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HP Wolf Security: What It Is, And Why It Is Useful For Businesses

HP Wolf Security is HP’s new program dedicated to endpoint device security and updates the HP Security program. Based on Zero Trust principles, where every network transaction must be authenticated before it can materialize, HP Wolf Security provides integrated, multi-layered protection – from hardware to operating system – to HP PCs and printers. Specifically, it reduces cyberattacks with self-healing firmware, in-memory breach detection, and threat isolation.

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HP Wolf Security: A Suite Of Solutions For Every Need

The new HP program dedicated to the security of endpoint devices is equipped with numerous features and solutions already integrated only on some HP PC models – available only with Windows 10, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 11 operating systems – ranging from managing particular IT security requests.

HP Sure Click

HP Sure Click is the HP Wolf Security feature that isolates applications, files, and web pages from malware by opening them in virtual machine ( VM) micro containers.

HP Sure Start

It allows the firmware to self-repair itself in case it is attacked by malware, causing it to reboot and creating a safe copy of the BIOS ( Basic input/output system ).

HP Sure Run

HP Sure Run helps keep basic security processes going, regardless of whether malware attempts to stop them.

HP Sure Sense

It is a protection framework because of Man-made brainpower and profound learning innovation that captures and kills malware and ransomware.

HP Sure View

This feature – to be configured at the time of purchase – protects sensitive information from prying eyes thanks to a simple button: essential for those who work in co-working or traveling spaces and not in offices or covered spaces (such as at home).

HP Sure Recover

HP Sure Recover allows you to automatically recover your operating system simply by connecting to a network without the need for IT support. However, it requires an open, wired network connection, is not available on platforms with multiple internal storage drives, and does not support platforms with Intel® Optane ™.

HP Sure Admin

Create a digital signature that allows IT administrators to manage BIOS settings across the network securely. To work at its best, however, it requires the HP BIOS, HP Manageability Integration Kit, and the HP Sure Admin Local Access Authenticator smartphone application, downloadable from Google Play for Android smartphones or from the Apple Store for iOS systems.

HP Endpoint Security Controller

It permits you to recuperate your PC after an assault thanks to a detached chip that goes about as a control place to screen weaknesses.

Why Is It Useful For Companies?

Since the pandemic’s start, the frequency of cyber attacks on PCs has increased by 400%, which is why HP has developed a range of workstations and business PCs with hardware-based security features. HP Wolf Pro Security offers powerful software and optional services to thwart aggressive cyber attacks.

It is, therefore, ideal for all companies with overloaded IT teams or without dedicated IT resources. HP Wolf Enterprise Security, on the other hand, can eliminate high-risk threat vectors and vulnerabilities in large enterprises and government agencies. These features are available for HP PCs but can also be installed on PCs from other brands. Whether companies manage HP security services on their own or have HP work on these services, HP Wolf Security offers powerful analytics tools to support them.

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