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Learning Technology And The Future Prospects Of Artificial Intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence Learning Technology?

Machine Learning Is Essential For Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is a technology in which computers learn rules and patterns based on vast amounts of data and perform identification and prediction. There are five machine learning methods: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, deep reinforcement learning, and semi-supervised learning.

  • Supervised learning: A method of preparing correct data and learning the characteristics and rules of the input data to produce correct output.
  • Unsupervised learning: A method of learning and analyzing the features and rules of input data without correct data
  • Reinforcement learning: In a system that consists of two elements, an “environment” and an “agent,” a method of making the “agent” learn to behave best in the “environment.”
  • Deep reinforcement learning: A method that combines deep learning and reinforcement learning
  • Semi-supervised learning: a learning method given a small amount of labelled data and a large amount of unlabeled data

What Are Neural Networks And Deep Learning

Deep learning is one of the things machine learning can do. To perform highly accurate analysis, deep learning is constructed using human brain cells “neurons” as models. It is commonly called a “neural network”.

 The structure of a neural network consists of an input layer, a hidden layer, and an output layer composed of nodes (knots), and the nodes of each layer are connected by edges. Advanced analysis and recognition based on this neural network are called deep learning.

Future Prospects Of Artificial Intelligence Technology

So far, I have explained the learning technology of artificial intelligence. Next, we will consider the future prospects of artificial intelligence technology.

High-Performance Computers Appear

It is believed that high-performance quantum computers that can perform complex calculations that conventional computers cannot solve will appear. In fact, in 2019, Google succeeded in a demonstration experiment that solved a calculation problem that took 10,000 years on a supercomputer in just 3 minutes and 20 seconds. 

In the future, further improvements in processing performance can be expected as research on quantum computers progresses, and they are put to practical use.

Further Evolution Of Machine Learning And Deep Learning

Machine learning and deep learning technologies are expected to continue to advance. On the other hand, it is also true that there is a need for ethical regulation of science and technology.

 In January 2017, the  Asilomar conference held in California, USA, adopted guidelines on artificial intelligence. This guideline summarizes the basic ideas for developing artificial intelligence into 23 principles. Although this principle is not enforceable, this principle can say that it is essential not only to pursue technological progress but also morals and ethics at the same time.

Combining Artificial Intelligence With Other Technologies

It is believed that the fusion of artificial intelligence and other technologies will enable us to receive various benefits and benefits. For example, AI x IoT in the medical and nursing fields can observe real-time physiological measurement data of home care patients, which helps prevent aggravation. It will also help eliminate the growing regional disparities in medical care.

The fusion of AI and agriculture will realize smart agriculture. If AI is introduced to agricultural sites that rely on experts’ intuition, it can be expected to save labour, reduce the workload, and solve the labour shortage.

AI x disaster prevention/mitigation has developed a disaster prediction system that collects information using artificial satellites. When such technology is put into practical use, it will help to minimize the damage caused by disasters, such as issuing an advance notice of evacuation to people in areas where the probability of a disaster is high.

In the construction industry, robots and AI enable large-scale construction and restoration work in the event of a disaster to be carried out efficiently without entering hazardous areas and to ensure safety.

As the number of older people increases, the shortage of human resources for medical and nursing care is urgent.

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