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How To Improve Your Company’s Wi-Fi Connection

For a company, finding new solutions to improve the internet connection means constantly updating and keeping up with innovative technologies, taking advantage of all the benefits. Working in the office or even in mixed mode can be a significant challenge for a business. However, only those who put themselves to the test can make a difference. In this article, we will look at some details to be noticed to make sure you always have a high-performance and secure Wi-Fi network available.

Improving Internet Connection: Some Rules

Increasing connection speed is one of the most relevant issues for a company’s management when it comes to the problem of how to improve internet connection.

On the other hand, if you think that something needs to be going the right way, before indicating the technologies in use, it is good to review the daily practices and any other possible improvements that can be immediately implemented. Small precautions can unexpectedly resolve seemingly insurmountable inconveniences and improve internet connection. 

As in every phase of company work, also about the quality of the Wi-Fi connection, it is essential to proceed in an orderly and schematic manner. A slowdown in browsing speed could also be due to an overload of the network itself, which can be solved simply by automating some main processes.

Setting up automatic data backup during less crowded hours in the office is an excellent habit to lighten the work of all collaborators and employees of a company. Sometimes, figuring out how to improve your internet connection can be easier than you expect. Just keep in mind some easy and essential rules:

  1. Check the number of connected fixed and mobile devices: Distributing the password of the leading corporate network to everyone for free could represent a mistake in optimizing the connection because it could weigh it down and slow it down.
  2. Move the router closer: The router’s location is essential for signal reception: if it is distant or walls shield it, the connection will automatically be slow.
  3. Install a repeater: As mentioned, the router must be placed in a strategic place. However, in extreme cases, a repeater can be used if this is not possible.
  4. Check the operation status of the computers and the router: If you are experiencing a slow connection, it is not always the operator’s fault. A periodic check of the hardware and software parts of the equipment could solve any problem. 
  5. Optimize the network by optimizing activities: Regular business data backups are crucial, but you can defer this task to less busy times.
  6. Beware of interference and overlaps: Although invisible to the naked eye, the network signal follows its path and can be slowed down by obstacles. Therefore, it is good to ensure that there are no electronic devices that cause interference with the Wi-Fi signal or that it does not create excessive overlap with the networks of nearby offices.

Enjoy, The Ideal Partner For Companies

Based on all the advice I have given you so far. However, there is a need to understand the importance of equipping your company with the quality infrastructure in the first place to guarantee you an optimal connection. EnjoIP has always been attentive to the needs of companies, both in terms of performance and safety. Through a continuous exchange of know-how with the customer, we can offer customizable solutions to make your business communications efficient and secure:

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