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Microsoft Designer And Image Creator, Tools That Exploit Artificial Intelligence

From the Redmond company, two new consumer tools exploit the artificial intelligence of DALL-E 2. How Microsoft Designer and Image Creator work

With the advent of DALL-E and open-source alternatives such as Stable Diffusion, AI-based software that generates realistic images and drawings in real-time from textual input have gained tremendous popularity. 

Microsoft, collaborating with OpenAI since 2019 to responsibly develop the latest AI technologies, has decided to invest in DALL-E 2, the new machine learning software developed by Elon Musk’s research laboratory, bringing it to proprietary apps and services.

During the Ignite conference, the Redmond-based company announced two new consumer tools that take advantage of the artificial intelligence of DALL-E 2. Microsoft Designer allows you to design any graphic content from scratch, while Image Creator enables you to create images that don’t exist.

DALL-E Is Within Everyone’s Reach With Microsoft Tools

With the mission of bringing OpenAI technology to a broader audience, Microsoft launched a free preview of Designer: similar to the famous graphics app Canva; it can generate any digital project, from flyers to posts for social networks, offering predefined templates. Easy to edit.

The Designer leverages user-created content and DALL-E 2 to design designs, with drop-down menus and text boxes for further customization. The final version will be accessible to everyone, but to take advantage of the more advanced features, you need a subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal or Family. Some free features will be available to non-subscribers. It will be integrated into Microsoft Edge in the future.

The two apps are within everyone’s reach: describing the desired image, the tool will show “something unique.”

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Another Microsoft-developed app supported by DALL-E 2 is Image Creator. Accessible via the Bing Images tab or bing.com/create or the Image Creator icon in the Edge sidebar, it generates images from the user’s textual instructions.

It routes requests to DALL-E 2, acting as a front-end client. Unlike Designer, Image Creator in Bing and Edge will be completely free (initially, only in some geographic regions), but to prevent potential abuse, Microsoft invites a “measured approach.”

Microsoft’s Commitment To Responsible AI

As is known, AI could generate deep fakes and violent content and return inappropriate images by capturing the prejudices in the millions of pictures on the web used to train algorithms.

OpenAI removed explicit sexual and violent content from the dataset for DALL-E 2. Microsoft has taken steps such as deploying filters to limit the generation of content-violating images and additional blocking of queries on specific topics. Users must agree to the terms of use and content policy to use Designer and Image Creator.

If the user repeatedly violates the content policies, they will be banned but can appeal.

In the face of recent copyright legal issues, Microsoft users will have “full” usage rights to market images created with Designer and Image Creator. Like OpenAI, Microsoft will not claim ownership of any prompts, captions, creations, or other content that users post.

Unlike hosts like Getty Images, which banned the uploading and sale of illustrations generated with DALL-E 2, citing fair use concerns on educational datasets with copyrighted images.

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