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Use AccountKiller To Delete Your Account From Websites

It’s easy to create an Internet account but not so easy to cancel. And given that information on the Web can last forever, it is necessary to eliminate all traces.

As we browse the Internet, we can leave many traces. Every account we create, every service or platform we use, collects personal information recorded on the net. Sometimes we may stop using a specific tool or website we signed up for long ago. However, the data remains there.

And while it’s true that companies make creating an account straightforward to access the service they offer, removing it is a whole other matter. Many websites, including popular ones like Facebook, often hide the removal process or make it lengthy and arduous to keep as many accounts as possible.

Here comes AccountKiller – a free platform that collects direct links and deletes instructions to make it easier and faster to close your account. Websites like Skype that don’t allow you to delete your profile quickly are blacklisted. 

How To Use AccountKiller

Using AccountKiller is very simple. Once you are on the home page, you can fill out a support contact form and get emailed information on how to cancel your account. The AccountKiller team will get back to you as soon as possible with all the case details.

If you prefer not to wait for an answer, you can do the research yourself. In the search bar above, type the website name where you have an unwanted account. Here you will have access to a list of recommendations for some pages in the archive, so click on the one that best suits you.

There are links to more than 500 websites and web services divided into categories. There is a section dedicated to the most popular sites, i.e. those that AccountKiller users visit and use most often.

Once you choose the site, you will see a drill-down file suggesting what information you should collect to delete your account. This may include past emails and passwords that the website may ask you to confirm your unsubscribe request. Make sure you collect them to ensure that the deletion process goes smoothly.

Then, AccountKiller shows you how to cancel your account with detailed instructions. This may involve navigating the website to find the option to delete your account or contacting customer support. In this case, AccountKiller will tell you which number to call and what to do.

This is important, as the customer support representative will make it more difficult for you to close your account. Knowing what to ask and how to answer speeds up the process.

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Why Bother Deleting Old Accounts

Old, inactive accounts can pose a cybersecurity risk.

There are two immediate risks:

If hackers get your old username and password, they can test it on various websites and steal personal information that can be used to carry out identity theft and credit card fraud.

If a website loses popularity, the owners could be at risk of cyber attack. For example, Yahoo leaked every archived account long after people left the service and migrated elsewhere.

Whitelists And Blacklists

At the top of the website, two buttons appear to display the blacklist and the whitelist. These are ways to highlight the efforts websites make to respect your data.

A blacklisted website makes it difficult to delete your data. For example, a site that requires you to call customer service or has many, sometimes hidden, steps before you can delete an account.

In contrast, allowing lumps together companies that respect your privacy, allowing you to have your data deleted from their website with little to no resistance. This includes sites with a simple “delete account” button that makes it easier to cancel.

How To Add Or Edit A Website On AccountKiller

Despite AccountKiller’s extensive database, you may need help finding your website in the list. By following the listed steps to delete your account on a website, you may find that the details are incorrect or that there is an easier way to delete your account.

In both cases, you can add the updated information you have collected to the website. Go to the “Submit a site” or “Submit a site” section to type in the details you want to share. Be sure to indicate what information you had to provide to submit any account cancellation request. If your information is good, it should appear on the website after passing the moderation screen.

How To Protect Your Privacy In The Future

Suppose you find it particularly difficult to erase your data from the Internet to avoid repeating this process in the future. In that case, the best strategy is to keep your data private when you can afford not to.

Of course, websites will still ask for your details and only accept your registration if you’re willing to share them. However, use disposable web accounts to protect your privacy. An alternative is the abandoned accounts of others who have offered them for public use.

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