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How To Share The Hotspot Connection With Other Users

What is a hotspot, and how can a smartphone be used to share the internet connection? The complete guide to using this feature

Using your smartphone as a hotspot is a simple and secure way to share your internet connection with other people. With a few simple steps, you can turn your phone into a Wi-Fi router and surf the net with any other device that does not have its data.

Smartphones Used As Hotspots: What Is There To Know?

Any modern mobile phone has already integrated the hotspot mode inside it, and through a few simple configurations, it can be used easily to share the connection. In our country, the Tethering function is included in most of the rates; generally speaking of free service, it is always good to check your telephone plan to avoid additional connection costs being charged.

As for navigation, speed depends on the reception of the signal and the rate guaranteed by the telephone operator. The Tethering function is free in Italy, but it is always advisable to check your tariff plan to avoid additional connection costs.

At the moment, most mid-range devices can count on a 4G connection with a speed of around 40Mbs; in larger cities and through newer devices, it is possible to harness the power of 5G, which guarantees a much higher speed. Even in this case, it is necessary to check your tariff plan and verify that the operator guarantees this type of connection.

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How To Activate The Hotspot On Android Devices

In the case of a smartphone with Android, it is necessary to go to the settings menu to activate the Wi-Fi hotspot. From here, you have to move to the connections area and click on the words “Personal Hotspot,” “Wi-Fi Router,” or “Tethering”; the name may change depending on the version of the operating system or device.

You need to activate the hotspot in this tab and proceed with the configuration. You must first set the password from the configuration menu to allow the various devices to access the network and the phone’s visibility. It is advisable to change the hotspot’s name to make it recognizable.

Now all that remains is to take the device you want to access the Internet, activate Wi-Fi, click on the name of the smartphone used as a router, and enter the password. Once you have configured your device, you can start the phone notifications menu function.

How To Activate The Hotspot On iOS Devices

To use a device with iOS as a hotspot, you need to go to the settings and click on “Personal Hotspot. ” Here, you have to click on the item “Allow others to access “and follow the instructions on the smartphone to share the connection.

As in the case of Android, you will need to configure the hotspot by setting a password to allow others to connect to the device. Even for devices with iOS, after configuration, you can activate the function from the notifications menu.

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