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What Is Inbound Marketing?

If your goal is to find new customers online, the information you read may help you. There are several strategies to follow to intercept only people interested in your products or services. You have to demonstrate that you are credible and authoritative by offering information that answers the main questions your audience would write on google or social networks.

As perfect strangers, we need to convince a person to follow us by becoming an interesting contact who follows us, then transforming him into a customer and subsequently into a repeat customer.

Attention is today’s currency. It is fragmented along multiple routes and at different times of the day. Understanding which communication channels are used by the people we address, how to introduce yourself, how to attract attention without useless self-promotion, and answering their main doubts allows you to understand what is meant by Inbound Marketing briefly. Read on to learn more about how to use it in an online communication strategy.

How Is It Found Online By People Interested In What We Offer Or Sell?

Through Inbound Marketing, i.e. through a series of digital strategies that allow us to intercept an audience interested in what we sell. Through these strategies, we make selling a normal path that starts from discovering our brand to selling our products or services.

The customer acquisition process through inbound marketing brings concrete results because, thanks to the content we publish in the various channels at our disposal, we allow ourselves to be known and convince those who follow us to buy without aggressive and unsolicited promotions (such as the advertising system in traditional media for example). We must understand the needs of our customers well through surveys or market research over time. In this way:

  1. we know their needs better
  2. What are the questions to offer a solution?

Only after this first and fundamental information-gathering step can we create content, the main heart of inbound marketing. Imagine the journey of your ideal customer. First, let yourself be known, offer him a gift in exchange for his email, and then start a conversation with him. Thanks to this communication in which useful information is offered to the potential customer (also called lead or prospect), his trust is obtained, thanks to which it is possible to sell a product or service. So invasive marketing techniques that disturb people are not used (such as advertising on the radio or television while following a film or a column). Still, the user finds the information we offer when he wants using the tool he prefers (Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.)

What Are The Main Tools To Use?

There are various methods to communicate with our public:

  1. search engines: also through paid campaigns with Google ADS
  2. social networks: especially through promotions on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
  3. email marketing: through services such as a newsletter it is still an excellent and very valid means and by no means obsolete
  4. Landing Page or Optin Page: to clarify how to leave your email in exchange for a gift or, in the final stage of conversion, the sales page is essential for converting a prospect into a customer.

To Concludes

This short article is just a taster of how inbound marketing can be used in our customer acquisition journey. It’s not free. It takes time and effort to be able to find new people interested in what we have to offer. However, it is an excellent method to help only those who need our products or services that we distribute online at that precise moment without being aggressive and intrusive with our promotions.

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