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Online Store Of Electronics Chains: How Do They Work?

The trade-in products have radically changed in the last year due to the most critical event that has closely affected us.

If only a year ago it was usual for the evaluation of the purchase of a smartphone, a television, a refrigerator, to go in person to the store even if only to realize “firsthand” the product we were about to buy, considering that they are often purchases of some economic importance since March 2021 everything has changed.

The often closed shopping centers, in addition to the fear of going in person to places where it is possible to get infected, have moved the trade of non-essential products online, and the large “physical” chains of household appliances have adapted to meet people, combining the convenience of online purchase to the concreteness of in-store purchase. But how have the major chains managed this change to meet the needs of buyers? We have analyzed the possibilities offered by essential appliance chains.


The Mediaworld chain offers two purchasing methods, including in-store pickup, which, in turn, can be done with two different options.

  • Home delivery is the standard delivery by courier, in which you order and pay directly online, with delivery (and possible installation) in the days following the purchase. Again, there are no shipping costs with this delivery method.
  • In-store collection with online payment is the method of booking and collection at the point of sale where payment is made online. In this case, it is necessary to go to the store directly to collect the product, which will remain available for a certain period. If then, we do not go to manage the return, it will be automatic, and it will therefore not be necessary to request a refund.
  • In-store collection with in-store payment is the method in which the product is booked and is scheduled for collection in the chosen store. When the product is available, we will be notified, and we will be able to find it, evaluate it, then decide whether to pay for it. If we change our minds, it will be enough not to pay and collect so that we will have no obligations towards the seller.


The possibilities made available by the Euronics chain are very similar to those of Mediaworld and are the following:

  • Home delivery takes place similarly to that made available by the previous chain, with the critical difference that, except for offers, the collection is not free. Still, there is a need to pay shipping costs. Expenses that vary between small and large appliances for delivery to the floor are still included, which avoids problems related to transport.
  • In-store collection with online payment is the method that allows you to go to the point of sale and collect the product directly; the operation is similar to the previous chain, with online product booking, payment, and availability for collection; the return, in case of non-collection, will be automatic.
  • In-store pickup with in-store payment is also similar in this case; once requested, a report of the availability in that store is sent, then a time window in which the withdrawal can be made. At this point, it remains only to go to the store to collect, and if we do not do it within the foreseen time, the product will automatically become non-withdrawable again.


Finally, the last appliance chain that offers this type of possibility is Comet, which allows you to choose between two options:

  • Home delivery is possible to have the product delivered directly to your home with your presence. However, in this case, the shipping costs vary according to the product’s weight. In this case, the purchase is made online, and the delivery arrives home.
  • On the other hand, in-store pickup is only possible with an online purchase, so you buy and then go to the store to pick it up. The withdrawal can be made a few hours after the order if the product is available in the chosen store. Otherwise, the timing in which it is possible to collect the product in person is indicated.

This is an overview of the offers of the big players, who compete online with giants of the caliber of Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress….

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