consuming process. But it is a natural process that depends on little investment, can bring a great return, and generate a low customer acquisition cost.

So what to do to appear on Google? Adopting good SEO practices for optimizing websites for search engines is necessary. So, let’s see how to optimize websites and content to rank on the first page of Google and reap the results of all these searches.

Importance Of Investing In Optimizing Websites For Search Engines

We have already identified the relevance of Google for B2B companies. However, it’s no use just existing on Google. After all, most users only go beyond the first page when searching. That is, if your website is after that page, you will inevitably be hidden and without generating visibility for the business.

More than 90% of pages listed on Google do not generate traffic, according to Social Media Today.

To give you an idea, the first five organic results on the first-page account for 67.60% of all clicks, according to Zero Limit Web. Additionally, top-ranked pages receive an average click-through rate of 31.7%, indicating Social Media Today.

In this way, you need to know how to optimize websites and build informative, relevant, and valuable content to communicate with your persona and be in the first positions of the search.

Remember that only 5.7% of pages will rank in the top 10 searches within a year of publication. 

Therefore, B2B companies must implement a solid digital marketing strategy and good SEO practices, with content that focuses on the user and uses relevant keywords.

And I want to show you one more piece of data for those who still say that social networks are more important than optimizing websites and producing content to rank on Google. SEO drives 1000% more organic traffic to the website than social media.

How To Optimize Websites And Get Better Results On Google

With everything presented so far, we separate essential tips for B2B companies to achieve better results in optimizing websites for ranking on Google. Check out:

Keyword Study

According to Social Media Today, 69.7% of users’ most searched searches contain four or more words. In addition, keywords with the term ‘why’ were the ones that most dominated Google searches in 2020. 

Having this knowledge in hand is essential when developing a study of the strategic terms that your company should use to optimize websites and create content for Google.

Content Development

According to Content Marketing Institute research, 57% of marketing executives say that developing on-page content is the most effective SEO tactic.

But not just any content. The content needs to address the lead’s pain points, answer questions, show how to solve problems for the potential buyer of your product or service and have the user as its central focus.

Of course, we write texts for algorithms that analyze parameters to qualify materials and recommend them for better ranking. However, there is no point in forcing the construction of content. The better the experience for the user, the greater the chance he will be well-ranked.

Within the structure of the content to achieve SEO objectives, it is essential to:

  • Have short sentences and periods;
  • Use subheadings every 300 words to break up the content and make it more engaging;
  • Use lists to draw users’ attention and bold important passages;
  • Prioritize local SEO tactics, taking advantage of queries made by smartphones with terms ‘where to buy and ‘near me;
  • Optimize images to improve page load time;
  • Between others.

Persona Building

To carry out all content creation focused on the persona, as we said, it is necessary to define this character, which represents the potential customer of the product or service sold by B2B companies. This directly influences the content’s quality, which impacts website optimization and ranking.

Definition Of The Editorial Calendar

It is essential to create a regular content calendar. Thus, it is possible to have a strategy for using keywords and which persona will be reached. It allows you to maintain the frequency of published articles, which is fundamental for SEO. After all, Google’s robots value those who post high-value content regularly.

Measurement Of Results

It’s no use just carrying out all the steps and best practices mentioned above. It is essential to verify the results obtained with the strategy. Monthly, analyze how your keywords are performing, the organic traffic of the site, and the number of visitors, so you will have an idea if the optimization of websites and SEO is having an effect.

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