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Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Project Management

Since 2021, Artificial Intelligence has taken over the management market and assists in decision-making and risk reduction. 

Read the article and understand the role of AI in project management.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is already a well-known concept in the technological sphere. Known as AI, “Artificial Intelligence”, AI can simulate the reasoning capacity of a human through computers.

In this environment, research gained strength in 1956, when computers began to test the abilities to perform complex activities and decision-making.

Since then, AI studies have intensified and become the subject of many stories. Several films treat AI as part of the future of humanity, but the concept has already been present in human beings’ daily lives for years.

An example of this is personal assistants for electronic devices and voice searches. These tools answer questions, schedule events, and only perform device functions with voice recognition.

In addition to the mobile devices and computer world, AI brings numerous new developments to project management. 

AI Types

As mentioned earlier, research on Artificial Intelligence has been developed since 1956. AI fulfils many societal roles and is set at more elaborate levels.

There are some models of Artificial Intelligence, such as:

Machine Learning

They are systems studied and created to be independent. They can think for themselves through conditioning. Finally, they are machines programmed to learn from mistakes and experiences.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is an algorithm. Like a human, this AI recognizes patterns, images and sounds through its neural network. The central concept is to recognize pictures and do searches through this recognition, and it is part of the machine learning process. 

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing aims to provide information for computers to understand how humans communicate increasingly. This area is the basis for deep and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence In Project Management

You’re curious to understand how Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged in project management.

AI is beneficial from planning to final decisions on a project. Risk-taking is much smaller, besides having the necessary instruments to detect errors in management processes.

AI increases the quality of results, mainly due to the ability to map and identify errors in advance. The smaller the mistakes, the greater the chances of the project having the expected result or beyond.

Another gain of the use of Artificial Intelligence is the process of automating everyday tasks. AI can automate notifications about project delays and costs, among other tasks.

Why is this interesting for project management? Each automated task saves time and workforce, generating more possibilities and improvements within the managed project.

AI Projects Demand Skilled Managers

Despite appearing to be a system that reduces labor, Artificial Intelligence, according to international studies, will generate more jobs related to project management. With this, managers will be essential for everything to flow with good results in adopting Artificial Intelligence.

This scenario can be seen through PMI’s Pulse of the Profession survey report from the Project Management Institute, in which 27% of respondents involved in this area said that AI is a process that attracts more project management jobs.

AI can quickly assess project delivery challenges and adjust methods, but for this to work, it is essential to bring the strategy to life through managers.

In the AI ​​Innovators: Cracking the Project Performance Code (2019 ) study, it was reported that over the next three years, design professionals expect overall AI usage to jump from 23% to 37%, while the majority of respondents (81% ) said in their organizations that most of the technologies in use are affected by AI.


Decision-making is a critical point in project management. Possibly, this action is a kick-off of all managerial planning.

Artificial Intelligence is a facilitator for making decisions, mainly due to suggestions and the ability to filter large volumes of data. This factor is interesting, as it helps the project manager to understand which decision will be the best for completing a given project.

AI is extremely interesting for balancing the outcomes of what is being managed, which optimizes time spent and facilitates the speed of a project.

How Do AI Machines Learn To Decide?

Machine learning systems are well suited for classification and probability. Some use historical data; other practical examples. These models must be trained and tested using accurate data; you must collect, transform and store data or consume data from internal or external APIs.

Tiny and low-complexity projects do not effectively show the benefits of AI, either because of the effort to acquire the data or because the project configuration is minimal and noticeable. The selection should be large and complex projects.

Despite the benefits, the humanized part of the management job is still sorely needed. Managing people, interacting with suppliers, dealing with deadlines, and empathizing with your workforce are socio-emotional skills that cannot be considered or understood through algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

In the article, we already talked about how human intelligence continues to play an essential role in management issues. However, in this environment, Artificial Intelligence is entirely rational when comparing both.

In this equation, the machines will individually and exclusively analyze what the algorithms are programmed with, and the results come from a series of calculations and information.

It is estimated that with the development of Artificial Intelligence technology, by 2045, the decision-making capacity of machines will be greater than that of human beings.

However, automation started long ago and is appearing more and more in our lives.

AI in project management means the knowledge and techniques of carrying out activities to achieve the established business objectives, whether related to the organization’s profit or the policies applied in the company’s day-to-day.

Technology helps a lot in numerous tasks, and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, companies increase their chances of better management.

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