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Podcasts Come To YouTube: That’s Where

The Google Podcasts app is heading towards closure following the arrival of the Podcasts section on YouTube. First, there were rumors, but now it seems a fact: YouTube Music integrates podcasts. That should clear up some question marks that have existed in the podcast and streaming industry.

Many observers had wondered how exactly Google would handle its podcast transformation there. Previously, the company only provided podcasts in its standalone app, Google Podcasts. Google continues to modify and expand its services, and some are subject to total closure, others of organizations or actual mergers (see the recent merger between Duo and Meet).

Among the various services, especially lovers of the sector will know Google Podcasts, a service initially integrated into Google Play Music and then transformed into a standalone service. To date, YouTube is increasingly the center of multimedia content made available to users, who can take advantage of the content both by subscription and by free viewing/listening with advertisements: the platform, which initially only hosted video content, has launched the YouTube division Music, effectively welcoming the entire Google Play Music catalog which was then closed.

Therefore, the Mountain View giant could have a similar move regarding Podcasts, inserting them within the YouTube platform and then definitively closing the dedicated service.

YouTube Incorporates Podcasts

Well, yes, Google is carrying out tests in this direction: the goal is to introduce podcasts on YouTube, test the waters and possibly get rid of a separate service that would become superfluous at that point.

A server-side YouTube update is currently being distributed that brings podcasts to the Explore section of the Google streaming platform (both on the app and the web version): users will notice a new category next to the category ” Fashion and beauty “called Podcast” and accompanied by a yellow icon. Within the new section, there are various sub-categories (most popular episodes, playlists) which can, in turn, be expanded by clicking on the ” More ” button; all the podcasts in the catalog, however, are video podcasts, giving the feeling that it makes sense to find them there, moreover grouped into a category.

In India, You Have To Wait

As anticipated, the update is currently being distributed: consequently, it is very probable that this novelty is not yet visible but that, even if you visit the direct link to the YouTube podcast section in Italian, you may come across the warning page that “the page is not available. ”

Only time will tell if the  Google Podcast app will be retired at the end of the fair. Its content will be implemented entirely on YouTube, leaving the audio content only in YouTube Music and the video content adequately organized on the main platformer.

Podcasts On YouTube Music: Technical Aspects

Like the streaming service Spotify, YouTube Music is also available in a free, ad-supported version or a paid, ad-free version. Listeners, Podnews goes on to explain, on YouTube Music (unlike YouTube ) are also spared having playback stop when they lock their device’s screen.

The YouTube Studio is an essential part of YouTube’s podcast strategy. Previously only available to video users, the function is intended to help podcasters enter their shows. YouTube lures podcasters with promising reach, improved visibility, and advertising options. Whether and how YouTube Music wants to integrate RSS feeds an open question.

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