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Stop Podcast – When Does That Make Sense?

Podcasts are booming. More and more of them are being created, and thanks to crowdfunding, more and more podcasters can make a living from them. So why should you quit a podcast? I will address this question below.

I present podcasts that have ended, describe my own experiences, and explain why this makes sense. But I also go into alternatives to quitting a podcast on the other side. As always, I look forward to your feedback. Maybe you’ve already finished a podcast, or your favorite podcast has been discontinued. 

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Why Do Podcasters Give Up?

As a listener, it is often incomprehensible why very successful podcasts are being discontinued and why a podcast has ended after many years and numerous episodes. But there are many reasons for this, which I will discuss below.

Fun Lost

This is arguably one of the most common reasons podcasts are shut down and arguably the least tangible reason. Most of them are podcasts because discussing topics that inspire you is just fun. And preferably together with others. But nothing lasts forever, and at some point, even the most excellent hobby becomes work if you professionalize it more and more, and at some point, it just feels like work.

It Makes Too Much Work

keyword work. Podcasting is a lot of work. Starting with the often extensive preparation through the recording (preferably with different people) and the often equally extensive post-processing. I don’t even want to discuss creating graphics, writing episode texts, putting together show notes, etc. Even those who love podcasting can get annoyed with the many other things that just come with it.

Lost Interest In The Topic

This also happens frequently. Anyone who has podcasted on an issue for many years can lose interest. It is normal to develop yourself further and change your interests. It is not always possible to depict this in your podcast or change it this way. And before you have to force yourself to continue talking about the topic, many prefer to end the podcast.

No Success

Some podcasts “die” after just a few episodes. This is often because you had the wrong expectations. Maybe you know the big podcasts that live off Patreon and Steady and think that’s easy to achieve. But podcasting is also a marathon. It usually takes a long time to complete whatever you define as success. So it would help if you had persistence here.

No Feedback

Even if you enjoy podcasting yourself, it helps immensely when you get feedback from the listeners. Especially comments under podcast episodes are a great motivation for many, but reviews and ratings on Apple Podcasts and Co. If hardly anything comes, then even good download numbers don’t help much. That can cost you motivation.

Team Issues

If you don’t record alone, you usually have someone else who does the work for you and motivates you, but things can also turn out differently. If the fellow podcaster moves away, for example, or you get in each other’s hair, a podcast often ends quickly.

Everything Already Told?!

Especially long-lived podcasts always come to the point where you have the feeling that you have already said everything. The podcasts mentioned below that have been discontinued have released hundreds of episodes, and at some point, you end up repeating yourself.

The Circumstances Of Life Change

But the personal level is often a reason why podcasts are ended. Work, family, children – these things take up a lot of time and change your life significantly. Many end their podcast if there is no time for the podcast because they have more important things in life.

It Was Only Planned For A Limited Time

Last but not least, there is always the case that a podcast was only scheduled for a certain period. And that’s okay too, and in contrast to the other reasons mentioned, everything goes according to plan when the podcast ends.

Stop Podcast – When Does That Make Sense?

So the question arises when it makes sense to end a podcast. If you do this purely for fun, then you should only do it as long as you enjoy it. Of course, at some point, you also feel a particular obligation towards the listeners and possibly your fellow podcasters. But they also notice when your heart is no longer there. And the other reasons mentioned above are also valid, and you should consider how to proceed.

Alternatives To Quitting A Podcast

Instead of just quitting the podcast, there are a few alternatives. Finally, one should not immediately give up just because one encounters problems. So you could take a creative break to gather new energy and ideas. Sometimes it just helps to take a little distance to get pleasure again.

However, such a break is also dangerous because many do not return. Sometimes it helps to choose a different thematic or content orientation. The Dice Tower releases new episodes in the same feed but far less involved in a very different format. It can also help to change or optimize your workflow. Especially when you have less time and a lot of work weighs you down, you can approach podcasting differently—shorter episodes, a format that doesn’t require post-production, and so on. The time pressure of a regular publication can cost the fun. Then maybe a change in the publication rhythm will help.

End The Podcast Properly

If none helps, you should end your podcast correctly and not just stop posting. So don’t just stop; record one last episode for the fans and listeners. Or, as with The Dice Tower, record a few episodes at the end, e.g. with previous fellow podcasters, a flashback and so on. In addition, you can also use the previous listeners to start a new project and take fans there with you. Especially when you have already built up a large audience, it would be a shame to let them “disappear”.


Acknowledging your podcast is not an easy decision. But there can be good reasons for it, and you can do it well so listeners can live with it.

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