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Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning From A Technological Point Of View

The health emergency linked to Covid-19 has forced equal and private educational institutions and training institutions to use alternative forms to the presence in the classroom to provide lessons and courses. Although as far as professional courses are concerned, distance learning FAD  was already a relatively widespread reality, for schools, distance learning was a real forced ‘discovery .’ Let’s try understanding the pros and cons of distance learning and FAD, especially the necessary technological equipment.

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FAD And DAD Differences 

Generally, we could argue that distance learning FAD means a “massive” online course with a portion of hours in the present. On the other hand, with DAD, distance learning means the conversion of school teaching into a purely virtual environment. Through the DAD, students and teachers continue the learning path, even if physically distant, through the support of technological tools.

How Does It Work

Distance teaching can be carried out in various ways. Still, the lowest common denominator is that teachers and students do not share a common space, there is no physical interaction between them, and technological tools mediate the relationship. Integrated digital teaching is distinguished from this, which alternates face-to-face and distance lessons. The DAD can be performed in two different ways:

  1. Asynchronous, with previously recorded audio or video lessons, slides, and assignments that are uploaded to a platform, which can be from the institution or external, and that students can open or download at any time;
  2. Synchronous, with live audio or video lessons, which recreate a virtual classroom on a support platform, with real-time interaction and questions.

The DAD in asynchronous mode requires greater autonomy and responsibility on the students’ part, allowing them greater flexibility of time. At the same time, the second takes place in established time intervals and times.

Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning And FAD

Analyzing the pros and cons of distance learning (DAD) and distance learning, above all, from a technological point of view, the initial economic investment for the purchase of technologies and software for the delivery and use of online lessons, also by families, is not entirely negligible.

But for private educational institutions and training institutions, equipping themselves with the right tools to deliver several courses online simultaneously to several people synchronously and asynchronously can prove to be a decisive choice in the long term. Considerably expanding the potential user base and the consequent business opportunities and increase in turnover.

Finally, the purchase of Unified Communication & Collaboration technologies also helps the work of the secretariat and all employees. I remember the improvement in communications with students and trainees and the opportunities for online marketing. As far as students and trainees are concerned, the DAD and the FAD allow you to:

  1. Training through new technologies.
  2. Enjoy the lessons from anywhere in both synchronous and asynchronous modes.
  3. Reduce travel costs.
  4. Personalize the study path more.

E-learning allows professional updating and cultural growth even for those who have more significant difficulties in attending face-to-face lessons and courses, such as:

  1. Work full time.
  2. Individuals with family management problems.
  3. People who live in inaccessible places.

Opportunities For The Future Of The School

In compulsory schools, on the other hand, it would be possible to stimulate the children’s abilities to know in detail all the opportunities that the network offers, with multidisciplinary activities and the use of writing, graphics, and even video and audio editing programs. The school can become even more of a place where creativity and ingenuity develop daily if adequately supported by a contribution that makes these activities accessible to all.

It is superfluous to underline how these positive sides can expand even more if we consider the latent possibility of a sudden closure of institutions and places of collective teaching: Covid-19 has given a sudden shock and has long held people distant from each other, but if on the one hand, it has hit our interpersonal relationships hard, on the other it has allowed us to rediscover teaching tools and methods to be applied effectively both in the immediate and shortly. With time everything can be perfected, but the correct application of online teaching can undoubtedly give the school an edge in the future.  

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