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The Best Software For Augmentative Communication

What is the best augmentative communication software? Are you looking for a list of the best CA programs? Read here.

The Best Software For Augmentative Communication

Are you looking for a program with CA and need help finding where to look? Are you looking for a community where you can find ready-made educational materials for download regarding augmentative communication? AAC, or Augmentative Alternative Communication, is a set of teaching strategies implemented to guarantee transmission to people who cannot express themselves verbally.

This list will show some of the best software available worldwide to implement augmentative communication in the classroom and at home, to train every person with complex educational needs. And now, let’s start:

AraWord + AraSuite + SIMCAA

If we start with augmentative communication, we cannot mention these three dedicated applications. Araword is one of Italy’s most famous free projects to manage word and text communication (AraWord is a “word processor”) with augmentative communication. With Araword, you can automatically create text sheets and pictograms (with symbols), facilitating the elaboration of materials and the adaptation of texts for people with difficulties in functional communication. 

AraSuite is the suite (containing AraWord, TICO and AraBoard) of applications dedicated to assisting different disabilities on the PC. AraSuite is available as software on Linux, macOS and Windows. SIMCAA is a free cross-platform AGPL-licensed system based on AraWord. SIMCAA works on a web browser and is equipped with an open and accessible symbolic system under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license capable of guiding everyone in augmentative communication.

  1. AraSuite and SIMCAA are available for: Web browsers, Linux, macOS, and Windows.
  2. They are free (Free Software; Open Source License).
  3. Environmental impact: not specified on the official site.


This excellent software, developed by Click Software, is used in many schools worldwide. Clicker improves engagement levels and has helped students develop a positive attitude towards writing with the help of augmentative communication with text and images.

  1. The clicker is available for: Chromebooks, iPadOS, macOS, and Windows.
  2. It is paid (Proprietary software; purchase of a license to be renewed every 3 years).
  3. Environmental impact: not specified on the official site.


Good software with excellent advanced functions such as combining text and symbols, dedicated tools for severe motor disabilities, interactive environments, speech synthesis, spell checkers, etc. SymWriter is a program that allows users to remove barriers to literacy access and support independent writing using symbols.

  1. SymWriter is available for Windows.
  2. It is paid (Proprietary software; single license purchase).
  3. Environmental impact: not specified on the official site.

Speech To Symbol

This excellent program, available for Android, iOS and iPadOS, allows Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC or CAA or Augmentative and Alternative Communication) for free and on mobile. This handy app is an effective tool for parents, therapists, and teachers who need to communicate with children or adults with autism or any disability that impairs communication skills. Speech To Symbol allows you to translate what you say verbally into symbols while using the in-app purchase formula. You can share or export the stories created and

  1. Speech To Symbol is available for Android, iOS, and iPadOS.
  2. It’s free (Proprietary software; advanced features available through in-app purchases).
  3. Environmental impact: Apple App Store progresses well, and Google Play Store progresses well.

Widgets Online

The online version of SymWriter, with many dedicated advanced tools. One of the best websites to save and share online symbol text and learning materials directly from web browsers. The subscription to the service can be monthly, annual, three-yearly or five-yearly, with access from 1 to 50 users.

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  1. Widgit Online is a paid access website (authentication with a subscription service allows you to access the service).
  2. Environmental impact: Not specified on the official site.
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