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Instagram Reel, What’s The Future For Companies

Among the most promising formats for corporate communication, Instagram Reels allow you to show a more intimate and fun side of the business.

Instagram is often the first social media company that wants to increase or start its presence on social media. With more than 1074 billion active users on the platform every month, Meta’s proprietary application is a place where you can significantly expand your influence basin.

Thanks to the different contents available on the platform, Instagram allows its users to choose the format they like most and vary the type based on the content it wants to offer. Users can thus range between the photos published on their feed, videos, and stories. Among these, the format that has been most successful among the public is the Instagram Reel, a short video resembling TikTok.

The rivalry between the two social networks becomes increasingly close as they challenge each other with new features. Both platforms allow you to insert special effects, speed up or slow down the video speed, set a timer, or add audio.

The Reels can be shared both in the feed and in their Stories, thus allowing their followers to access this type of content differently. Although more and more companies are looking for a way to express themselves on TikTok, Instagram remains the first place as the most used social network to sponsor and make products known.

How To Make A Reel For The Company

To make a Reel, go to your Instagram homepage and click on the icon with the + symbol at the top right. At this point, click on Reel again and shoot the video. 

If you want to change the default settings, select the parameters to change in the vertical menu on the right. For example, the duration of a Reel is usually set to 15 seconds. Still, it is possible to change it simply by clicking on the circle icon with the number 15 inside and selecting the duration of your Reel, choosing between 15, 30, 60, or 90 seconds.

Instagram allows users to apply many other filters and effects, from music to layout. By selecting the first icon of the menu in the shape of a musical note, you can search for a piece of music in the platform library.

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By clicking on the stars, however, you access many effects divided by category, from those saved to those designed specifically for the appearance of the content.

By choosing the 1X icon, you can change the speed of the Reel, doubling it and tripling it, or decreasing it. You can change the layout of the image by clicking on the square-shaped icon, while the clock, the last icon in the menu, allows you to select the duration of your clip. Once set, the Timer function allows the user to know the start of a recording thanks to a countdown.

The Contents Of The Reel

The Reel is just one of the many formats in which you can decline content on Instagram. What makes each Reel published on the platform unique is the content itself. Short videos are a type that gives the user excellent freedom of choice as regards the recording methods and the content of the Reel itself.

The companies that are most successful on the Meta platform try their hand at many different Reels, touching on the most exciting aspects for their target audience. For example, some companies decide to create short videos that become actual tutorials, where for example, they show how to use their products. Others choose a more private conversation mode and make mini-movies in which they dispense advice. 

If you decide instead to use the Reels more directly, you can choose to insert the customers themselves into the video, for example, through product reviews.

The Reels’ versatility and easy packaging allow users to use them for many different contents, from educational pills to funny sketches.

Whatever the format, all Reels must be authentic and original. Only in this way can the company stand out among all the other similar realities that compete within the market and on the platform. It is difficult for commercial-like Reels to be appreciated by the public, who instead seek a kind of collaboration from companies.

The Advantages Of Reels For Companies

By inserting the Reel into their communication and marketing strategy, users who have a company or want to sponsor it can create more creative and new content than their competitors. The Reel format allows you to give free rein to your creativity and renew your communication more and more.

Through videos, it is easier for companies to show a more human and personal side, that is, what is hidden behind selling only products or services.

Finally, if you choose the right content and package Reels consistent with your target, you can also strengthen your community.

When the company successfully exploits this means of communication, it can reach many people with only one medium, reducing the costs of a possible advertising campaign. Furthermore, if the Reel reflects the character and brand identity of the company, it attracts an audience more consistent with the company and in line with its values. New followers will have a higher chance of becoming potential customers. 

Each Reel inserted within a marketing strategy is a potential source of organic traffic for your channel, which saves money in sponsorship. If, on the other hand, you want to create an ads campaign, the Reels allow you to create fun and easily usable content by users, even in collaboration with influencers. Thanks to this synergy, the target audience is increased, incorporating the followers of the chosen influencer.

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