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Three Tips To Stand Out On Social Media?

If you’re not using social media for your business in 2019, it’s time to change. Indeed, they are essential for your business, and we will not stop repeating them to you; they will give credibility to your brand image.

Regardless of the sector of activity in which you evolve, your company must be visible on social networks. Whether it’s Facebook, the most used social network in the world, Instagram, or Twitter, it’s time to adopt them. Today, our experts tell you how to stand out on social media in 2019.

Bet On The Visual

This year again, it is the visual aspect that takes precedence above all on social networks. Indeed, following the appearance of Stories on various social networks, Internet users remain under the spell of this visual means of communication.

Between Stories, Lives, or videos, users have adopted very interactive formats and content and tend to abandon text content. As videos are increasingly popular with companies, you have to succeed in standing out. 

The idea is to offer more innovative content so that the Internet user is active on your account and does not become a “ghost subscriber.” For example, a few years ago, Instagram was dedicated to sharing photos through a news feed that varied according to our subscriptions. Today, Stories are posted on Instagram only to look at the various publications in its news feed. You will then have to be full of imagination to stand out against your competitors in social networks. 

Assess Untapped Potential

By untapped potential, we mean instant messaging. Almost every social network has its instant messaging area, which remains 2019 one of the least exploited. For a good reason, as a company, you are struggling to find a solution to intervene in these private conversation areas between restricted groups of users.

However, these can be used mainly to communicate between your company, customers, and prospects. Indeed, over the years, users have favored messages via social networks to obtain information about a company. On the one hand, it saves time, and on the other hand, they are not obliged to have a telephone conversation with the company they wish to contact. This is when chatbots come into action. 

Turn Your Social Networks Into E-Commerce Platforms

There is nothing better to stand out than to offer your products directly on your social networks, which are accessible to all users. Indeed, if you are a food company, bet on visual communication. By highlighting your products with pretty photographs, you can exploit them by publishing them on Instagram, for example, and using its  Instagram Shopping function. 

In a few words, this function allows you as a company to sell your products on Instagram thanks to your photographs. All you have to do is take a picture of the product in question and allow the user to access the product sheet to buy it. Nothing could be more straightforward and more pleasant for the user who does not have to change support. As a result, you stand out from your competitors, and we invite you to continue your momentum. 


These three tips will help you stand out on social networks in 2019. We also advise you to stay attentive to the trends expected this year. This combination will ensure good engagement on your social networks from your subscribers, provided that you are rigorous in using these.

If you would like to discuss this with our Social Media expert, do not hesitate to contact our digital strategy agency. 

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