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Web Marketing Services: What Your Business Needs

Web Marketing Business And Strategy For Your Company

Web marketing services are of great importance for any digital strategy. This term contains all the offers to increase the business of companies and freelancers, which revolve around the web, from advertising on social networks and Google to planning strategies such as link building or lead generation.

In recent years, creating a digital presence for every commercial and operational reality has become increasingly important. To do this, it is no longer possible to adopt a simplistic and approximate approach. It is necessary to move on a professionally structured path that provides more options to give broad scope to the business, making it reach the set goals. Often those who offer web marketing services adopt a classic advertising approach, thinking they can successfully replicate it in the digital world, without knowing that a tactic based on these assumptions is undoubtedly a failure.

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This is because social media, search engines, and the web have different mechanisms from traditional marketing; it moves on constantly evolving algorithms and concepts that follow the logic desired by the user. Suppose you think of approaching a marketing campaign for the web using the classic mentality.

In that case, you make the mistake of not giving importance to the different nature of the new means of communication, which, even if they start from the classic paradigms, have evolved and evolved in directions with different triggering mechanisms and responses different from those expected. Therefore, to be sure of receiving the right web marketing services, it is essential to contact professionals trained in digital logic who have been operating in the sector for decades and who continue to train constantly to ensure maximum professionalism to their customers. So let’s try to understand what a web agency has to offer.

Web Marketing Services: The Winning Choice

We now know that we do not improvise web professionals. The first step in any digital marketing project is to gain online visibility. It is essential to obtain visibility for our target audience, that is,to be visible to our future customers. Web marketing activities

To achieve this goal, there are three web marketing activities to be carried out first of all:

  1. search engine optimization (SEO )
  2. presence on social networks
  3. design and programming of online campaigns ( Google Ads and Facebook Ads )

What we at Bitmetrica do is precisely that. We create complete digital marketing strategies. We are personalized by objectives and the nature of our customers’ business. A well-done campaign brings together all three of the above steps. Our team is made up of professionals from each sector listed, but not only.

We have highly qualified professionals who can, in synergy, study the best solution to give visibility to your work or company. In addition to being Google’s premier partner, we can also offer a high level of professionalism for social media marketing, SEO optimization, creation of websites and landing pages and all other web marketing services. We follow the customer, advise him, listen to his requests and plan the right strategy to bring out the online presence in every field.

How Do You Get Visibility?

Let us analyze the three basic steps to gain online visibility. We first said that we need to optimize our online content from an SEO perspective. Our website or blog must be created both to be pleasant and valuable for users and well-viewed and considered by search engines.

To do this, we need to use on-page SEO and off-page SEO. They are two different processes but equally crucial for obtaining visibility because they maximize the aspects that fall within Google’s ranking factors and the leading search engines. With SEO on page, we mean all the operations to be carried out within your site or blog, such as, for example, taking care of keyword research, the titles, the meta description, the H2s, and the title tags. All factors are vital for Google, which uses them to track and classify our site.

On the other hand, the term SEO off-page refers to the operations to be carried out outside the site to obtain visibility and authority. This factor is increasingly relevant to Google, which has user satisfaction as its primary purpose. To achieve its purpose, Google must ensure that the content it offers to the user after a search is relevant and authoritative for that sector. Which therefore guarantees a positive user experience. One of the most popular off-page SEO strategies is link building, i.e. the construction of a network of external links that refer to our content. The sites from which we receive links must be authoritative and relevant.

Social And Ads Among Web Marketing Services

The part perhaps best known and that. Therefore everyone thinks they can do it alone or with ease, the part which concerns the presence on social media and Ads campaigns on Facebook or Google.

Both social networks and Google provide free tools to create paid advertising campaigns, but this does not mean that it is something for everyone. Anyone can do a campaign on Facebook, but not all of us manage to do it to make a profit. Social networks have characteristics that are unknown to most. 

The social network will allow us to carry out the campaign, but we would not obtain results in terms of profit or value for our business. This is why even in this field, there are professionals who must continuously train to keep up with the algorithms that are updated daily. Same thing with Google Ads campaigns. Google is happy to offer space and a platform for advertisers of any level. Still, here the situation can be even more dangerous as, unlike Facebook & Co, Google requires more important budgets to invest, and if we don’t know what to do, we can burn substantial quantities. Of money and time.

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