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SEO In Omnichannel Digital Marketing Strategies

Multichannel marketing cannot do without SEO because search engine optimization interacts with the majority of communication activities that take place online. In this article, you will find 4 examples that explain my statement.

Digital marketing today comprises particular activities that must dialogue with each other within plans that exploit multiple communication channels.

For this reason, when a company collaborates with a web agency, it hears about specialists and omnichannel marketing.

Despite the multiplication of professionals who interact in a marketing plan and the proliferation of new media, what is the activity that continues to be fundamental to obtaining good results online? SEO.

Let’s see how search engine optimization intervenes in omnichannel marketing strategies.

The Broad Reach Of SEO

When a professional says Search Engine Optimization, he means a series of operations applicable to position web pages on the Google SERP. Still, the influence of SEO goes beyond the search engine and the website.

This fundamental digital marketing methodology’s wide range of action is due to the ability to influence and be influenced by other marketing activities, which exploit various means of communication, from search engines to social media, emails, and blogs.

All this tells us that an integrated marketing plan is essential today. Each channel supports the others to improve the performance of a brand’s promotional campaigns and the experience of buyer personas.

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Now is the time to go into specifics and see how SEO interacts with:

  • Content and Inbound
  • UX
  • SEA
  • Social Media

SEO Is Fundamental For Content And Inbound Marketing

Well-crafted content, we know, can bring organic traffic to a site or blog, but it’s not enough to be accurate in sourcing and writing. It is imperative that the user can find them when researching on the net, and this is where SEO comes into play.

What happens if you create a Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing campaign without providing content optimization?

Very simple: you waste money because the texts will not be positioned in the SERP or will not be indexed by the search engine.

We could say that the primary function is to guide copywriters in producing content that answers the questions people ask Google. 

Any content published online should always be linked to search engine optimization. Still, companies often forget this essential detail, and the two activities take divergent paths that lead nowhere.

SEO Is The Best Way To Write Texts Because:

  • Helps identify topics sought by buyer personas
  • It leads to the creation of comprehensive content that responds to user needs.
  • It imposes the principle of the uniqueness of each content.
  • Increases the competence, authority, and reliability of the site, according to the Google evaluation factor summarized in the acronym EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)

SEO And UX Come Together In SXO

The User experience has become a priority ranking factor. Consequently, it is essential to optimize the pages of sites and e-commerce to improve the experience of the user who explores them.

From the union of SEO and UX comes the new concept of Search Experience Optimization or, to put it more quickly, SXO.

To make navigation simple and functional, it is necessary to build a logical site architecture, allowing the user to understand how to find what he is looking for on the fly.

A bad UX annoys the user and the search engine because the more a page is hidden in the site architecture, the more effort the crawler makes to identify and evaluate it.

The SXO requires websites to be optimized for mobile devices; mobile-first has been known for many years because we all surf from smartphones and expect to land on easily navigable pages.

UX and SEO also go hand in hand with improving loading speed. A site that slowly loads content does not like either users or Google.

SEO And SEA: Two Acronyms, One Purpose

Website optimization and search engine advertising have a common starting point: using keywords.

In addition to this shared basis, SEO and SEA also agree on their primary purposes. Both digital marketing methodologies aim to bring traffic to a website.

They are by no means competing tools; on the contrary, they work synergistically to improve conversions because:

  • SEO gives results in the medium / long term and does not require a budget other than what is necessary to implement and manage the activities
  • SEA gives immediate results but requires an advertising budget in addition to what is necessary to implement and manage the activities

Optimizing a site to make it appear among the first Google results also increases the chances of attracting the user because ads in SERPs are often avoided.

The reasoning is simple: I have a better chance of converting if I buy advertisements to appear at the top of the search engine for a given keyword and place SEO-friendly content for the same keyword.

Social Media Marketing And Search Engine Optimization: Two Connected Worlds

It might seem that what happens on Google stays on Google and what happens on a social network stays on social, but that’s not the case.

It is impossible to structure a digital marketing plan thinking of clearly separating SMM and SEO; think about how effective it is to use social networks to push users to read an article published on the blog or to the fact that on each site, there are links to social networks.

That’s not all.

Social Media Marketing makes it easier to identify trends, topics, and user needs, which can become excellent ideas for creating optimized site texts or structuring Content Marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, SEO increases the strategic value of the SMM by returning certainties and consistency to the user who passes from the social page of a brand in search of it on the search engine.

Conclusions On SEO And Other Marketing Channels

Just talk to digital marketing professionals to find out how ” optimize ” is their favorite verb (and mine too).

There would be many other marketing activities that team up with SEO. Still, I believe that by reading the four examples included in this article; you can understand how it continues to be a fundamental methodology in digital communication.

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