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Prime Day Offers The Best-Discounted Software

During Prime Day, licenses for the primary Microsoft software, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Office, and Windows Server, can be purchased at Mr. Key Shop with an additional 10% discount. The best antivirus solutions are also available in promotion. Prime Day is the Day of “crazy discounts” that Amazon reserves for its users. 

Also, this year, Amazon Prime subscribers can take advantage of not one but two days of discounts: 12 and 13 July. The Prime Day event is also an unmissable opportunity for those who sell because these are days in which business is booming. For their part, users can take advantage of discounts never seen before, often available only for a few hours and therefore reserved only for the fastest.

Given Prime Day 2022, Mr. Key Shop offers the best-discounted software. In addition to the promotions active on the site and already visible, it is possible to use the coupon code PRIMESOFTWARE10, which adds a 10% discount until July 17, 2022.

Best Prime Day Deals On Software

If you’re used to Amazon’s Prime Day deals, you’ll usually buy products that courier delivers.

Mr. Key Shop allows you to benefit from Prime Day discounts even on an intangible asset such as software: by purchasing one or more licenses (guaranteed as 100% genuine), you will receive via email, immediately after the purchase, the code for registering the own copy (usually called a product key ) and the commercial invoice.

Buying software from reputable resellers is often tricky: obtaining a Product Key differs from having a regular license. With Mr. Key Shop, you are sure of what you are buying, and you will automatically acquire all the rights to use the software of your interest.

Windows Operating Systems

Among the best Prime Day offers, those on Windows licenses stand out. Mr. Key Shop is now a haven for the discounted purchase of Windows 10, an operating system that Microsoft will support at least until mid-October 2025.

Windows 10 users are also eligible to upgrade to Windows 11 for free: using tools provided by Microsoft, such as the Windows 11 Setup Assistant or clicking Install in Windows Update, you can upgrade to Windows 11 anytime. 

Windows 10 is offered Prime Day discounts starting from just over 30 euros in the Home and Pro editions. It is the point of reference among the products released by Microsoft because it is considered a sufficiently mature and stable software. The latest addition, Windows 11, can be purchased starting from just over 62 euros and allows you to install the latest Microsoft operating system without intermediate steps immediately. Before installing Windows 11, it is good to check that the system meets the minimum requirements set by Microsoft.

With a simple procedure, it is possible to install Windows 11 on an incompatible PC even if Microsoft has pointed out that in the future, these systems may not receive updates through Windows Update (to date, Windows Update works regularly). Furthermore, with Rufus, it is possible to install Windows 11 without using a Microsoft account and bypassing all the questions asked during installation.

Among the best Prime Day discounts, it is impossible not to include Windows 7 licenses.

They are not easily found because Windows 7 is the historic operating system no longer supported by Microsoft. In some situations, it may be helpful to use a Windows 7 license, for example, from a virtual machine or on systems isolated from the rest of the network, to run legacy software. On Mr. Key Shop, a Windows 7 license is available starting from less than 18 euros, a significantly discounted price that allows you to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

Windows Server Licensing

Mr. Key Shop’s initiative does not exclude professionals and companies either. Buying Microsoft Windows Server in various editions or CALs ( User CAL and Device CAL ) is not convenient.

With an additional 10% off with the Prime Day discount code, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, and 2012 licenses become even more affordable. Likewise, it becomes simple and cheap to connect with new clients using CALs.

Office Packages

Although the Redmond company has decided to push the accelerator on Microsoft 365, the cloud platform for private users, professionals, and businesses, among the Prime offers of Mr. Key Shop, it is possible to find those that allow you to grab the Office suites with an investment minimum.

The Office packages available on Mr. Key Shop entitle you to “unlimited” use of the office suite: you can install it on a Windows PC or a macOS system and use it without paying fees and with no deadline.

Starting from around 63 euros in the promotion, it is possible to buy Office 2021 while spending less. You can find Office 2019 and Office 2016. These versions remain the benchmark because they will be supported by Microsoft, with updates released until October 2026 in the case of Office 2021 and October 2025 in the case of Office 2019 and 2016 (versions for Windows).

Mr. Key Shop offers an entire e-commerce section for Office for Mac users.

Beyond the end of the support date, the Office suites will remain usable without restrictions and will not cease to function. It will only need more attention in document management since Microsoft will no longer patch security vulnerabilities. After the retirement date of the Office suite, it is advisable to consider installing an updated release.

To learn more, refer to the article in which we explain where to find the best Microsoft Office offers.

Antivirus Offers

Because of Prime Day, the best-paid antiviruses are also offered on a special offer.

In our article, we have selected the best products by drawing on the offers of Bitdefender, Kaspersky, McAfee, Avast, Norton, and ESET. On Mr. Key Shop, it is possible to buy antivirus software for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS starting from only around 9 euros.

What Mr. Key ShopOffers

Whether you have an idea of ​​what to buy on Prime Day or don’t know yet, Mr. Key Shop’s offers are a buying opportunity to seize. The software licenses can be purchased on Mr. Key Shop through the secure payment methods available; the requested product is sent via email in seconds, and specialized assistance is free and in Italian.

Mr. Key Shop also sends an invoice that can be used for tax purposes and all the instructions for downloading the software and installing each product. On Prime Day, Mr. Key Shop offers a different approach when users buy material goods. All user licenses and orders are managed digitally with an eco-friendly method that allows you to avoid sending paper media, DVDs, USB sticks, etc. Mr. Key Shop offers all its customers the ” satisfied or refunded ” guarantee with the return of the amount paid in the event of an incorrect purchase or if something does not work as expected.

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