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How YouTube Analytics Works

To access YouTube Analytics, you must open YouTube Studio: a free tool available to all who have a channel.

Almost twenty years after its foundation, YouTube continues to be one of the most visited websites ever: according to the Alexa rankings, only Google, which has been the owner of YouTube since October 2006. 

YouTube is a platform that allows you to share multimedia content for the pure pleasure of doing so and for professional reasons. The creators and, more generally, those who work with videos often use the so-called Youtube Analytics. 

At this point, the question is more than legitimate: what are they, and where do I find these YouTube Analytics? These are information, metrics, and reports related to videos and online channels: data that help users understand the progress of their content and increase their performance in detail.

To access YouTube Analytics, you must first open the YouTube Studio dashboard, a free program designed to help users at 360 °. In fact, within YouTube Studio, it is possible to find lots of info designed to improve the management of a channel: from copyright-themed advice to instructions for creating subtitles. 

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To enter into the merits of the metrics, once you have opened YouTube Studio, you must select the “Analytics” item. From here, it is advisable to click on Advanced mode: this way, the available data will be much more in-depth and detailed. 

What Is YouTube Analytics, And Where Do I Find It

YouTube Analytics are information available to users: data, numbers, and metrics that allow you to better understand the performance of the videos uploaded to the platform. 

To view them, refer to YouTube Studio: a free tool designed to help creators develop increasingly valuable and performing content. The YouTube Studio suite contains much different information: ranging from layout suggestions for your channel to collections of copyright-free audio tracks. From the data relating to your profile to the actual YouTube Analytics. 

To open YouTube Studio, log into the multimedia content-sharing platform with your profile. Then click on its icon in the upper right of the screen (for the desktop version). From here, you have to select the “YouTube Studio” item. 

To access YouTube Analytics, you need to go through the YouTube Studio dashboard and click on “Analytics.”

YouTube Studio presents itself first through a dashboard that offers the first indications regarding the performance of its content. The priority is generally given to the version of the most recent video uploaded by the user and a series of summary information related to the channel. 

In the desktop version of YouTube Studio, a vertical column on the screen’s left side allows you to access different sections. Under the heading “Dashboard,” we find “Contents, “Playlists, “but also “Subtitles, “Audio library, “Settings,” and “Copyright. “

The various items mentioned above allow you to view the information present within YouTube Studio, which was discussed previously. Click on the “Analytics” thing to access the actual YouTube Analytics.

The channel analysis is, in turn, divided into subcategories, visible at the top of the screen: “Overview,” “Contents,” “Public,” and “Search.” The cross-checking of the metrics present on the different pages allows almost total control of the performance of your videos.

How To Read YouTube Analytics

The metrics available through YouTube Analytics don’t just serve to make users more aware of their results. The reports, if analyzed correctly, provide beneficial information for your channel’s growth: views and subscribers. 

YouTube Studio and YouTube Analytics are two almost essential tools for anyone willing to turn the creation of multimedia content into a job. Tools necessary both for creators and those who want to exploit the platform’s potential from a marketing point of view. 

To start viewing this data, you need to enter the “Analytics” section of YouTube Studio and choose one of the categories mentioned in the previous paragraphs: “Overview,” “Content,” “Public,” or “Search.” 

It is also advisable to click on the item “Advanced mode, “located in the upper right part of the screen (desktop version): in this way, the available data will be much more detailed, and it will be possible to view different metrics related to every single video uploaded. 

The Advanced Mode of Youtube Analytics allows you to enter the details of the information and metrics available to the user.

YouTube Analytics allows you to download reports by filtering only the most exciting information. For example, the user can opt for data relating to the origin of the traffic rather than for those dedicated to the gender and age of those who view the content. 

You can learn more about the keywords that led Internet users to access the channel (a figure that varies according to the origin of the traffic). In the same way, it is possible to view specific metrics dedicated to the average viewing duration: valuable data for making decisions about the length of the following videos in the pipeline.

But not only. By clicking on the item “Compare with, “the favorite metrics can be compared with those that characterize the channel or video in a previous historical moment. In this way, the user can make direct comparisons, which helps understand how and how much the visibility of their content is growing.

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