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Influencer Marketing On Tik Tok: Dynamics And Strategies

TikTok has now positioned itself as a channel that can make influencers and brands impact strongly. Knowing its dynamics is, therefore, essential to understanding how to design a winning influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing on TikTok stands out from other channels because Tik Tok is a platform that does not require specific skills. This channel is an entertainment space where anyone can become a creator or get involved through specific and spontaneous challenges.

Four key factors distinguish Tik Tok: 

  • Simple creativity allows anyone to create content with the tools in the app without the need for specific knowledge such as filters, music, etc.
  • Reliable authenticity is a fundamental element that often allows creators to be more successful and have greater credibility.
  • Short form through which it is possible to more easily maintain the element of authenticity, making it easier for everyone to make videos.
  • The challenge mechanism allows you to interact and feel part of a community through challenges.

The number of Tik Tok is constantly growing, as you can also discover from the Digital Report Global 2021 shared by We Is Social and Hootsuite, which makes this platform ideal for Influencer Marketing campaigns. 

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As shown by the Tik Tok infographic below and shared on the occasion of the platform’s first year, it is possible to see the numbers reached after just one year relating to the challenges activated, but also the thematic contents that recorded the best performances.

This information is also helpful as a starting point for brands to visualize the type of sectors that collect the most interest on the platform.

What Is Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new form of digital and content marketing which consists of identifying people (influencers) capable of influencing a target audience. 

Companies have found the figure of the influencer a perfect medium for sponsoring and sharing their products or services on social networks.

Today, influencer marketing is no longer used only to improve brand awareness but also to build reputation and community and achieve conversion. 

Another significant trend that can be found in the use of influencer marketing campaigns is also focused on the construction of the content required by the influencers who personally create the content for the brands, becoming their ambassadors. 

Therefore, we no longer speak only of product placement; influencer marketing represents a methodology for activating relationships.

Three Main Elements Characterize Influencer Marketing:

  • Identification, finding the most suitable influencers for our reality.
  • Focus on influential people, using the qualities that distinguish the subject to communicate with our targets
  • Autonomy lets the creator share the theme proposed by the brand, maintaining his style, approach, and background

Influencer Marketing On Tik Tok

In the scenario of marketing campaigns, the protagonist in Tik Tok is influencer marketing that continues to grow both in terms of use and satisfaction.

Some elements including: have characterized influencer marketing projects on Tik Tok in the last year

  • The increasing number of brands that promote it
  • the constantly growing dedicated budget
  • The transversality of the sectors that use it today sees fashion, beauty, sport, and gaming added to food and beverage.

How To Create An Influencer Marketing Project On Tik Tok

With influencer marketing on Tik Tok, companies can use the link between influencers and followers to advertise their brand, thus obtaining a wider sharing of content, aiming to transform followers into leads and obtain a more significant number of conversions.

Therefore, the influencer’s choice represents a critical phase and the basis of your project’s success.

The selected influencer must be in line with the brand to be advertised. For this choice to be made correctly, it is necessary to include an analytical approach as the basis of the selection.

As part of the selection of the creator, it is therefore necessary:

  • Use specific tools for influencer marketing.
  • Rely on tools for web listening
  • Evaluate not only influencers with a broader audience but also nano and micro-influencers

Going into the specifics of creating an influencer marketing project, the four main steps are as follows:

Set Goals And Create A Concept 

The concept establishes the type of activation that may or may not include using a filter for the creator, a challenge with dance, a video with superimposed texts, or others.

Identify The Most Suitable People For The Project

The correct choice of influencers most in line with the brand and suitable for the campaign that will be carried out is of fundamental importance.

Manage Collaboration

Through a brief sent to the creator, it will be possible to provide all the details of the collaboration that include indications on the times and ways to follow in creating the content

Measure The Results

Through specific tools, it is possible to observe the progress of the campaign and the objectives achieved.

The Concept

The concept in an influencer marketing project is fundamental because it is the basis for creating an activity that can enhance the qualities of influencers and generate an impact on users.

Originality and respect for the formats of the social platform are, in these cases, two essential characteristics of the concept that will be created.

For the project to be successful, it is essential to put the credibility of the creator first by designing an experience for the influencer that enhances his trust to favor the brand.

The Creators

The selection of the creator is a fundamental step that can be done in the best way through the same platform thanks to some tools, including:

  • the search engine (looking for hashtags and keywords)
  • the discover page (where you can find all the trends)
  • active challenges
  • the algorithm

Other practical methods for finding creators can be:

  • Community creators such as Buzzoole or Vidoser can be excellent support in the creator selection process through the proposal of briefs through the site
  • Specialized agencies, ideal for those without particular vertical knowledge
  • Specific tools such as Tik Tok creator marketplace, Social Data, Klear, and Buzzoole Discovery, although they do not have a low cost, can offer a general view of each creator regarding trends, demographic data of followers, reactions, etc.

Project Management

For optimal project management, there are three phases to pay attention to:

  • Contact, i.e., the phase through which the selected influencer is contacted
  • Influencer management phase in which the brief is sent, the necessary support is offered to the creator, the work is validated, and communication with the customer is maintained
  • Engagement, during which the relationship with the active creator is maintained by sending useful emails for notice of deadlines or other details relating to the collaboration


Measuring the results of influencer marketing is not easy. However, there are some KPIs that can help us to give a translation of the progress of our campaign on Tik Tok. 

Among the main KPIs to consider we find:

  • Views
  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Shares
  • Conversions
  • Sales


Doing Influencer Marketing on Tik Tok is not easy without specific knowledge that allows you to better manage the project through a preliminary analysis during the influencer selection and secondary research while measuring the results obtained from the campaign.

Fortunately, there are tools and strategies useful to simplify the work. And did you know the tools to do influencer marketing on Tik Tok? And what methods do you use?

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