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Twitter Has Proposed A To The Gamescom Video Game Fair

After two online editions, the Gamescom video game fair will take place in attendance in August 2022. For platform users passionate about gaming, Twitter has created a guide to stay up to date.

After being held remotely, for two consecutive years, due to the pandemic, the Gamescom video game fair, one of the most significant gaming events and, above all, among the most anticipated by fans of the sector, returns in presence in 2022. On the occasion of the event, both for those who will follow it in reality and remotely, a Gamescom 2022 Twitter guide has been created: the social network has thought of helping the users of the platform to orient themselves and stay up to date and informed about everything that happens during the event. ‘event. 

The Gamescom And Twitter Video Game Fair

Since 2009 also in August and Cologne, Germany, the video game fair will take place in 2022 over several days, starting with the evening show on the 23, dedicated to advances, and officially beginning on August 24 until August 28. This event is particularly awaited by video game enthusiasts and much followed and commented on Twitter. During its remote edition in 2021, the fair was among the top five most talked about gaming moments on the platform, as highlighted by the company in a press release. 

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The platform can boast, in fact, a vast community of gaming enthusiasts: as you can read in the same press release, 71% of Twitter users would have declared that they play video games, and just under half (47%) would find it an excellent pastime to watch other people play. Videogames are, therefore, among those topics that are mainly at the center of tweets on the platform, as can be seen from the number of them.

Only in the first half of 2022 the number of tweets on video games would have seen – according to the data reported in the press release – a growth of 36% compared to the whole of 2021, a year in which virtual numbers were recorded. In the mid-year analysis by Twitter, one and a half-billion tweets on gaming have already been published (about 96 tweets per second).  

The Gamescom 2022 Twitter Guide

To satisfy the needs and passions of Twitter users, it has created a six-point guide that is useful for keeping up to date on the news regarding the event throughout the week.

  1. The first step is to follow the official Gamescom Twitter account (@gamescom) and activate notifications.
  2. The show that opened the event during the early evening, Opening Night Live, was broadcast live on Twitter on August 23 and August 23 at 8 pm, also presented in 2022 by Geoff Keighley. This is a long-awaited moment because the world premieres of new video games are generally given during this opening night. It was possible to follow the evening live on multiple Twitter accounts: @gamescom, @GeoffKeighly, @IGN, and on the event page.
  3. Twitter also invites you to use the official hashtag, #Gamescom, to participate in themed conversations on Twitter. A special emoji also corresponds to the hashtag.
  4. In the Gamescom Twitter guide, some accounts are suggested to better follow the Gamescom experience from India: @IGNitalia, @KONAMI_ITA, @ IlPiGreco314, and @XboxItalia.
  5. The Twitter communities dedicated to gaming should not be overlooked. The company recommends joining one of these to be able to deepen in detail all the issues related to the video game fair, such as Xbox Community and Splatoon! , Counter-Strike, Retro Gaming, and Valiant.
  6. Also, on the same night of the opening show, after the live streaming on Twitter, @TwitterGaming, and @Gamescom hosted a conversation on Twitter Spaces, #TheTL. The discussion was scheduled for August 23, 2022, at 10:15 pm and is meant to discuss reactions to news and trailers on the platform’s timeline. @Itssunpi and @ebonix were guests of the conversation. To participate, you only needed to follow the @TwitterGaming account and set a reminder to join the conversation on Twitter Spaces.
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