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What Is The Benefit Of A Wildcard SSL Certificate?

To ensure the security of online information, the actuation of the SSL convention is fundamental. Yet, if your goal is to guarantee the administration of a few subdomains with a place with a similar space, you will require a Trump card SSL testament for this situation. What precisely is it, and what are its advantages? Reaction components.

What Is Meant By A Wildcard SSL Certificate?

It is an SSL endorsement that you can use to get all subdomains recorded under a solitary space. In this manner, acquiring individual endorsements to safeguard every area is excessive. Because of this endorsement, information trades between a server and an internet browser benefit from ideal security. 

Subsequently, the classification of data is guaranteed. It is, most importantly, organizations that incline toward this arrangement the most. Note that the Trump card SSL testament contrasts with the SAN declaration since you cannot characterize the subdomains. Be cautious; with this authentication, you can’t safeguard the second-level subdomains, just those of the first level.

How To Get It?

Would you like to utilize a Trump card SSL declaration? It’s simple. To get it, you should choose a provider and request it. The supplier being referred to often gets some information about your design and space. After approval of the request, you acquire the endorsement and can introduce it on the server. For your data, among the most notable providers, we find:

  1. Comodo: this provider suggests Wildcard SSL certificates starting at 292.90 euros/year
  2. GeoTrust: for about 690 euros/year, GeoTrust provides you with a QuickSSL Premium Wildcard certificate and for about 638 euros/year, you get a True BusinessID wildcard certificate
  3. Thawte: this supplier offers certificates from 138 euros/per year

It should be noted that during the request, you must use an asterisk (*) to represent all the subdomains.

How Does It Work?

We can explain how a Wildcard SSL certificate works using a concrete example. Let’s take the website “yyzz.com” with several subdomains “, forum.yyzz.com” and “boutique.yyzz.com”. Instead of acquiring a specific certificate for each subdomain, you can group and secure them using a single Wildcard SSL certificate.

When Should I Use This Certificate?

Here are some examples of situations that ideally lend themselves to the use of a Wildcard SSL certificate:

  1. As a web developer, you have to test environments, and for this, you regularly use subdomains
  2. You have a structure that uses different subdomains for different aspects of the organization (store, blog, etc.)
  3. You only need one domain, but you intend to use multiple subdomains at some point

What Are The Advantages Provided By This Certificate?

Wildcard SSL certificates offer a lot of advantages. Here are the most important!

More Economical

It may cost you dearly if you have to acquire an SSL certificate to secure each subdomain. By betting on a Wildcard certificate, you realize significant savings since you can protect not a single subdomain but a whole set of subdomains.

Much Easier Management

If, for example, you want to secure 150 subdomains and an individual certificate protects each subdomain, you will be forced to manage a large amount of information related to identification or the dates of issue and expiration. You will understand, and you will have more tasks. This is not true with a Wildcard SSL certificate because you don’t have to manage different certificates.

A High Level Of Encryption

Thanks to this type of certificate, the data exchanged benefits from maximum security due to a high level of encryption. Therefore, it is very complicated for malicious people to intercept this data.

Refund In Case Of Non-Satisfaction

Be aware that most suppliers suggest a money-back guarantee if your purchase only partially satisfies you. Thus, you have the opportunity to perform a test and see if the certificate can meet your real needs.

Reassured Users

When you use a Wildcard SSL certificate, Internet users can see a small secure padlock at the subdomain level. This symbol means you can calmly visit a website without fear of losing your data. Visitors are, therefore, more confident and will quickly return to your site.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Despite its many advantages, however, the Wildcard SSL certificate has some disadvantages. Insofar as a single certificate secures all subdomains, they benefit from “collective” and not individual protection. To this end, if a subdomain has been hacked, the others will be too.

The second weak point of this certificate is the need for more support for EV validation. Indeed, it is only available in 2 levels, namely DV (Domain Validated) and OV (Organization Validated). While it only takes a few minutes to issue DV certificates, OV certificates take longer to process and verify.

And What About The Price?

The cost of this type of certificate depends on three parameters: the provider, the desired level of security and the validity period. Still, compared to a standard certificate, a Wildcard SSL certificate costs a little higher. However, the latter is more accessible than buying many individual certificates.

In short, by using a Wildcard SSL certificate, you can easily secure several subdomains (level 1) without breaking the bank. Moreover, its management is simple, and the advantages it provides are manageable. In a word, you have everything to gain.

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