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Uses And Benefits Of Speech Recognition

From Customer Care to the HR office, there are several advantages that companies can obtain by adopting Speech Recognition systems.

The possibility of exploiting technologies capable of understanding natural language and processing the unstructured information contained in a conversation represents an extraordinary opportunity to generate savings and, at the same time, gain a competitive advantage, improving working conditions, especially for collaborators in contact with the public.

The Speech Recognition Revolution In Data Analysis

Words matter more than one might think: what allows the business proposition to improve constantly is, in fact, inherent in the interactions that the company front end has with customers, suppliers, and partners. 

The study of the keywords that manifest themselves in conversations between customers and customer care, correlated to specific KPIs, reveals, on the other hand, how the natural processes adhere to the achievement of the objectives set by the management’s strategic setting.

Up to now, the problem has been accessing this kind of information, which could be collected – or better delineated – through surveys and quantitative-qualitative surveys—methods that provide a relation, an indirect datum. On the other hand, Speech Recognition allows you to tap into sources with accuracy and speed of gathering and processing inputs unthinkable for the old approaches.

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Speech Recognition And Robotic Process Automation

But Speech Recognition does not only bring benefits to Data Analytics operations for the refinement of processes: it can also be a good ally concerning their automation (through Robotic Process Automation projects), allowing companies to use chatbots in management, for example, to support functions for the resolution of simple problems, devolving human resources towards activities with greater added value. 

Let’s see the uses and advantages that distinguish the adoption of Speech Recognition in the company. The areas identified are essentially two: that of Marketing, with particular reference to customer care and customer assistance initiatives, and that of HR, where process automation can help streamline trouble ticket management procedures.

Thus Speech Recognition Increases Efficiency In Customer Service

Offering its customers the maximum ability to listen when they need assistance is an essential element to fuel the value of the brand, and it is increasingly strategic in an era in which the proximity of the company to the needs of the consumer plays a role—fundamental role in generating competitive advantage. 

But enhancing – or even creating from scratch – a contact center means immobilizing financial resources and distracting professionalism and skills that could be used to support the development of the core activities of the business.

Speech Recognition allows you to guarantee the same type of service at significantly lower costs: thanks to the integration with Artificial Intelligence technologies, it is possible to implement chatbots and virtual assistants able to understand the requests of the interlocutors, filtering those that can be managed automatically and directing those that need human intervention to the customer care consultants.

HR And Voice Recognition, A New Way Of Interacting With Corporate Bureaucracy

Speech Recognition systems can also be used to streamline approval procedures or accompany training programs, or manage technical or bureaucratic trouble tickets within the company: think of the simplification that would involve in the ordinary HR administration an automatic support request collection service based on voice recognition software, capable of understanding the various instances and routing every single report to the competent office.

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