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What Are Landing Pages & Why They Are Important For Your Business

If you are an entrepreneur and you truly need to carry traffic to the website pages of your site, you might be keen on having a specific number of points of arrival on which to unite a lot of clients and likely clients. What Are Landing Pages

The presentation page (likewise called greeting page ) is a page that is deliberately worked to situate itself in web search tools with specific watchwords, more often than not, by consolidating them with names of spots or regions. To make sense of its viability more readily, I’ll let you know what occurred to me as of late. 

Not later than ten days prior, I got a call: the proprietor of lodging in Volpiano needed a statement for the production of a site. After paying attention to his necessities di Lui, I asked my questioner, as I normally do-how he had my contact. He said he had tracked down my site by composing the catchphrases ” web office Volpiano ” into Google. 

My office is situated in Nichelino, a long way from Volpiano, yet having fabricated and put internet based a page (point of arrival) utilizing the watchwords ” Volpiano site advancement, ” I went to put myself on the top page of Google and the man from Volpiano, during a hunt, tracked down me!

Why Are Landing Pages Important For Business?

A landing page is a web page that a potential customer can reach in different ways, for example, by clicking on an advertisement, a link on Google, or any social network. A landing page, therefore, aims to increase the conversion rate of potential customers who connect to a site and transform them from simple visitors to active users or users who request information.

 The objectives of a landing page can be multiple. Some of these are:

  • capturing the attention of a person and involving them in the navigation of the website;
  • entice a visitor to fill in a contact form;
  • lead a person to buy a certain product;
  • invite a person to subscribe to a newsletter.

Landing pages are very important. It is not uncommon for a company’s website to consist of 30 web pages plus 100/200 landing pages built with specific characteristics. Thanks to them, a company can increase its presence on the web and Search Engines. With landing pages, leaving a person’s contact details is not that difficult. 

In many cases, without this type of web page, the user would probably have remained an anonymous visitor. The relevance of a landing page lies in the fact that a user, by clicking on an ad or a link, is directed to a page to entice him to browse the site or perform some action. It has been shown that if a landing page is done accurately and professionally, the conversion rate goes up by 25%.

How Many Types Of Landing Pages Are There, And How Are They Made?

Landing pages are of two types: information Landing Page and Action Landing Page. The first type (much less used than the second) is a consultation page, which aims to provide information. 

This type of page can contain videos, texts, a list of products, or interesting images.

On the other hand, Action Landing Pages are web pages that make a visitor perform a certain activity, such as filling out a contact form to get some news about a certain product. 

To create any landing page that works, it is necessary to follow several principles: attention, interest, desire, and action. A well-structured landing page must, therefore, first and foremost be able to attract attention, increase the user’s good, and win his trust. Subsequently, it must induce the desire to want a service or a product.

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What Are The Characteristics Of An Effective Landing Page?

A landing page, to work, should, as a matter of some importance, have the qualities of clearness and quickness. It is prescribed to form clear sentences that cause the client to see rapidly the activities he should perform. 

An expert landing page should essentially have a few components. The organization logo should be noticeable, and the title and caption should be imaginative, with decipherable tones and clear textual styles. 

The special message pointed toward persuading the client to play out a specific activity has the errand of being convincing in featuring the positive viewpoints and benefits of a particular item or administration, which the guest needs to purchase. 

The contact structure must comprise a couple of fields to be filled in to urge the client to leave the information and send the solicitation. One more fundamental component of a greeting page is the source of inspiration. This essential part is just the appeal to make the guest of the page make a move. 

A source of inspiration can comprise an action word, a short word, or an inquiry that prompts the client to make a move. The last option should be embedded on a button on the page, which is not difficult to see and is available easily.

In making this urging, it is prescribed to utilize not cold tones (dark, brown, dim blue) but rather warm ones, for example, orange, red, or green. Examples of invitations to take action are the articulations ” Buy, “Request a statement, “or ” Subscribe to a bulletin. “


A series of landing pages put online, done well and in enough numbers to cover keywords consistent with the main site content, can make a big difference to a business.

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