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Microsoft Teams: How It Works And How To Use It For Intelligent Working

A concise prologue to utilizing the fundamental elements of Microsoft Groups to build efficiency and work inside workgroups of different sizes. An incredible instrument for get-together material, trading thoughts, teaming up on drafting records and beginning video gatherings.

The idea of intelligent working can’t just be acclimatized into the term ” teleworking “; any other way, utilizing an English articulation could never have irritated me.

Brilliant working addresses a “difference in mindset” for experts and business pioneers, the ” reconsidering work exercises cleverly. With intelligent working, the organization’s association is assessed, and joint effort is fortified, regardless of where you work and the spaces you possess.

Microsoft Groups permits you to convey and continuously team up inside enormous workgroups.

Microsoft Groups clients can talk, settle on video decisions, utilize a specific measure of distributed storage space, and work together on drafting any Office report. Because of the “Covid crisis,” Microsoft has placed the stage’s most notable highlights in the possession, everything being equal, even those utilizing the free arrangement : Covid: Microsoft Groups in a high-level adaptation and free Google Meet—an “expanded preliminary” of Groups Premium that will most recent a half year.

The Microsoft Solution Can Be Considered A Container For All Company activities: group work is organized into topics, departments, and projects. The subdivision of the various activities is based on the so-called channels: within each, it is possible to exchange messages, create, upload, and share files, manage wikis, and add applications by connecting cloud services from Microsoft and third parties.

Within each channel, the “+” button at the top right allows you to add a new tab to make it easier for group members to access the most frequently used resources. You can insert links, in the form of cards, to spreadsheets, documents, notes, PDF files, document libraries, web pages, and applications. By clicking on File, documents can be uploaded from the local PC and shared with other team members, created from scratch and shared so that it is possible to work on them directly and simultaneously with multiple hands.

The chat box at the bottom instead allows you to chat with the entire team in text form, with the possibility of adding attachments, using emojis, and stickers, approving the goals or results obtained by other members, and, above all, clicking on the appropriate request icon and starting an instant meeting. Thus, participants can use a webcam and microphone to confront each other directly. In the free version, Microsoft Teams allows you to manage up to 300 user accounts, but with the Premium plan, you can reach 10,000 members.

Using the @ character within the chat, addressing a message to specific work team members is possible, immediately attracting their attention. Microsoft Teams is a cross-platform product: it can be used from a web browser (audio/video conversations work perfectly), but it is possible to access the platform and collaborate using the applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, And iOS. 

By clicking on Apps, a whole series of applications can be connected within the channels used by the team: in this way, information from entirely different sources is pooled. The various members can use it to complete a job or an activity. To start working, add new members to the team by clicking on the Add other people button and specify their email addresses.

These addresses do not have to be Microsoft: each invited user, however, will be encouraged to create a Microsoft account using his email address, regardless of the provider used. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the team participation link, but each user must create an account. The button immediately on the right allows you to create new channels to divide up work activities while clicking on the dots “…” at the top right. Then on the Manage channel, you can establish which users have the request to send their contributions and interact with the material posted by other members.

By clicking on the dots “…” to the right of the channel name, you can define the team members and their roles, intervene in the configuration of all the channels created, define the various authorizations for using the platform features, analyze the overall activity performed by the participants and interact with the apps gradually added. The bar at the top of the Microsoft Teams window lets you start a global search or activate operations quickly using special switches.

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