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Security Coaching: The Human Factor And Employee Behavior In Company Security

Security coaching is a strategic tool that allows companies to make the most of the systems and services they already have and the staff to develop a spirit of belonging and loyalty, participatory collaboration, responsibility and sharing. This article shows how security coaching teaches companies and employees how to prevent the risks associated with corporate crimes.

Security Coaching: What Is It?

Security coaching teaches you to perceive the possible problems and criticalities relating to security in advance. It also allows for developing a strategic preventive approach and proactively identifying innovative solutions applicable to daily practice.

Security Coaching: What Is It For?

Through security coaching, employees know the centrality of their active participation in global corporate security strategies.

Familiarity and greater awareness of certain risk situations lead to an improvement in our perception of safety.

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Making the individual aware of his work’s risks and how to prevent and deal with them is undoubtedly a priority objective of communication on safety.

What Is Security: Differences Between Safety And Security

When we talk about safety, we refer to a condition, real or perceived, of tranquility, of the absence of dangers or risks, of protection from adversity. But also of a state that allows you to prevent, eliminate or make less severe unpleasant and unexpected events.

Security is a value, an investment and an exciting business opportunity. Value is understood not only in business profitability but also as a constitutive character of a corporate style that shifts the focus from the product/service to the person.

What Is Safety

Safety is intended to protect from threats of natural, accidental, hygienic-sanitary origin or human errors.

What is Security

Security is instead oriented towards the prevention of criminal risks. Safety is, therefore, the activity aimed at preventing, dealing with and overcoming events deriving from prevalently illegal actions. Events expose people and assets (tangible and intangible) to potentially harmful and harmful effects.

What is Coaching

Coaching is the professional support intervention (intermediate between a consultation and a psychotherapy session) for developing the personality of the subject undergoing it.

Coaching represents a critical factor in growth and development. It can create value and transform every working context from where people receive and execute directives to another where they participate in company objectives. An active context where it is possible to fully express one’s skills and talents in a climate of conscious and responsible collaboration.

Coaching Applied To Security

Coaching is a strategic management and leadership tool that can prove to be an ally of security, allowing:

  • Companies to be a source of value over time and to make the most of the potential of the security resources (systems and services) they already have;
  • To the people involved in the corporate safety project to acquire greater awareness of their abilities and potential, obtain maximum performance and develop a spirit of belonging and loyalty.

Making security through a coaching approach means replacing the culture of obligation and promoting a responsible and participatory attitude, which nourishes a culture of awareness and sharing.

The Human Factor In Security

Security Coaching represents a preventive and participatory approach to security. This approach enhances the human factor through a persuasive style and motivational involvement, optimizing resources.

We are faced with an innovative methodology that allows you to design, plan and implement competitive and effective anti-crime security management systems.

Security Coaching: A Management Tool

Coaching is an innovative management tool that allows you to give a soul to safety. We thus move from a technical-procedural vision of security to a conception of a pragmatic and participatory nature. The sense of belonging and team spirit is therefore stimulated, enhancing the potential of individuals.

Coaching improves the competitiveness of companies as it develops and raises the “business performance” and productivity of those who work there.

Security Coaching: The Advantages

Security coaching aims to stimulate people’s conscious participation and active involvement in the definition and implementation of corporate anti-crime security policies.

Here are some advantages of security coaching in the company:

  • Goals and action strategies developed in a participatory way, rather than imposed, are more likely to be successful.
  • The assumption of awareness and the sense of responsibility that training will be able to produce will lead to incorporating more effective attitudes and behaviors for the prevention and contrast of offenses and events of criminal origin.
  • Security coaching helps people develop new beliefs about the knowledge that only through action can the desired change be achieved.

Security Coaching: The Course

Security coaching represents an excellent managerial approach capable of:

  • create synergies
  • Make people aware of the importance of active and responsible adherence to security policies.

EPC Editore has published a tool to support training. This is a volume entitled Security Coaching: training course on anti-crime. The enclosed CD-Rom contains customizable PowerPoint slides, with notes and instructions for the teacher, learning test and certificate.

The product contains everything you need to create a personalized crime safety training course in just a few steps. It is easily adaptable to different and specific work contexts and can be updated as the company’s security needs change.

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