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IPhone 14: Essential Accessories For Your Smartphone

It’s been close to 30 days since the iPhone 14 was delivered in France to the enjoyment of Apple junkies! Succeeding the iPhone 13, the last option is accessible in 4 forms: the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Or more, the iPhone 14 Ace, and the iPhone 14 Master Max.

Assuming you fell for one of them, you most likely need to carry a few accomplices to partake in this little jewel of innovation (and safeguard it). This article presents the best extras for iPhone 14 and its various varieties!

The Best IPhone 14 Accessories

One of the accomplishments of the apple brand is to have had the option to make a real environment of items that are viable with one another. Coherently, different brands have ridden in its prosperity by offering adornments viable with Apple gadgets. Here is our choice of the best chargers, links, covers, and embellishments for iPhone 14.

MagSafe External Battery

MagSafe is an innovation created by Apple involving attraction for remote charging the brand’s gadgets. Like the iPhone 13 preceding, the iPhone 14 is outfitted with this innovation. Subsequently, the MagSafe external battery is connected to the cell phone’s rear to broaden its independence.

The last option could build the limit of the inside battery by 60%, as indicated by the maker. True, it not the slightest bit impedes cell phone use and stays considerably more watchful than a good wired outside battery

Since iPhones are frequently scrutinized for their low independence, the MagSafe external battery conquers this deformity without influencing the client experience. Count overall similar 119 euros for the outer battery MagSafe stepped Apple. Other substantially less costly models exist on Belkin or Anker, for instance.

MagSafe Charger

Regardless of whether you like the Apple brand, you should perceive that MagSafe innovation is still exceptionally viable! Other contending brands have likewise duplicated it. A huge number of viable items, including the MagSafe charger. The last option connects to the rear of the iPhone 14 to give it 15W of full-power charging.

Tragically, it doesn’t accompany a power supply; this part should be bought independently. Different producers like Belkin, Anker, or HaloLock additionally offer chargers viable with MagSafe, here and there more ergonomic and reasonably than Apple’s. Then again, the last option’s power frequently finishes at 7.5 W. The decision is yours!

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MagSafe Case

As you will have understood, MagSafe accessories are now inseparable from the iPhone. However, to benefit from wireless charging, it is necessary to have a compatible cover. Indeed, many iPhone cases, as aesthetic as they are, are incompatible with MagSafe technology. 

That’s not the case with Apple’s iPhone 14 case. This comes in several versions (plastic, leather, silicone, etc.). In addition, brands specializing in smartphone protection, such as Rhinoshield, offer robust and compatible covers. If you plan to use a MagSafe accessory for your iPhone 14, you will also need to invest in a magnetic case.

AX Adapter For IPhone 14

This accessory should be the first to add to the basket when buying your iPhone 14. Indeed, the latest from Apple does not come with a power supply but only with a USB cable. Nothing surprising at this level since the complete charger is no longer supplied since the iPhone 12. However, after paying nearly 1200 €, one would expect Apple to be a little less stingy.

That said, if you already have an iPhone 12 or 13 in your possession, you should not have to buy a charger. Otherwise, to benefit from fast charging, you must equip yourself with a charger of at least 20 W compatible with the PPS standard (fast charging standard for the latest smartphones). It should also be noted that the power supply must be of the USB C type.

Lighting Cable

At first glance, this accessory is not essential since it comes with the iPhone 14. However, the lighting cable supplied by default is only one meter long; it’s far too short for ordinary mortals!

Therefore, we recommend that you invest in a longer cable to be unrestricted at this level. 

You can also choose a cable with a reinforced sheath (braided nylon, for example) to guarantee its longevity. It is also important that the latter be reinforced at the level of the connector, this part always being the first to suffer the ravages of time. Once it is not custom, you will find your happiness at Anker, Belkin, or Nomad.

Tempered Glass Protective Screen

If you cannot keep a screen intact for more than a week, you should opt for a tempered glass screen protector in the dimensions of your iPhone 14. Moreover, this recommendation remains valid even if you are careful, given the device’s price.  After all, an accident happened quickly…

Like the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 is protected by a “Ceramic Shield” mineral glass. However, this default protection will be ineffective in the event of a fall or impact. Thus, we strongly recommend the addition of additional tempered glass protection.

Note that Apple does not sell an official screen protector for the iPhone 14. You will therefore have to refer to third-party manufacturers such as Belkin (them again!), Otterbox, or Spigen. Also, be sure to choose protection with the correct dimensions, as these differ depending on the model (the “Plus” version of the iPhone 14 being slightly larger than the “Pro” and “Pro Max” versions).

Bonus: MagSafe Charging Station

If you’re a true fan of the Apple brand, you probably own an iPad, a pair of Airpods, and an Apple Watch. In this case, you can opt for MagSafe support allowing you to recharge all of your devices at the same time. Admittedly, this is more of a gadget than an essential accessory. That said, this investment is worth thinking twice about if you use your iPhone daily, along with your wireless headphones and smartwatch. 

The Belkin and Otterbox brands offer MagSafe 3-in-1 charging stations at rather affordable prices. Take a look! You are now well-equipped and ready to make the most of your iPhone 14! This article will help you find the accessories you have been missing. The comment space is open to you if you see other devices that deserve to be presented here.

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