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PagoPA, What It Is, How It Works, And What Can Be Done

PagoPa, how the App developed by the Agency for Digital Italy works to simplify and make payments to the Public Administration more secure

PagoPa is the system that allows you to manage electronic payments developed by the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID).

With this service, it is possible to pay bills, taxes, and duties by passing through the websites of the Public Administration, through those of individual entities, and even in the points of sale that adhere to the service.

Let’s find out how it works and what you can pay via pagoPA.

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What Is PagoPA For

  • The primary purpose of this system is to simplify and improve all payment services aimed at the Public Administration, thus involving: Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, publicly owned companies, schools, universities, ASL, INPS, Revenue Agency, and ACI.
  • The focus of the discussion is to ensure immediate transactions that can be carried out with maximum security, going to streamline the system and make operations much more accessible and manageable at any time.
  • We can therefore define pagoPA as a “payment method” that makes communications to the Public Administration and the various accredited bodies more accessible.

What Can You Pay For, And How Does PagoPA Works

  • With this service developed by AgID, it is possible to pay for various utilities such as gas, water, and electricity but not only. Through pagoPA, you will also have all the taxes of the Miur available; therefore, the user can also pay the taxes of schools and universities. The car tax, health tickets, and all those due to the Public Administration or those entities that have joined the service.
  • To make a payment, no unique login or authentication credentials are required, but activation of this service is sufficient. All the user will need is a valid email address and, in the case of payments through a bank or specific sites, the data to access their account.
  • Moreover, if the user has a paper payment slip, he can use the application of the entity to which to pay the taxes simply by scanning the QR code on the label; alternatively, you can go to one of the points of sale that adhere to the pagoPA service and make the payment through them.

PagoPA Via App IO

  • The pagoPA service is already integrated into IO, the application designed for public services, imagined as the “main entrance” to interact and safely with local and national Public Administrations.
  • The App is free on Android and iOS and allows access to the services offered through SPID credentials.
  • Once installed and after logging in, each user will receive a notification when the PA issues a new payment notice.
  • By clicking on the notification, it will be possible to proceed with the tax balance by manually entering the data or framing the QR Code and bulletin with the smartphone camera. To confirm the payment, you must indicate your bank details and confirm the transaction quickly and easily.
  • Also, from the IO App, it will be possible to access payment receipts to keep track of the operations carried out.

PagoPA Via Internet Banking

  • Paying bills and taxes through the bank is perhaps one of the best ways to take advantage of pagoPA online.
  • Therefore, home banking is the fastest solution that allows users to make payments from the comfort of their homes, computers, or with the bank’s App. It is necessary to have the payment slip and the credentials to access the site and enable online payments.
  • The operations take place through CBILL, allowing you to make online transactions intuitively, paying all the above taxes. This system is already included in the platforms dedicated to internet banking in our country and can be used without requiring additional services.
  • Simply clicking on the reference section is necessary to enter all the data on the bulletin, and the system will automatically fill in all the payment information. A fast and safe way to pay most of your bills without queueing at the various branches.
  • The exciting feature of CBILL is that the system includes many checks to avoid double payments of the same user and the automatic calculation of any changes on the bill. 

Use PagoPA Via ATM Or Branch Counter

  • For those who prefer to pay their bills physically, the pagoPA service can also be used through the ATM or bank branch, relying on the operator’s help.
  • In this way, in addition to the payment slip, you will also need an account in the bank you are going to.
  • Once you have inserted your card inside the ATM, you will need to click on the item Top-ups, payments, and other operations; here, you will need to select the CBILL, pagoPA option and proceed with the new price. Also, in this case, the procedure is quite intuitive and will allow you to pay various bills in a few minutes.
  • Similarly, going to the bank branch is another of the solutions offered by the service, in this case also obtaining help from the operator in case of difficulty. Choosing this payment method will be sufficient to deliver the bulletin to the person in charge and decide whether to pay by cash or debit the current account. 

How To Pay With PagoPA Online

  • As an alternative to home banking, it is possible to pay online via the official pagoPA website or the pages of the Public Administration or the various creditors. 
  • In this case, the services offered and the payment methods change according to the users; for example, in many Italian municipalities, making different types of payments is possible, but each reality has its own website and a relative path for the procedure.
  • Differences aside, it is essential to remember that all prices via pagoPA online are marked with a sticker with the service logo; where this symbol appears, the reference body is accredited to use this system.
  • Another critical example is universities or registration fees for professional associations. In both cases, it is possible to connect to the official website of the institution to which the payment is to be made and follow the procedure reported, which, generally, is very similar to that of home banking. All these services are (very often) integrated into the official pages of your bank, and it is, therefore, possible to make payments directly from the platform and without visiting external sites, except for some exceptional cases. 

How To Pay With PagoPA With Satispay

  • Even with  Satispay, it is possible to pay pagoPA bills. First, you need to download the application from your reference store and configure it correctly, creating your account and entering your current account number.
  • In the Profile section, you can change the amount available weekly for the application by pressing the Set budget buttons. By doing so, you will always have sufficient funds for the various tasks and not risk leaving the account uncovered and the related unpaid bills.
  • A further suggestion is to create a Piggy Bank where you can set aside (consistently every week) a small amount to accumulate in your account. This is also a way to have a higher budget and never get caught.
  •  As soon as the balance in the application is sufficient to cover the amount of the pagoPA bulletin, all that remains is to click on the options and reach the Services and pagoPA section. Here all that remains is to frame the QR Code of the bulletin with the camera and proceed with the payment. Alternatively, you can manually enter the various fields and send the price.
  • In the profile section of Satispay, you will always have the history of all available payments. By clicking on the various operations, it will be possible to download the receipt quickly.
  • For all information, you can consult the official website or contact the official customer service directly.

How To Pay With PagoPA With EasyPol

  • Even with EasyPol, it is possible to make payments to one of the over 20 thousand local and national authorities that have joined the pagoPA circuit.
  • This application is accessible for Android and iOS and can be downloaded from your reference store. Accessing it is extremely simple, and no registration or use of SPID will be required. However, it is always advisable to register for the service to manage payments and information quickly and easily from your smartphone. 
  • After downloading EasyPol, the user can create his account and verify his identity through the link sent by email. Once the configuration operations have been completed, you can access the App and select Pay now a notice to start the payment procedures. As already mentioned, it is also possible to make a payment without registration; to do so, click on the relevant button.
  • To carry out an operation via pagoPA, frame the QR Code with the smartphone camera or manually enter all the data on the bulletin. If the payment notification arrives in PDF, it is possible to directly upload the file to the application, so it acquires all the data automatically.
  • Once the payment method has been selected, all that remains is to conclude the operations and finish with the balance in question. The Receipts of all transactions made are available in the Paid Notices section, and, again, on this tab, you can enter a reminder to make the payment later.
  • Finally, it is possible to pay with EasyPol through the official website, which can be reached from various internet browsers. This works identically for the application and guarantees fast and secure access and payments. 
  • For further information, doubts, or any indication regarding the payment channels or the functioning of the service, it is advisable to contact the official assistance center, which will answer any questions.

PagoPa: Benefits For Citizens, Public Administrations, And Paid Service Providers

The most immediate benefit is a multi-channel approach and strong independence from individual entities; this service can guarantee a great variety of payment methods and instruments without burdening additional commissions and expenses.

In a nutshell, pagoPA makes the payment of taxes more homogeneous, starting from the user experience and the needs that the citizen or the Public Administration may have specifically. And it is precisely in terms of user experience that the platform makes the difference, guaranteeing a simple and highly intuitive operation.

Moreover, it also guarantees many other parallel functions designed to make tax management even more streamlined and efficient. Among the additional services, we find a free consultation of one’s debt position that is constantly updated, the issuance of immediate receipts, the automatic calculation of any added taxes, and a series of digital notices designed to keep the user updated on his movements.

A revolution in terms of efficiency and payment management, with evident benefits both for users and the institution that must collect the payment, guarantees greater compliance with deadlines and always regular payments.

Even in terms of sustainability, choosing pagoPA is the ideal solution because it guarantees a less impactful use of resources. By taking advantage of this system, first of all, paper and ink consumption is limited, leading to considerable economic savings. Moreover, choosing home banking will also limit users’ movements who can take care of all these tasks while remaining comfortably at home. If adopted by everyone, two fundamental elements in the race for sustainability could make a difference and allow individual citizens and businesses to burden the environment in a less overwhelming way.

In terms of security, pagoPA guarantees safe and continuously verified transactions. By concentrating all payment methods on a single platform, the system ensures reliability, strict controls, and clear communications so that the user and the entity that must collect the payment are always protected.

This solution can be considered far removed from online fraud and any scam, as it is entirely automated, with all operations recorded through unique codes.

On the other hand, as regards Paid Service Providers, pagoPA allows simplified access to all payments for public services, guaranteeing users complete control and full compatibility with all entities that adhere to the platform.

Moreover, it is also a way to make the various payment methods known by inserting them into a single platform and leaving citizens completely free to choose which one to use.

The system guarantees the expansion of users and improved transaction management towards Public Administrations, with a much more intuitive user experience and much lower costs.

PagoPA: Secure Payments At Any Time

Still, on security, it is worth spending a few more words on the service and why it can be considered the solution for payments.

As we know, the same system allows you to pay quickly and intuitively, excluding the usual payment methods in cash.

The great innovation of pagoda lies in the fact that the system generates identification codes for each payment to always guarantee safe and transparent transactions for taxpayers and the entities that receive the money.

Among the most important functions is also the one concerning the cost of any transaction that the user will know in advance before execution. Furthermore, at the end of the operations, an electronic payment receipt will always be sent to have all the necessary documentation available.

Pagosa is also attentive to the privacy of its users: the system and all payment service providers comply with European standards on personal data, always guaranteeing the protection of sensitive information of consumers and companies that choose this system.

Another non-negligible safety detail is the digital drawer. With a very similar operation to that used for storing electronic invoices, pagoPA also has a digital archive that contains a copy of all documents concerning the citizen or the company.

In this way, not only will all communications and digital payments be kept safe, but it will also be easier for the Public Administration to access and verify these materials.

The purpose of the digital drawer is to simplify document management further, allowing users to search and reconstruct any document inserted within the system. Enclosing all communications between citizens and the Public Administration in a single “container” is also a way to streamline relations between these two subjects, avoiding loss, theft of information, and any “misunderstanding.”

In the digital drawer, PagoPA will also be inserted and stored by the provisions of the law, all the documentation produced by public bodies, and communications of any kind addressed to the citizen, including notifications and notices of any kind.

With this solution, the Public Administration has anticipated the digitization process we are all witnessing, guaranteeing a safe and efficient archiving service.

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