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Introduction Of Sales Promotion Campaign Examples! Will This Campaign Workout?

How much do you know about promotional campaigns? Introduction Of Sales Promotion Campaign Examples!

I’m sure some of you have had the experience of watching TV commercials or magazine commercials and thinking, “This is interesting!”

Promotional campaigns, if successful, can impress the general public with your product or service and produce a very high sales promotion effect. Depending on the idea, it is also possible to make a difference to other companies.

This time, we will introduce the sales promotion campaign’s purpose, types, success stories, and sales plans.

What Is A Promotional Campaign

What is a promotional campaign?

We will introduce you to the diverse forms, purposes, and effects.

Variety of Promotional Campaign Formats

A promotional campaign must present some benefit to the customer.

But people get bored easily, and traditional incentives won’t get the attention of today’s smart consumers. It is common knowledge among practitioners.

As a result, each company comes up with different ideas.

In addition, the spread of the Internet, smartphones, and SNS has also influenced various forms of sales promotion campaigns.

Purpose Of The Promotional Campaign

The promotional campaign has five objectives:

  • Increase sales
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Communication of product features
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Acquisition of repeat customers

What makes a promotional campaign effective?

A successful promotional campaign is one that efficiently achieves its objectives. It is important to utilize various marketing techniques and narrow down the delivery target of the campaign.

If you try to capture the hearts and minds of all people without narrowing down your target, you will have to allocate resources to target groups with low potential customers, which will be inefficient.

There are various marketing methods, but the representative one is the “email magazine.”

We will distribute an email magazine only to those who have responded and conduct a sensitivity survey. As a result, it is a method of distributing campaign information emails individually to those with a high favorable rating.

Another standard method is automatically sending emails with campaign information to those requesting product materials.

Successful Promotional Campaigns

Look at six of the world’s most acclaimed examples of successful promotional campaigns.

“Follower Limited Sale”

One of the keys to success in any promotional campaign is narrow delivery targeting.

In that respect, using SNS to guide followers, such as Twitter, is very efficient.

“Geo-Targeting” Using Location Information

A method called “geo- targeting” using location information services such as GPS functions is also very efficient and effective. Specifically, campaign information is distributed to prospective customers passing by the store.

The biggest feature is that you can arbitrarily create a psychological state such as “When should you buy?”

Posting With Tags On SNS

For example, on SNS, there is also a method of presenting a large number of shopping coupons by lottery only to those who post with tags specified by the host company.

It is a promotion aimed at becoming a hot topic on SNS by having people tag and post gifts. Also, even if there is no gift plan, if it becomes a hot topic on SNS, the name recognition will increase, increasing sales.

Collaboration Project

It is also effective to sell limited-time collaboration products with popular characters that have become a hot topic worldwide.

Also, it effectively produces a premium feel by making it a limited time.

Purchasing A Certain Number Of Products X Presents

It is also highly effective to purchase certain products, collect stickers, etc., and apply to receive gifts.

If you apply and go to the lottery, your motivation to purchase the product will decrease a little, so you must always get it.

Of course, cost-effectiveness must be carefully calculated, but promotions that involve many consumers can be expected to have advertising effects.

Ideas Are Limitless! A Global Unique Promotional Promotion

There are many other special promotional promotions in the world.

For example, the promotion of Triumph, which sells luxury women’s underwear, is one of the most unique and successful examples. A project in which a woman “begs” her boyfriend, husband, or mistress.

One day, out of the blue, he receives an e-mail asking for high-end underwear from a woman he likes, and if the man presses the purchase button in the e-mail, he can give her a present.

A promotion cleverly uses the psychology of men and women to win the idea that men can’t refuse a woman’s begging!

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Planning A Sales Promotion Campaign That Sells

We will introduce four methods of planning a sales promotion campaign that sells products.

Enclose Customers With Institutional Methods

The system method is a method that uses communication with consumers to retain customers and continuously provide benefits.

For example, discounts on rainy days or specific days or sales for Twitter or Line followers.

Increased Willingness To Purchase With The Premium Method

The premium method is a method that uses lotteries and gift distribution to increase consumer willingness to buy.

A pattern presents to all applicants by purchasing a certain product, and a pattern prepares a premium prize for those who win the lottery.

In the latter case, the chances of winning the lottery are increased, so you can purchase the product many times, which will increase sales.

Trial Methods Using Sampling And Monitoring

The trial method is the traditional method of getting prospective customers to use sampling and monitoring to increase their willingness to buy.

Using it for a little while will make it easier for them to have the intention to continue using it.

Price Method That Makes Full Use Of Product Discounts

The price method is a simple discount method that consumers often see, such as time sales, discount coupons, and one free with multiple purchases.

“Free” and “cheap” are keywords that everyone likes.

When you see a product marked as “advertised” at a discounted price at a supermarket, you may buy it. It is a method with such a mind.


So far, we have introduced the purpose and types of sales promotion campaigns, success stories, and sales plans.

It can be said that the royal road method is to understand the target psychology through thorough marketing and to incorporate strategies that lead to sales promotion using various methods.

The important thing is how to show new differentiation from rival products.

Recently, IT technology has progressed, and with the spread of SNS, many new projects are coming out depending on the idea. First of all, let’s repeat the process of steadily grasping the distribution target of the campaign, narrowing it down, and approaching it.

And I hope that you will use this article as a reference to create a sales promotion campaign that can appeal to your company.

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